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85 The Protective An Fengyang

The old specialist had even glanced specifically at Shui Anluo as she left. It was this one glance which caused Shui Anluo to be gripped with anxiety.

Lin Qianchen turned back and looked at her with a slight smile on her face. The meaning behind that smile was self-evident.

Shui Anluo bit her lips, was she supposed to write a basic summary of her senior brother's notes?

"So, you've kept up with the pretense. Now you're stunned, aren't you?" Qiao Yaruan clicked her tongue as she stared at the person who dearly wishes that she could hit her head on the wall.

Shui Anluo banged her head twice before she looked at Qiao Yaruan, "Chief of Studying, I shall have to rely on you now."

"I'm not interested in this area, it's too scary," Qiao Yaruan replied hastily.

"But why are you so afraid of the heart?" Shui Anluo could not resist asking after they had returned to the office. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qiao Yaruan narrowed her eyes and frowned as if she had thought of something. She then shook her head. "Nothing much, I just think that it's all bloody and scary."

"Yeah, right. What surgical process isn't bloody? If you're scared of blood, why become a doctor?" Shui Anluo retorted angrily. She felt that Qiao Yaruan was doing this on purpose.

Qiao Yaruan held Shui Anluo's shoulder as they walked in. "I'll tell you why. These hearts have souls. What if those people with heart disease die? They'll haunt you for the rest of your life."

"Shut up," Shui Anluo said and quickly pushed her away. Considering her mental state, she could only feel goosebumps.

Qiao Yaruan laughed and held onto Shui Anluo as they headed back.

A uselessly light breeze brushed across the hot and dry air in the hospital hallway, carrying the sound of their laughter.

Feng Feng suddenly appeared at the corner of the hall as his eyes stared sharply and gloomily at the direction where the two girls had disappeared into.

That woman, or he should say, that girl...

Feng Feng clenched his fists while his body trembled as well. He had seen the kidnapping case on the bus before his very eyes. Feng Feng closed his eyes, the scene was still so clear to him.

'Don't be afraid, little sister.'

'A young woman in a police uniform was holding a little girl gently in her arms but her lips were tinged with blood. A sharp knife had been gouged into the back of her heart as vicious gangsters surrounded her from behind.'

"Master Feng, this is everything we have on that girl." Someone next to him said and handed him a document.

Feng Feng opened his eyes and a sense of clarity flashed across his gaze.

He then reached out to accept the file before turning around to leave.

It was rare to find a place of peace and quiet in a noisy bar.

Chu Ningyi was seated in his wheelchair in a quiet booth with his head lowered as he read through the files in his hand. An Fengyang was sitting next to him as well as Feng Feng and another good friend, Bai Yehan. 

Bai Yehan was dressed in white casual attire and was sitting with his legs crossed with a drink in his hands. His beautiful and exquisite eyes were staring at Chu Ningyi's legs with an undeniable smile.

"I say..." Bai Yehan spoke up. His voice was deep and brushed like the sound of a cello across one's ear, fresh and rich. "Even if you're doing this for the sake of Soaring Distance Technologies, you don't need to abuse yourself. That little girl must really be quite something."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" An Fengyang heard what he had said and kicked him. Between the four of them, An Fengyang was the closest to Shui Anluo.

Therefore, he could not stomach anyone talking about Shui Anluo in that manner.

Chu Ningyi finished reading through the documents and looked at Bai Yehan. However, there was not a shred of emotion in his eyes. "Are these all the leftover shares from Soaring Distance Technologies?"