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183 The Two-Faced Green Tea B*tch

Shui Anluo lowered her head and dug her hands into her clothes at the same time.

"I might really leave with my mother. I'm serious. Actually, Lin Qianchen was right, Chu Ningyi has done a lot for Yuan Jiayi. Whether I admit it or not, I'm only a tool that he had used to prove his obedience to his parents."

Shui Anluo spoke very seriously but Qiao Yaruan felt the heartache in her words.

Shui Anluo may act like a hedgehog to others some of the time and her temper could be explosive. However, she had become this way because she felt inferior. She had been cast aside by her father and abandoned by her husband. Therefore, she had to change and transformed herself into a prickly little hedgehog.

"Luoluo, don't overthink it, we'll talk when the baby has recovered. Isn't your mother waiting for the baby to recover before leaving?" After some difficulty, Qiao Yaruan finally managed to console her in a serious manner.

"Idiot." A man's icy voice floated up next to Qiao Yaruan.

Qiao Yaruan looked up and flung the bolster at him. "Out…"

"Who's that?" Shui Anluo frowned and asked.

"A mental case. I'm hanging up. Think about this carefully, there's still time." Qiao Yaruan ended the call and looked at the man who had not left since that day. He claimed that she had to take responsibility for him because he was injured. "Master Feng, your injury should've recovered by now. Isn't it time for you to go?"

Feng Feng had a cup in his hand as he slowly approached her. He ended up wedging her between the sofa and himself seductively. "You'll never know if I've recovered unless we give it a try. Would you like to examine it?"


'Examine his private part?

Qiao Yaruan pushed him away forcefully. She avoided his seductive stance and jumped to another sofa. "Get out, pervert," Qiao Yaruan snarled angrily, "You men never have good intentions."

Feng Feng stared at her blushing face and the corners of his lips curled into a smile. However, his heart was like ice. She still had the ability to concern herself with her best friend but the woman he loved was never going to come back.

"Hmph… Stop meddling in their affairs. Shui Anluo is brain-dead and can't understand a thing. Otherwise, where does she think the evidence for suing An Jiahui had come from? Did she think that it had appeared just because she allowed herself to be slapped twice? Stop joking. Eldest Chu was the one who had sent people to find that evidence. Also, would Second Bai have willingly accepted that court case? If it wasn't for Eldest Chu, he wouldn't have appeared at all." Feng Feng spat disdainfully.

Qiao Yaruan frowned and stroked her chin. "Wasn't An Fengyang the one behind all this?"

Feng Feng sent her another look as if he was looking at an idiot. He then turned around and walked to the kitchen.

"Hey, when on earth are you leaving?" Qiao Yaruan said loudly to his back.

"Once you've personally examined the wound," Feng Feng teased once again. This woman's kick was rather violent. His privates had hurt for several days before recovering.

Qiao Yaruan glared hatefully at his back. Shui Anluo's apartment was small to begin with and this man would tease her once in a while every day. If she does not have such a high level of tolerance, she would have pounded him long ago.

Qiao Yaruan lowered her head and looked at the phone in her hand. A few days ago, Chu Ningyi was the one who had helped Shui Anluo out during the incident at the hospital. Chu Ningyi also managed the lawsuit against An Jiahui but he had never said a thing. If Shui Anluo really left, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

She could not let Shui Anluo leave just like that, especially since she might actually leave because she had been aggravated by that two-faced green tea b*tch.

Shui Anluo continued to sit dejectedly at the side of the hospital's garden. Chu Ningyi watched her from afar but did not approach her.Pounded... how, exactly? :>