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169 Long Manyin Versus Luo Yun

Beep boop beep boop…

The device in the ward beeped continuously. The sound rang clearly in the quiet space.

Long Manyin stared at the man on the bed with a gentle look on her face. She had the same expression when she had left the Shui family.

"Moyun, I'm leaving," Long Manyin said as she sat beside the bed. She then reached out to hold his hand which was still hooked into an intravenous drip. "I've never thanked you. In my darkest hour, it was you and father who had helped me. I'm truly grateful to both of you."

Long Manyin spoke gently but the man on the bed did not respond.

"Actually, you didn't need to use An Jiahui to test my heart. If An Jiahui had never come into the picture, I'll still be with you and Luoluo. Unfortunately, you had no faith in yourself," Long Manyin said softly. Once, this man had indeed moved her heart but, unfortunately, all of this had been destroyed by his test.

"There's so much to say but it's time to go." The man behind her barked irritably but his tone was incomparably elegant.

Long Manyin turned around. The man standing nearby was dressed in white casual clothes. Based on his appearance, he looked to be around thirty years old or more. He has a masculine face with fair skin which was as white as snow. Though he has Asian features, his eyes were light blue in color.

Long Manyin glanced exasperatedly at him then turned back to Shui Moyun. "I have to go. No matter what, Luoluo is still your daughter. I'll leave her here but not by your side. I think Ningyi is more capable of taking care of her than you."

"Let's go." The man got increasingly annoyed.

Long Manyin frowned as she turned back to the man. "Can you step outside for a moment?"

"Long Manyin, why don't you talk to me the same way?" The man was annoyed. He then walked over and immediately dragged Long Manyin to her feet. "How many years have you been with this man? It's enough."

Long Manyin stumbled a little as the man dragged her out.

"Luo Yun, let me go," Long Manyin exclaimed with a frown. "You promised me this, I wanted to say goodbye to him before marrying you."

The man named Luo Yun only let her go after he had dragged her out from the ward. He frowned as he said, "You've already said goodbye to him. Now, we're going to see Luoluo before we leave for good."

Long Manyin sighed, she knew she could not antagonize him. She turned around and took one last look at the patient in the ward before leaving the place with Luo Yun.

After Long Manyin left, the patient in the intensive care ward moved his finger a little but no one was there to see it.

The little darling was sick so he was in all sorts of bad moods. His little body kept shrinking into his mommy's body as his tiny hand held one of his daddy's fingers, refusing to let go.

Chu Ningyi was seated on a small chair next to the bed and company documents were sprawled all over his lap. Shui Anluo was seated on a corner of the bed as she held the baby. At this moment, her waist hurts from the position but she could not put her son down. The little one was being unreasonable and would burst into tears if she put him down.

Chu Ningyi reached out and pinched his little face. "Did you always hold him like this whenever he got sick in the past?" He had watched Shui Anluo hold the baby the entire night. He could not change shifts with her either so his heart ached for her.

"Previously, it was my mom who had watched him," Shui Anluo groaned. However, her mother was not here now so she has to do it herself.

Chu Ningyi was not any better either. The little one refused to let go so he had to sit like that. These newly-minted parents had absolutely no idea how to coax a baby to allow them to put him down. All they knew was that everything would be fine as long as he does not cry.

Chu Ningyi could not refrain from moving his numb leg. Now that Long Manyin's name has been mentioned, he had not heard any news from her for a long time.

Knock, knock, knock…

Someone knocked at their door and Shui Anluo looked up before her large eyes filled with joy.