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155 A Brief Encounter

Due to the pressure from An Fengyang's end, Shui Anluo's lawsuit was quickly arranged.

Shui Anluo coaxed her son early in the morning then took a deep breath and picked up the files on the table.

After today, she would take back everything that An Jiahui has owed her family. She would then tell her mother who would definitely be overjoyed and Shui Moyun too. She did not know if he would continue to scold her after he wakes up.

Shui Anluo was still lost in thought when her phone rang. When she saw the display on her phone screen, she rushed out. "Senior Brother, hang on, I'm on my way down," Shui Anluo anxiously replied as she rushed to the elevator.

"It's alright, no rush." Mo Lusu soothed her with a smile as he leaned against the car and waited for her.

The weather in August was no different from the heat in July. However, Mo Lusu did not frown over the scorching weather as he leaned against the car. His current mood was obvious in the mild tilt at the corner of his lips.

Shui Anluo ran out, grinning as she said, "Thank you, Senior Brother, for agreeing to help me by appearing in court as my witness and for coming here to pick me up too."

Mo Lusu stroked her head. "Silly girl, I was the one who had written your father's report. Naturally, I should be a court witness. Let's go." Mo Lusu opened the car door for her.

Shui Anluo thanked him again before getting into the car.

Mo Lusu started the car and drove off. At that moment, a taxi happened to drive past them.

A warm and heavy air spread from the window of the passenger's seat. As Shui Anluo looked down and wound up the window, she happened to notice a familiar figure in the car opposite them.

"Chu Ningyi?" Shui Anluo murmured.

"What?" Mo Lusu did not hear what she had said.

Shui Anluo closed the car's window completely, blocking the hot air from outside and shook her head. "It's nothing, I was mistaken."

Her heart throbbed in pain as she looked at the documents in her hand. Chu Ningyi should be keeping Yuan Jiayi company at this time. Why would he come back?

In the briefly encountered taxi, the driver could feel a sudden drop in temperature. However, he had no idea what had happened.

Chu Ningyi clenched his hands on his lap. The cold air around him was the crucial reason behind the sudden drop in temperature. At a glance, he had seen Shui Anluo sitting in Mo Lusu's car.

He had rushed back from France and here she was with another man. 1 Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Anger surrounded his heart at this very moment and his mood was icy.

An Jiahui was completely shocked when she received her court summons. She did not seem to expect Shui Anluo to have this trick up her sleeve. Just as she thought she had Shui Anluo under her control, Shui Anluo had turned the tables against her.

Shui Anjiao stared at the summons and shrieked in anger, "That little sl*t, Shui Anluo, she's doing this on purpose."

An Jiahui sat on the sofa and looked as if someone had sucked her soul away. She was still holding the latest news on Shui Anluo which has yet to be announced. Her war with Shui Anluo has not yet begun so she did not think she would actually lose to that girl. She could not accept this.

"Mommy, what should we do now?" Shui Anjiao stared at An Jiahui, beside herself with panic.

An Jiahui looked at her daughter and screamed angrily, "You know nothing else but to ask me what to do. What's there to do? If you were even half of that sl*t Shui Anluo, we won't even be in this state!" I mean, you rushed to France to be with your ex-girlfriend without any explanation... So...¯\_(ツ)_/¯