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158 Director Chu“s Return

Shui Anluo looked down to conceal her disappointment but forcefully smacked her own head in the next moment. Was she mad? Why should she care about what Chu Ningyi's best friends thought of her?

Bai Yehan stared darkly at her before he finally turned away. "There's no need, I'm rushing to catch a flight." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Shui Anluo stared at Bai Yehan's cold and elegant figure. His dislike for her was obvious. She could not help but purse her lips as she softly remarked, "It's even better that you aren't coming." As her beautiful brother and senior brother were not outsiders to her, she could definitely treat them to a cheaper restaurant, right?

Shui Anluo's spirits lifted immediately at the thought of this. Other than that, she was still mildly worried about her empress dowager.

"Beautiful Brother, Sister-in-law, Senior Brother, let's go. I'll treat you to a meal," said Shui Anluo as she patted Mo Lusu on the shoulder. She had wanted to give An Fengyang a hug but when she saw Wen Xin, she chuckled awkwardly and stopped herself. She then wrapped her arm around Mo Lusu as they walked out.

Her beautiful brother was a married man now. She could no longer treat her beautiful brother just like a brother.

Shui Anluo left the court with everyone. The court case has been concluded and she had managed to take back all of Soaring Distance Technologies' shares. Shui Anluo was in high spirits.

"Senior Brother, let's go to that Sichuan restaurant near our school. That restaurant has recently…"

Before Shui Anluo could finish speaking, she sensed that everyone around her has suddenly paused. Even the atmosphere has grown strange.

The smile on Mo Lusu's face slowly waned as his eyes sank a little.

"Sigh, I was only suggesting Sichuan cuisine, what's up with all of you?" Shui Anluo followed their gaze and her voice gradually softened until the last word could not be heard at all.

A pair of eagle-eyes with an icy, piercing gaze stabbed straight at her from under a flight of stairs several meters away.

Shui Anluo's heartbeat raced into disarray.

'He's… Back?'

Shui Anluo was at a loss about what she should do with the hand she had placed on Mo Lusu's shoulder. She quickly retracted it and could not refrain from scolding herself internally. Why was she feeling so guilty? Does she have anything more to do with Chu Ningyi?

How was it any of her business whether he comes back or not?

When she was being slandered by the whole of 'A' City, he had spent time with his ex-girlfriend; when she was preoccupied with the lawsuit, he had held his ex-girlfriend; when she was hoping that he would be by her side, was he not thinking of ways to distance himself from her?

Shui Anluo looked up again as she thought about this and concealed the hurt she felt. She smiled at the man beneath the staircase and said, "Oh, so Director Chu is back. You're a little early." After all, she had not left yet.


That was disdain!

This was the only thing Chu Ningyi managed to detect.

When Shui Anluo had walked out with Mo Lusu in her embrace, Chu Ningyi steadied his emotions. This damned woman, does she not know who she was?

Chu Ningyi straightened up from leaning against his car. Even though his right leg was hurting really badly, that did not mar the elegance in his step.

Shui Anluo stared at the man who was walking to them from the flight of stairs. Her heart leaped with every step as he closed the distance between them.

His gaze was so sharp that he seemed close to swallowing her whole. Shui Anluo could feel the angry flame concealed beneath his icy air.

Was it because she had not left yet?

Her heart continued to race as the distance between them shortened. Shui Anluo stared at the man who was now very close to her and her hands began to tremble beside her.