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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Author:Bean Ding Ding

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UpdateTime:3/29/2020 10:17:10 AM

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Divorced, disowned, and down on her luck, Shui Anluo was determined to move on and live a peaceful life… Unfortunately, her ex-husband somehow found out about the baby and insisted that she should move in with him again. Soon, he realizes that he cannot live without her… But the road to marriage is bumpy and Shui Anluo is unwilling to go through heartbreak again. Can she take back everything that...
《The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting》 Volume 1
1 Prologue
2 The Director Comes Out Of The Close
3 Shui Anluo, How Dare You Manipulate Me?
4 That's My Child
5 I'm Still A Child
6 Two Choices
7 The Bumpy Road To Marriage
8 Long Manyin
9 Sold Out By Her Own Mother
10 Shui Anluo, What're You Doing?
11 The Ex-Wife Was With Child
12 Shui Anluo, Go To Your Room
13 A Kiss That Stopped Time
14 Why Aren't You Leaving?
15 The Cold And Lofty Director Chu
16 The Idiotic Director Chu
17 Drawing Attention
18 The Maid
19 A Vast Territory Painted In Red
20 A Threa
21 An Unfamiliar Bed
22 Acute Gastroenteritis
23 Destroy The Repor
24 The Young Master Still Cared About The Young Madam
25 Why Did You Help Me?
26 She'll Pretend That She's Ignoran
27 Your Mother Isn't That Liberal
28 Regarding The Internship
29 Is Acute Gastroenteritis Contagious?
30 You Want To Find A Stepfather For My Son? Forget It.
31 Raising A Child Is Like Taking Care Of An Ancestor
32 An Unexpected Visi
33 The Voice Recorder Pen
34 The Noble Long Manyin
35 The Repor
36 It Was Your Mother!
37 A Deleted Forum Pos
38 A Deleted Text Message
39 Senior Brother Arrives
40 A Quarrel
41 A Slip Of The Hand
42 Want To Introduce A Second Spring To Me?
43 Big Sister!
44 The Brain-Dead Big Sister
45 A Mishap
46 The Scapegoa
47 Undermined
48 This Is Your Job
49 This Involves The Money For Your Son's Milk Powder
50 A Showdown
51 What's So Great About This Woman?
52 You're Going To Provoke A Lawsui
53 A Purchase
54 The Crown Prince Of The Palace
55 The Guardian
56 Father
57 The Slap
58 The Protector
59 A Reques
60 A Former Husband Is Still A Husband
61 Slapped At The Supermarke
62 Disappointmen
63 Venting Anger
64 Dealing With Delinquents
65 The Actions Of A Brain-Dead Woman
66 Is It Love?
67 What're You Still Doing Here?
68 A Huge Trap
69 The Agreemen
70 I'm Courting You
71 A Crisis In The Bathroom
72 Cram School
73 Are You Really Stupid Or Are You Faking It?
74 Lin Qianchen's Scheme
75 Time Will Tell
76 Each And Every One
77 Your Daddy's On Menopause
78 I Was Serious When I Told You That I Would Court You!
79 She Does Not Believe It, She Doesn't Dare To Believe I
80 Feng Feng's Public Transport Secre
81 How're You Related To Her?
82 A New Arrival
83 A Troublemaking Intern
84 The Pretense
85 The Protective An Fengyang
86 Eavesdropping
87 Is He Good To You?
88 Forced Against The Wall Again...
89 Counterattack
90 The Results Of The Punishmen
91 A Cocktail Party
92 King Of The Silver Screen, Roomate
93 Do You Have Any Idea Who The New Tenant Is?
94 Stirring Her Into A Storm
95 It Has Always Been Your Decision
96 My Family's Servant Girl
