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196 Don“t Use The Wrong Methods

Long Manyin gently patted the little darling and coaxed the huffing little fellow to sleep.

"Have you really decided to leave with me or is this all just to make him angry?" Long Manyin looked up at her daughter.

Shui Anluo turned away then looked down and played with her fingers. They were bare, even her wedding ring had only been worn for a day.

"I can't even mention Senior Brother to him but when it comes to him… If it isn't Lin Qianchen by his side it's Yuan Jiayi. The Empress Dowager says that I've fallen for him and that's why I care," Shui Anluo mumbled.

"Do you think that he's been treating you well?" Long Manyin slowed the rocking motion of her arms as she watched the little darling slowly close his eyes. She then questioned her daughter gently.

Shui Anluo leaned against the seat as she thought about her mother's question.

Has Chu Ningyi treated her well?

Actually, he was quite nice most of the time even though he liked to bully her some of the time.

"But Mother, Father also treated you well in the past. Why'd you both end up this way?" Once Shui Anluo finished speaking, she clearly sensed a bolt of cold which had shot over from the front passenger seat. Shui Anluo gently curled her lips. "Mother, Stepfather is glaring at me. He's definitely going to bully me in the future."

Luo Yun was about to burst into a rage but his temper calmed down when he noticed that the little girl had addressed him as 'stepfather'.

Long Manyin looked at Luo Yun and he conscientiously looked back in front.

Shui Anluo instantly felt that her mother had the balls of a bull. If she ever dared to look at Chu Ningyi liked that, it was likely that Chu Ningyi would drag her out and straighten her out.

"Luoluo, do you know what scares people the most when it comes to matters of the heart?"

Shui Anluo looked up at her gentle mother and shook her head.

"It was unlikely that your father had any feelings for An Jiahui but he never really had confidence in my feelings for him. He felt that I didn't have feelings for him and he thought what I felt for him probably wasn't love. So he chose the worst possible way to make me jealous. Luoluo, when two people get along with each other, every decision you make will become wrong when you don't have the basic foundation of trust," Long Manyin spoke sincerely and earnestly, hoping that her daughter would understand.

Shui Anluo saw that she was getting nearer and nearer to the airport. She pursed her lips again. The nearer they were to the airport, the bigger the hole in her heart grew.

"If leaving can give you the temporary space to figure out what you want then come with me. However, if you choose to return after figuring things out, he might already have someone else by his side. You'll just have to accept it then." Long Manyin held her daughter's hand with her free hand as she spoke seriously. 

He might already have someone else by his side.

Those words clasped immediately around Shui Anluo's heart with a forceful grip. It felt as if they wanted to suffocate her.

The car soon arrived at the airport and Shui Anluo followed her mother down. The little darling was sleeping so soundly that he had lost track of the time of the day.

Luo Yun's people had already prepared their plane tickets for them. At the moment, they happened to be handing the plane tickets to Luo Yun.

Shui Anluo looked down at the three plane tickets in his hands. One of the tickets belonged to her.

"Little girl, those who have passed the age of eighteen are considered adults, you'll have to put whatever you do into careful consideration. Your mother can't possibly follow you around for the rest of your life," Luo Yun wrapped his arm around Long Manyin's shoulder as he spoke calmly.

However, Shui Anluo could detect the meaning behind his words. They held a tone of concern. What she did not know was that Luo Yun was someone who did not even care about his own son. His concern for Shui Anluo was simply because she was Long Manyin's daughter.

"Mother, I…"