Shui Anluo's heart thumped and the memories from that moment in the car came rushing back. As a result, she began to struggle.

"Let go of me, Chu Ningyi, let go of me," Shui Anluo cried out as she struggled violently.

Chu Ningyi restrained her wrists with both his hands and suppressed her kicking legs. He looked at her with viciousness in his eyes. "Shui Anluo, there're plenty of instances where I've given you second chances and time. But since you don't appreciate it, why don't I take all of those time and chances back?"

Shui Anluo paused, her body was completely under his control and she could not move an inch.

'Chances? What chances?'

'Time? When was that?'

However, before she could make sense of it all, the man on top of her leaned over and sucked on her neck, causing an indescribable stinging sensation.

The more Shui Anluo struggled, the stronger the sensation became.

However, unbeknownst to Shui Anluo, the more she struggled, the more excited Chu Ningyi became and he gradually lost his senses.


The clear sound of clothing being ripped could be heard. Terror filled Shui Anluo's heart.

However, Chu Ningyi did not seem to feel the tremors from Shui Anluo's body. He simply continued with what he was doing. His brain has lost all control, filled with the words 'look for Senior Brother'.

Once she leaves, she would go to look for her senior brother. How could he let that happen?

She was the mother of his child. More than anything else, she should be his woman.

'Shui Anluo, he's going to eat you, he's going to eat you, he's going to eat you!'

Shui Anluo's mind was filled with these words.

In the past, there were no feelings between them when they had sex.

Now, would this be more intense if they had sex?

The first time was on the first night of their marriage. There had been a blush on her excited little face while he was completely drunk. She was disappointed for most of the night yet he had launched a counterattack in the latter half. He gobbled it up excitedly but she was in pain for most of the night. The very next morning, he had flown to America straightaway for work.

At the time, to Shui Anluo, her feelings could be described with a few simple words. However, when faced with her former mother-in-law's visit the next day, she, as a little daughter-in-law had to simply endure things.

The second time had happened on the first weekend after he returned from America. She was sound asleep in the middle of the night when she was licked clean once again. It still hurt but at least it was not that painful anymore. However, after that, when Shui Anluo stared at the sleeping man, those few words rushed over her heart thousands of times.

The third time happened after a family meal. Her mother-in-law had mentioned children. At the time, Chu Ningyi seemed very frustrated so she had assumed that Chu Ningyi did not want children at all. She did not want any kids either. After all, she had just finished her first year at university. After they got home, she had been extra clever in mentioning how she did not want children either and assured him that he should not worry. After that…

She had, unfortunately, been eaten again.

Looking back... F*ck. They had been married for a year and she had been eaten thrice. Each time had happened whenever he was annoyed.

Shui Anluo was enraged. Just as Chu Ningyi was about to enter the actual battle stage, she suddenly flipped over and pressed him below her.

She felt a cooling gust of wind over her naked body and his red-hot gaze.

"Chu Ningyi, what's it about this time? You didn't drink and no one is forcing you to have kids. Even if you're unhappy, you don't need to use me to vent your frustrations. Do you only see me as an inflatable doll?" Shui Anluo spat through gritted teeth. Both parties were like opposites. Her breathing was unsteady and caused her body to shake slightly.

Whether it was visual or tactile, it was all a test for Chu Ningyi but he never expected Shui Anluo to launch a counterattack in the final roundHello guys, so in the raws, these aforementioned words were kinda censored off into *, and I really can't figure out what they roughly mean, so I'm gonna have to improvise from here on. :/