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79 She Does Not Believe It, She Doesn“t Dare To Believe I

Shui Anluo paused a little before she continued to bandage him with a steady hand. This was entirely in line with the fact that she had received full marks in bandaging.

Once Shui Anluo had finished changing his dressing, she put the bandages next to his bed away.

"Director Chu, if this is for the sake of the thirty percent shares, there's no need for that. Soaring Distance Technologies' external shares are at forty percent. As long as you can obtain all of that, you'll win," Shui Anluo finished speaking in a logical manner before she left his room.

Chu Ningyi narrowed his eyes as he watched her tall and straight figure disappear.

This was the first time he had ever been so falsely accused.

Chu Ningyi reached out and pushed the lamp on the desk onto the ground. Why does this woman look so silly on the outside and turn out to be so silly on the inside as well?

These sorts of tactics were beneath his dignity. He had wanted to court her because of who she truly was.

Shui Anluo heard the noise after leaving the room and could not help but pat herself on the chest. It was fortunate that she had managed to run off so quickly. Otherwise, she would have ended up getting slapped. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, it was undeniable that her heart had moved a little when she heard those words from Chu Ningyi.

Once, he had been her safe haven. At the time, she had no idea what love meant but she did not know what trust was either. She had entrusted herself to him and what had she ended up with?

It was a taste of misery that she could not swallow nor forget.

However, that man who once said to her that he would come home once he was done with his business was now telling her that he had been serious when he said he wanted to court her.

She could not believe it. She does not dare to believe it either.

This must be due to the thirty percent worth of shares that her grandfather had left for her. Even though it was considered as false reputation in her hands, if Chu Ningyi could obtain that, he could guarantee a victory.

How could she believe him under these circumstances?

After Shui Anluo finished showering, she gazed upon her sleeping son. Perhaps the news tomorrow would not appear now because she had angered Chu Ningyi.

The three-day agreement has been breached.

Shui Anluo carried her son onto the bed and played with his tiny hand.

"Your daddy seems to really like you." This was beyond Shui Anluo's expectation because, in the past, Chu Ningyi had never displayed any sort of affection toward children. However, he was really nice to the little darling.

The little baby kicked his tiny legs in his sleep in response to his mommy.

Sunlight streamed in as Uncle Chu pulled the curtains open in Chu Ningyi's room. It lit up the room which had been draped in darkness last night. 

Maid Yu cleaned up the broken lamp on the ground and left again very quickly.

"Where's she?"

He was asking about Shui Anluo!

The mention of that name caused Chu Ningyi to feel very irritated.

"Miss Shui has gone to work," Maid Yu answered carefully. After all, she knows Chu Ningyi best and knew that the young master should not be provoked.

Chu Ningyi's frown deepened. She was careless enough to go to work.

"Young Master, Miss Shui is still young, you must take your time with her," Maid Yu risked a potential explosion and made a quick remark before she ran off.

"Young Master, should we still release the news we had agreed upon yesterday?" Uncle Chu asked as he walked over from the window.

"Release it." He would definitely fulfill a promise to her and Shui Anluo has a petty heart so he could not be blamed for his lack of sensitivity. Since she believes that he had done all this for the sake of the long-transferred thirty percent shares, he might as well sit in the crime.