116 Kids These Days

Since Shui Anluo was not going to get her makeup done, she wanted to have dinner even more. Otherwise, she was afraid that she would not be able to eat a single thing tonight.

However, considering that she has just been bullied by Chu Ningyi, she felt that she needed to wear out this thought in her stomach.

Qiao Yaruan has arrived outside the Shui family home. She stared at the Shui family's massive villa and thought about Shui Anluo's run-down apartment. Qiao Yaruan once again agreed that a bunch of immoral and despicable people live in this villa.

"You'd better freshen up, the guests will be arriving soon. This time, if the Young Miss' party is ruined, you'd better watch out for your skins." The butler looks like a harsh woman. 

Qiao Yaruan looked everywhere and noticed that someone was sending the food inside. She rubbed her nose and took a basket of fruits. She then lowered her head as she carried the basket inside. No one stopped her.

Only that stupid Shui Anluo of hers would think that one must have an invite to enter this place.

Chu Ningyi may not have taken Shui Anluo for a makeover but he did not take her for dinner either. Instead, he headed straight to the office to sort his work out.

Shui Anluo's mouth twitched. He only treated her like a servant and asked her to help push his chair around.

This was the first time for her to be in Chu Ningyi's office. In the past, Chu Ningyi had never let her show her face here.

Shui Anluo's appearance shocked the secretaries outside the director's office.

Everyone got up. Even though they were greeting Chu Ningyi, everyone's eyes were fixed on Shui Anluo.

"Hello, Director."

Chu Ningyi nodded and Shui Anluo did not look up as she continued to push him into the director's office.

"Isn't the Director supposed to attend Miss Shui's birthday party today? Is he taking the Former Madam as well?"

"Who said that the Former Madam was ugly? Was that person blind?"


The debate outside continued and Gu Qingchen, who had just gotten out of the elevator, happened to overhear this.

Former... Madam?

"Shui Anluo's here?" Gu Qingchen suddenly asked. She did not know Shui Anluo that well. When she had arrived back in the country, her cousin had already gotten a divorce so she had known about Shui Anluo but they were not close.

"Group Leader Gu." The secretaries hurriedly shut their mouths.

Gu Qingchen stared at Chu Ningyi's office door as she walked towards it. Her phone rang as she was on the way and she answered, "Qianchen, I'm coming over in a moment with the boss."

"Alright, I'll go over and wait for you. Are you Ningyi's date?"

"Of course not. Don't you know that Shui Anluo is going too? Boss brought her to the office as well." Gu Qingchen clicked her tongue.

Lin Qianchen, who had just gotten out of the house and opened the car door, was shaken. After a short moment, she replied. "Really, not bad." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I say, this tone of yours, are you giving up?" Gu Qingchen knew that Lin Qianchen likes Chu Ningyi and she has a good relationship with Lin Qianchen.

"Kids these days, I don't want to talk about it." Lin Qianchen let some apprehension show on purpose before she ended the call.

Gu Qingchen stared at the phone after the call was abruptly ended. She frowned. Was Lin Qianchen implying that she was being bullied?

'Was Shui Anluo adept in bullying others? How strange...'

After Shui Anluo pushed Chu Ningyi inside, he went to his desk to sort his matters. Shui Anluo surveyed his office alone, out of boredom.

"Boss, I..." Gu Qingchen pushed the door and walked in without knocking.

Shui Anluo turned around. There was a sense of adorable naivety in her large eyes.