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141 Who“re You Thinking About?

California, America.

In contrast to the storm back in 'A' City, the weather in California could be described as a wide expanse of clear, sunlit sky.

A romantic vibe filled the air of a villa in an upscale neighborhood.

Chu Ningyi was seated next to a window, staring out at the sea. There was a mild crease next to his eyes as he wondered how that girl was doing right now.

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Chu Ningyi flipped the phone in his hand around. It has been two days and two nights and she had not called him even once. He could not describe this mentality, it felt as if he was restraining some sort of anger. If she was not going to call him, he would naturally not call her either.

"Ningyi." A woman's elegant voice suddenly chimed in as she placed a cup of tea next to his hand.

Chu Ningyi looked down. The tea was a brilliant yellow color and there were also a few pieces of fresh tea leaves in it.

"I found these tea leaves when I went to Foshan 1 . I've always wanted to send them to you but I never had the chance. Try it, it's your favorite," the woman said gently. She then turned to Chu Ningyi's side and sat on a stool next to him.

Yuan Jiayi, the international top model, was 180 meters tall and cut a statuesque figure. She has willowy brows and a high nose while her small mouth was the very definition of cherry blossom lips. Her large eyes curved ever so slightly at the corners, giving the appearance of a peach blossom.

At this moment, she was dressed in a white frock and her long hair hung naturally over her shoulders. She crossed her beautiful, delicate and fair legs when she sat down.

Chu Ningyi reached out to pick up the exquisitely decorated porcelain cup before slowly taking a sip.

"The fashion show was a success," Chu Ningyi slowly remarked.

"That's because you were there." Yuan Jiayi slowly looked down as hurt flashed across her eyes. ' I had wanted to show you the best side of me because you were there.'

Yuan Jiayi put her agony aside as she pouted and took the phone in his hand away. "You said that you'd spend time with me for a while. Put this away. Otherwise, your phone won't ever stop ringing."

As his phone was taken away, Chu Ningyi felt a sense of disappointment in his heart but he could not say why.

"What do you plan to do after walking this runway?" Chu Ningyi asked and did not object to his phone being confiscated.

"If I leave the runway, I don't know what else I can do. If I say that I want to come back to you, would you…"

"Jiayi, there're some things in this world that can't be undone once the decision has been made." Chu Ningyi cut her off.

Once, he had hoped that Yuan Jiayi would give up the runway for him and Yuan Jiayi had hoped even more that he would support her career.

However, they were still young at the time and no one was willing to give in. In the end, they could only go their separate ways.

Hence, he had never looked forward to marriage.

Yuan Jiayi felt hurt after being interrupted.

"I'm just saying." She gently curled her lips and stroked her thigh. "Do you think that if I can't stand up again, would it be retribution for what I've done? When you said that you didn't want me to walk the runway, it was actually for my own good but I had insisted."

"The doctor already said that your leg would be fine for day-to-day activities." Chu Ningyi frowned. This time, he had come here because he found out that her illness had worsened and Yuan Jiayi had hoped that he could watch her final walk on the runway.

Yuan Jiayi kept her head down and continued to touch her leg. She has hip dysplasia and the only way to treat it was through surgery. However, with her bold attitude, how could she allow any scar to form on her body? The consequence of refusing surgery was that it would be likely that she would never be able to stand again.

"Ningyi, who were you thinking about over the past few days?" Yuan Jiayi suddenly asked. During the past few days, she would always see Chu Ningyi staring blankly at his phone as if he wanted to make a call but was waiting for someone to call him. Foshan prefecture level city in Guangdong