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22 Acute Gastroenteritis

Shui Anluo stared at him cautiously as she took a step back with the baby. "That... I'll take him out. I guarantee that he won't disturb your rest tonight." Director Chu had too many shortcomings and it was obvious that he was in a bad mood. His rest had been disturbed and, in addition, he had not had dinner.

"Give him to me." Chu Ningyi stared at Shui Anluo's cautious gaze and became increasingly annoyed.

"Fine, I'll give him to you. Why must you be so fierce? Do you even know how to carry him?" Shui Anluo asked as she carefully handed the little one over to Chu Ningyi. "Hold his head and his waist," said Shui Anluo nervously, afraid that he would accidentally drop her son.

"Shut up." Chu Ningyi's expression grew even uglier because of the tone of her voice but he carefully held the baby as she had instructed.

This little one who had been placed in his hands was so tiny. He could even hold the little baby with one hand. After the little darling had been handed over to Chu Ningyi, he blinked and began to observe Chu Ningyi curiously.

"Eh, he's stopped crying." Shui Anluo blinked as she reached out to straighten the baby's clothes.


The little darling had been crying for a long time so he was still trying to catch his breath.

Chu Ningyi lowered his head to look at the little darling who was facing him. The deepest recesses of his heart were touched, creating a sour feeling that ached.

To everyone, be it a man or a woman, having one's own child marked a turning point in their life.

"What's his name?" Chu Ningyi suddenly realized that he does not know his son's name up until now.

" Little darling. 1 " Shui Anluo saw that her son had stopped crying as soon as his father carried him. This was clearly a violation of the natural order of things.

Black lines formed on Chu Ningyi's head. ' Is my son really called Little Darling?'

'This name is absolutely fantastic!!!'

"I didn't expect you to have this skill." Shui Anluo looked at her son and clicked her tongue. The son whom she had been trying to coax back to sleep unsuccessfully has stopped crying when Chu Ningyi carried him instead.

Could this be some kind of telepathy?

Chu Ningyi remained silent as he continued to look at the little darling.

Shui Anluo yawned as she stared at them. "You can watch him, I'm going to sleep. I'm very sleepy." Shui Anluo then waved her hand at Chu Ningyi before flopping onto the bed.

Chu Ningyi lowered his head to look at the little darling who was waving his tiny hands about, trying to catch his father. Chu Ningyi was familiar with holding a gun and a knife but he has never held such a soft little doll before.

Shui Anluo must have been really sleepy to have handed the baby over to him without raising a fuss.

Chu Ningyi carried the little darling back to his room. The little darling probably had enough sleep during the day so he was particularly energetic now. Chu Ningyi lay down and placed the baby, who was looking around with his large eyes, on his body.

The baby's chubby little hand was still clutching his hand. Though the baby did not use much strength, his grip was strong.

" Little darling 1 ?" Chu Ningyi attempted to call the baby's name. His knitted brows perfectly described the disdain he held toward that name.

"Shui Anluo," muttered Chu Ningyi softly as his other hand gently stroked the baby's little face. " Chu Luoning, 1 " Chu Ningyi murmured to himself. The little darling gurgled as if he was answering his father but it also seemed as if he was talking to himself at the same time.

The little darling gained a just and honorable name today. As to why it was just and honorable, the little darling himself had displayed disdain towards the name his mommy had given him. Indeed, a child with a father was more blessed than one without.

The little darling was too excited and stayed awake for the latter part of the night. He gurgled and played on his own as Chu Ningyi reclined on the bed and watched him. He also did not feel sleepy at all.

As Chu Ningyi watched the little darling, he suddenly heard the sound of running accompanied by Shui Anluo's low groans.

Chu Ningyi furrowed his brows and scooped his son up with one hand before walking out the door.

Shui Anluo had just crawled out from the toilet and her small face was paler than a ghost's.

"What's wrong?" Chu Ningyi walked towards her and grabbed her slender arm.

Shui Anluo supported herself against the wall with one hand while the other was pressed firmly onto her stomach. She raised her head and stared at Chu Ningyi as if to ask if he was an oblivious idiot.

'Can't he tell that I'm suffering from diarrhea?'

'It was all because of those super spicy dishes I had for dinner!'

However, she was the one who had clearly wanted to hurt Chu Ningyi, right?

Chu Ningyi stared at Shui Anluo while the little darling squeaked and gurgled, asking for his mommy to hold him. It was likely that he knew that his mommy was feeling unwell so he wanted to comfort her.

Chu Ningyi hugged the little darling tightly with one hand as his other hand embraced Shui Anluo's slender waist. He then walked them both out. "I'm taking you to the hospital."

Shui Anluo had no strength to refute and could only allow him to help her out.

'Indeed, Chu Ningyi is bad luck. Only one day has passed and I'm already being sent to the hospital.'

There were only a few people in the hospital at night and it was also within the Chu family's property. Therefore, the doctor was waiting at the doorway before Chu Ningyi and Shui Anluo arrived. As soon as Chu Ningyi stopped the car, Shui Anluo immediately pushed the door open and ran to the toilet.

Chu Ningyi furrowed his brows. ' How can it be this serious?' 1

"Director Chu, this..." The doctor turned around to look at her.

Chu Ningyi scooped up the little darling who was close to tears and said coldly, "Get a female doctor to take a look at her." He was afraid that she would collapse in the washroom as she had not stopped groaning in the car.

The doctor nodded and hurriedly made the arrangements.

"Ah... Ah..." The little darling gurgled and pointed at the direction where his mommy had left as if to ask where his mommy had gone.

Chu Ningyi lowered his head to look at his son. This baby might only be six months old but he was so smart that he does not seem to be like an ordinary child. He might not be able to talk but he was aware of everything.

Chu Ningyi stepped in and the little darling felt more assured. However, his tiny face was still scrunched up in urgency as if he was trying to figure out what had happened to his mommy.

She was in pain. She was in so much pain that her entire body had broken out with cold sweat. Any touch, however gentle, was accompanied by another wave of pain.

Shui Anluo propped herself against the walls of the washroom and stepped out. Beads of sweat dripped from her forehead and she felt that it would be the end of her if this pain persisted.

"Mrs. Chu has fainted."

This was the last thing Shui Anluo heard just before she blacked out completely. ' What do you mean by Mrs. Chu? I've divorced him, okay?'

However, the pain in her stomach was too great and she was too weak to correct the female doctor's mistake.

Chu Ningyi, who had been waiting nearby, witnessed Shui Anluo's collapse. He immediately handed the little baby in his arms over to the doctor and rushed over with big steps. Before a nearby male doctor could reach Shui Anluo, Chu Ningyi had caught her in his arms and picked her body up.

"The emergency room," said Chu Ningyi as he walked towards it. However, the look on his face was as cold as a box of ice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Director had just shot the innocent male doctor with a sharp, icy glare but he had not done anything wrong!

"Ah..." The little darling had been handed over to someone else by his biological father. He still had no idea what was going on when his father passed by and walked away from him.

Once Shui Anluo was sent to the emergency room, the little darling was finally placed back into his daddy's arms. The raws actualy wrote this as 小宝贝, which translates to 'little darling' or 'little baby'. At this point, I'm not too sure if she was actually serious, so I've chosen to use the direct translation. Because... Who, in their right mind, would name their SON Xiao Baobei/little darling... Right? Poor kid's gonne be bullied for the rest of his life. Dear god, she was serious. (-‸ლ) Phew. Okay, he has a proper name now. At least his dad is more sensible in this. 'Cos you made her eat 5 different super spicy dishes, you dumbass. 🙄