97 Why Won't You Admit That You've Suddenly Found Me Attractive?
98 Showing Off
99 The Jade Bracele
100 Young... Madam?
101 Utterly Brainless
102 The Past Can't Be Forgotten
103 No Reason
104 Wash Yourself Clean And Apologize
105 Unaware
106 An Explosive Atmosphere
107 Interrogation
108 Funny Parents
109 You Are My Disaster
110 The Empress Dowager's Words
111 Are You That Afraid Of Her?
112 The Cheongsam
113 Don't Do A Disservice To The Outfit Given To You By Your Mother-In-Law
114 How Do You Plan On Flirting Back?
115 This Is Called Confidence
116 Kids These Days
117 Hedgehog
118 What Do I Have To Be Afraid Of?
119 The King Of The Silver Screen Strikes
120 A Gif
121 Smiling, Still Smiling?
122 Regrettably, He's Not My Father
123 Flirtatious Bitch
《The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting》 Volume 2
124 What Moral Character?
125 What A Great Show, Drama Of The High And Mighty...
126 Sever All Ties
127 A Pain In The Leg
128 Lin Qianchen's Scheme
129 Your Father Is Critically Ill
130 You'll Be At A Disadvantage
131 A Stabbing Pain
132 A Press Conference
133 Concealing The Truth
134 How Did You Find Out?
135 Shui Anluo, You're More Formidable Than I Expected
136 Shui Anluo, Do You Really Think That You've Won?
137 Taken The Wrong Medication
138 An Exposed Recording
139 A Decision Is Made
140 Hard-Hitting News
141 Who're You Thinking About?
142 Thinking About... Shui Anluo?
143 The Higher The Climb, The More Tragic The Fall
144 Slapped
145 Levels Of Hypocrisy
146 To Speak Or Not To Speak
147 Rather Talented
148 Don't You Think That You're Being Dense?
149 Would He Let You Take The Baby Away?
150 Why Should I Contact Him?
151 I Really Can't Understand What Eldest Chu Sees In You
152 A Mythical Entity
153 Weeping
154 Cruel Woman
155 A Brief Encounter
156 Were You The One Who Sent Me That Voice Recorder Pen?
157 Chu Ningyi's Friends Don't Like Her
158 Director Chu's Return
159 Bitten
160 Familiar Words
161 A Forced Kiss
162 The King Summoned Me To Patrol The Mountains
163 Mother-In-Law Arrives
164 The Defender
165 Why Don't I Marry You?
166 Are You Jealous?
167 What Do You Think?
168 There's No Need To Stab Me
169 Long Manyin Versus Luo Yun
170 Grievance
171 To Leave Or To Stay?
172 Can You Give Me An Answer Now?
173 Strangely... Heartbreaking
174 A Conversation With The Empress Dowager
175 Do You Have The Capacity To Make Me Jealous?
176 Who I Choose Is Up To Me
177 Heartbreaking
178 Shui Anluo, Lift Your Head Up And Look At Me
179 Were You The One Who Said Something To Chu Ningyi?
180 Shui Anluo, What Are You Doing?
181 A Scheme
182 You've Fallen For Him
183 The Two-Faced Green Tea B*tch
184 Worrying This Old Lady To Death
185 There's No Need To File A Report To Me
186 Arrogant... Pig
187 Luoluo's Leaving With Her Mother
188 Do I Need Your Permission To Leave?
189 Hey!
190 Smacked Onto The Ground
191 Humiliating
192 Oh Dear, Has The Vinegar Jar Spilled Over?
193 Should She Defend Her Territory?
194 This Script Is Wrong
195 Think Carefully, Young Man
196 Don't Use The Wrong Methods
197 How Long Has This Girl Been Starving?
198 Running Away With Her Tail Between Her Legs
199 Beijing's Biggest Bitch
200 Quit Bringing Her Up, It's Annoying
201 No Wonder You Can't Manage Your Own Wife
202 Let's Start By Dating
203 Shui Anluo, Can't You Be A Little More Serious?
