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187 Luoluo“s Leaving With Her Mother

Qiao Yaruan's lips hurt. She gasped and she began to struggle.

Qiao Yaruan raised her knee but did not expect Feng Feng to anticipate her action. He held her knee down with one hand as he forcefully pressed her against the wall.

"What, are you trying to use the same method twice?" Feng Feng's eyes turned bloodshot. He was clearly someone who has been forced into a corner.

Qiao Yaruan's lips stung but she refused to admit defeat in front of him. "What, are you flying into a rage out of humiliation because I've hit the core of your heart?"

"Qiao Yaruan, you can really get someone to sit up and notice you." Feng Feng stared intently at her.

"If that person is you, it's truly my sorrow." Qiao Yaruan smiled cynically.

Feng Feng slowly released her but he did not look annoyed at all.

Qiao Yaruan took a step back and stroked the corners of her lips. She cursed Feng Feng internally again, this man was definitely doing this on purpose.

The little darling was still asleep after Shui Anluo had reached home. She carefully put the baby down and went to the living room to pack her things.

"Shui Anluo, don't be stupid. Lin Qianchen was enough trouble on her own and now Yuan Jiayi has come along. You can't like a man like that," Shui Anluo muttered to herself. Fortunately, she did not have a lot of things so she finished packing quite quickly.

Shui Anluo took the little darling's box out from underneath the bed. There was still some money for milk.

Shui Anluo sat on the ground and stared at the money. She had discovered for the first time that the omnipotent Director Chu was completely ignorant when it came to matters concerning the little darling. For example, he did not know how to buy milk powder or change diapers. Nor did he know what the baby wanted when he was crying.

This version of Chu Ningyi caused her to feel as if he was made of flesh and blood and was not just an untouchable director.

Uncle Chu pushed Yuan Jiayi out just as Chu Ningyi arrived at the airport.

However, as he was walking over to them, his phone rang in his pocket. Chu Ningyi stopped and took out his phone. When he saw that it was a call from Feng Feng, he frowned.


"Qiao Yaruan has something to say to you," Feng Feng said irritably. Before Chu Ningyi could react, Qiao Yaruan's interrogative voice sounded from the other end. "Director Chu, what on earth do you plan to do? Luoluo's leaving with her mother."

Luoluo's leaving with her mother!

Chu Ningyi paused and frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"It's exactly as what you've heard, Luoluo's leaving with her mother. She's gone home to pack her things. If you still don't plan to say anything, I can only wish you good luck." Qiao Yaruan chuckled.

Her attitude irritated Chu Ningyi but now was not the time for him to be concerned about this. He had rushed over from the hospital but Shui Anluo not said anything about leaving at that time.

"I understand," Chu Ningyi said. He immediately turned around and left the airport.

'She wants to leave? Did I agree to that?'

Yuan Jiayi, who had just emerged from the arrival gate, happened to see him turn around. She cried out, "Ningyi?"

Unfortunately, Chu Ningyi did not hear her voice and disappeared through the door.

"What's wrong with Ningyi?" Yuan Jiayi looked up at Uncle Chu.

Uncle Chu smiled indifferently. "Perhaps the Young Master had a sudden emergency. I'll send you home first."

Yuan Jiayi pursed her lips and her heart felt uneasy. What was more important than coming here to meet her?Of course not, you idiot. Why would she when it kind of triggers you into that psycho boyfriend from hell.