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44 The Brain-Dead Big Sister

Shui Anluo finally managed to stop laughing. She promptly put away the gloating look on her face so she could gradually stabilize the internal damage in her body caused by her laughter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What... What did you just call me?" Shui Anjiao asked as she gasped and shivered. It was clear that she was extremely angry. 

"You're Luoluo's older sister so it should be fine for me to address you in that manner," replied Chu Ningyi as he played with Shui Anluo's small hand. His voice was neither light nor heavy and was pitched just the right way.

Shui Anjiao clutched her chest with one hand as if she could not accept the reality of it all.

Shui Anluo felt a sense of happiness bubbling in her heart when she saw the look on Shui Anjiao's face. Whoever said that she had been unaffected by that past incident? It had weighed on her mind a lot. Now that she could see the vexed look on Shui Anjiao's face, how could she not feel happy?

Hence, Shui Anluo did not feel the need to say anything to her hypocritical older sister. Instead, she greatly anticipated Chu Ningyi's venomous tongue to say a few more words.

"Brother Ningyi, don't allow this woman to fool you. She must've hurt you on purpose for the sake of your money," Shui Anjiao steadied her breath before she continued to speak in a soft and lovable manner.

Shui Anluo rolled her eyes uninhibitedly to display her straightforward disdain towards this idiotic older sister of hers.

She had met brain-dead people before but she has never met anyone as brain-dead as this.

However, now that she thought about it, she could not fully blame Shui Anjiao either. It was not her fault for having a mother who was too smart for her own good but could not bear to impart a single shred of intelligence to her own daughter.

"How can you say that, Big Sister? Even if she hadn't hurt me, my money still belongs to her. If she hadn't hurt me, I'll make even more money for her. Don't you understand this simple piece of logic, Big Sister?" Chu Ningyi's voice was as calm as ever.

Shui Anluo was at the brink of permanent internal damage.

From what she could see, each time Chu Ningyi mentioned the words 'Big Sister', his intonation would become particularly melodious. Especially his last sentence. How stupid was this person who could not even comprehend such simple logic?

Chu Ningyi looked up and saw the grin on Shui Anluo's face. She looked as happy as a kid and the expression on her face was very obvious. She was happy because Shui Anjiao was vexed. She was definitely not in line with a good little sister who would advise him on what to say.

However, was she not just a kid to him?

"Anjiao has kindly come to visit you, how could you speak to her in that kind of tone?" He Xiaoran frowned as she spoke and immediately received Shui Anluo's grief-stricken and flattering address of 'Auntie'.

"Mother, are you certain that she's come to visit me out of the kindness of her heart and not to drive a wedge instead?" Chu Ningyi questioned straightforwardly. He then flipped his hand to hold Shui Anluo's hand firmly. When he looked up at Shui Anjiao, his gaze seemed even more penetrating than ever.

Shui Anjiao shivered and did not have the courage to look Chu Ningyi in the eye. Instead, she glared at Shui Anluo viciously and gritted her teeth as she exclaimed, "Brother Ningyi, you must not fall for her lies. You still don't know whose b*stard that child is."

After Shui Anjiao said this, even He Xiaoran, who had been standing up for her, was offended. That child was clearly a carbon copy of her son when he was younger. She would know better than anyone else that Luoning was indeed her grandchild. Now that this person had called her grandchild a b*stard, how could she feel happy about that?

"Anjiao." He Xiaoran's face sunk.

Shui Anjiao trembled yet she was unaware that she faced imminent death. Instead, she believed that she was getting closer to He Xiaoran and spoke again, "Auntie, I'm telling the truth. It's not like you don't know what kind of person her mother is."

"Say that again?" Shui Anluo's grinning face immediately sank at the mention of her mother. The way she looked at Shui Anjiao was enough to freeze hell over.