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77 Your Daddy“s On Menopause

Shui Anluo stared at him with anticipation as if willing him to agree with her.

After Chu Ningyi had given it some thought, he replied, "That's fine too but you have to promise me one thing."

"Aside from that agreement, everything else is fine," Shui Anluo reiterated her limit. As for everything else, she does not seem to have anything he would want from her.

Chu Ningyi need not mention that sometimes, this little girl would manage to figure out what he wanted and would respond appropriately very quickly.

"It doesn't concern the agreement. I haven't thought about it yet so you'll owe me for now," Chu Ningyi slowly replied.

"Deal, release the story tomorrow, okay?" Shui Anluo said. The little fellow was becoming frustrated in his little cradle. ' Are you two ignoring me by chatting with each other instead?'  The little guy then burst into tears.

Shui Anluo reached out and picked him up. The little one immediately stopped crying as if his wails were simply to get his mommy to quit talking and carry him.

Shui Anluo then placed the little fellow in her lap. He did not obstruct her from her food.

The little fellow smacked his lips. He asked for food but Shui Anluo would not give it to him. Instead, she popped his milk bottle into his mouth, silencing him.

Chu Ningyi watched the mother and son and felt a burning sensation behind his eyes. This was the life he had wanted.

"Alright then, I'll wait for the news tomorrow," Shui Anluo grinned. It was Feng Feng's fault for threatening her by asking her to wait and see.

Chu Ningyi said nothing so Shui Anluo believed that he had agreed to it.

"Ah... Right, there's one more thing. I need to go out on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. You take care of the baby then." Shui Anluo remembered what her senior brother had said so she naturally spoke up.

"Saturday and Sunday?" Chu Ningyi frowned. "To do what?"

"Senior Brother helped to find a tuition class for me," Shui Anluo said as she ate. She could treat her senior brother to a meal tomorrow afternoon as her way of thanking him.


Shui Anluo was still thinking about the phone number incident when Chu Ningyi suddenly put his chopsticks down heavily. As a result, both mother and son looked up at him.

Their eyes were opened wide in innocence as if they could not understand what was wrong with this guy.

"Shui Anluo, have I given you too little to eat or too little to drink? With the state of your grades, you're still going to become someone's tutor?" Chu Ningyi asked icily.

Shui Anluo felt somewhat confused after being scolded all of a sudden. "What's up with my grades? I'm just going to tutor a child. Besides, I can't possibly stay here for the rest of my life."

Shui Anluo's voice sounded very pitiful, probably because she had been scolded out of the blue.

Shui Anluo then realized that she had made the issue even worse after saying these words. Chu Ningyi had wheeled himself away immediately.

Shui Anluo looked down at her son. The little darling hugged his milk bottle and stared back at his mommy. He knows nothing, he was innocent.

As for what had caused Chu Ningyi's sudden rage, Shui Anluo was still in confusion about that. Could this be considered a tantrum?

Was he afraid that her mother would come back and blame him for letting her become a tutor?

That was stretching it, her mother would never think that tutoring was some sort of wrongdoing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I guess your daddy's on menopause," Shui Anluo looked at her son and muttered exasperatedly.


The little darling replied his mommy with his saliva. He knows nothing, he was innocent.

Shui Anluo stared at the dishes on the table and fell into confusion as she ate. Knowing Chu Ningyi's temper, if she were to eat all these dishes, it was likely that he would get angry again.

However, she simply believed that there was nothing wrong with her being a tutor.