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93 Do You Have Any Idea Who The New Tenant Is?

"You... What are you doing here?" Qiao Yaruan found it difficult to talk and stuttered.

"Can't you see? I'm resting." Feng Feng replied before he slowly rose to his feet.

Even though Qiao Yaruan was 170 centimeters tall, she felt short in comparison to the 180 centimeters tall Feng Feng. Therefore, Qiao Yaruan felt an unprecedented sense of oppression when Feng Feng stood up.

However, when she thought about how this man was the proclaimed 'King of the Silver Screen' and was now her new roommate, she wondered if he was ill instead.

"Oh, are you staying here then." She certainly does not want to live with a celebrity, it would evolve into an unbearable scandal.

"Didn't my younger sister tell you that this would be a co-tenancy?"

"Is Senior Sister your younger sister?" Qiao Yaruan exclaimed in disbelief.

Feng Feng surveyed her from head to toe. In just seven short years, that little girl has changed completely and she would never be the same again.

At that moment, Feng Feng's eyes were glossed over with frost. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qiao Yaruan's hair stood on end from his stare and immediately placed the remote control back in this hand. "Look, look, I'll go and talk to Senior Sister myself." Qiao Yaruan then turned around to head back to her room.

Just as Shui Anluo was thinking about Shui Anjiao's upcoming birthday celebration, Qiao Yaruan called and asked why was she not on QQ or WeChat. She had not been able to find her on either of those channels.

"Oh, Chu Ningyi is restricting my Internet priveledges, I can only go online until 8 p.m. every day," groaned Shui Anluo.

"Crap, can't you use your mobile data?" Qiao Yaruan was full of derision.

"It's almost the end of the month, I've reached my data limit long ago." Shui Anluo looked down at her son who was suckling contentedly and gently patted his little body. She then asked, "Why are you calling me for?"

"I have something to tell you, do you have any idea who my new tenant is?"

"How should I know? Didn't you say that this new tenant hasn't been home for the past few days? Is he back now?" Shui Anluo said as she continued to coax her son to sleep.

"Feng Feng..."

"What did you say?"


In her excitement, Shui Anluo cried out and scared her sleeping baby into tears. She quickly looked down to comfort him. "The little baby got frightened, I'll talk to you in a while." Shui Anluo then quickly ended the call and carried her son as she stood up. She walked around the room and tried to coax him back to sleep.

Chu Ningyi came in through the door and saw Shui Anluo who was walking back and forth while carrying the baby. He could not help but frown as he asked, "What happened?"

The corners of Shui Anluo's mouth twitched. Should she tell him that she had been talking too loudly and had ended up scaring the little darling?

If she tells him this, she can guarantee that Chu Ningyi will slap her to death.

"It's nothing, we're going to bed soon." Shui Anluo stood with her back towards him and continued to pat the little darling, comforting him.

Chu Ningyi noticed the phone she had thrown onto the bed. It was obvious that she had just ended a call. "Give him to me."

Shui Anluo was shocked and turned around to face Chu Ningyi who was holding his hands out for the baby. She looked down again at her bawling son and pursed her lips. She thought that it might not be a good thing for her son to get too close to Chu Ningyi.

"There's no need, I can manage." Shui Anluo gritted her teeth as she spoke.

Chu Ningyi frowned. He then glared sharply at Shui Anluo as if he wanted to stare into her bones.

Shui Anluo was still young and was no match for him. Therefore, Chu Ningyi had been able to read her thoughts in one glance. However, the child was still his. This was a fact that no one could change.

"Whatever," replied Chu Ningyi as he turned his wheelchair around to leave.