204 There’s Nothing That Can’t Be Solved Behind Closed Doors
205 You're Too Big!
206 That's What Makes It Enjoyable For You, Right?
207 Wily Old Fox
208 Were You Unsatisfied With My Performance Yesterday?
209 Don't Act Like Such A Hedgehog
210 The Repor
211 An Explosion
212 An Obstruction
213 Who Plagiarized Whom?
214 I Won't Repeat Myself Again
215 Stop Denying I
216 You're Always So Stupid
217 Had Those Two Fought All The Way To The Garbage Bins?
218 Then Choose To Self-Destruc
219 I Fear That Saying It Might Compromise Your Will To Survive
220 Right On Time
221 To Thoroughly Ensure That Lin Qianchen Can No Longer Remain In This Hospital?
222 It Doesn't Seem Like Nonsense
223 What If I Can Prove It?
224 Your Plagiarism Is A Fac
225 Dispatched In One Sentence
226 But The Little Girl's Director Chu Is Capable Of Doing Tha
227 What Have You Done To Cause Me To Set You Up?
228 She Holds The Most Powerful Talisman
229 Are You Jealous?
230 Old Fourth Is Just Afraid Of Being Lonely
231 She'll Have To Measure Up To My Standards Firs
232 Director Qiao Will Be Your Personal Mentor
233 Big Brother Chu, Please Help Me Ou
234 Hoping That Director Chu Would Look After The Child!
235 Can I Take An Afternoon Nap?
236 The Former Mother-In-Law's Words 1
237 The Former Mother-in-law's Words 2
238 What Can I Do, I'm A Top Studen
239 You Are What You Ea
240 Chu Ningyi Was Anxious
241 It's Unfortunate That This Person's Name Was Yuan Jiayi
242 You're Jealous
243 This Is The Best Weapon She Has Against Eldest Chu
244 Just You Wait, Shui Anluo
245 From Mother-In-Law
246 A Child Addicted To A Game
247 It's Not Good When It's Too Tigh
248 She's Allegedly Self-Harming At This Momen
249 Yuan Jiayi's Mental State
250 The Siren Goes Off
251 The Discarded Bracele
252 Luoluo's In Trouble!
253 It's All Your Faul
254 Where's Chu Ningyi Now?
255 The Pebbles
256 Chu Ningyi...
257 Maximum Boyfriend Power
258 Out Of Control
259 The News
260 Bearing Responsibility
261 Just Remember One Name
262 How Will You Bear The Responsibility?
263 What're You Laughing About?
264 You've Forgotten Because You Don't Care
265 Idio
266 Your Mommy's Certainly Lucky In Love
267 Shui Anluo, Where's Your Integrity?
268 This Kid Was Much Cuter Than You When You're Young
269 Chu Ningyi, I'm Going To Strangle You
270 Ask... Chu Ningyi?
271 I Don't Wish To Hear You Speak
272 Where Are Your Principles?
273 Maid Yu's Heart Almost Stopped
274 Show Your Senior Brother Around The Campus
275 A Threa
276 A Silent Rage
277 A Verified Mental State
278 Indeed, He Still Can't Let Go
279 Poison-Tongued Pair
280 For The First Half Of His Life, Yuan Jiayi Has Always Been With Him
281 An Allergy
282 The Underground Taxi Driver
283 Just Who Are You?
284 Director Chu Does Not Like Having Other Men In Close Proximity To His Wife
285 Enjoy The Show If You Don't Feel Cold
286 The First Slap He Has Ever Received In This Lifetime
287 What Had He Done Wrong?
288 His 'Negative Integer' Is Exploding Through The Fence!
289 So, This Is The Consequence Of An Exploding IQ
290 Maid Yu Joins In
291 You Won't Find Out Why The Young Madam Lef
292 That Man Is Too Conceited
293 Lost In A Deep Reverie
294 But We Can't Lose Faith
295 The Bane Of Ignorance
296 Then Can You Guarantee That I'll Never Be Afraid?
297 The Vindictiveness Of A High IQ
298 Also, Why's She So Angry?
299 It Seemed That He Had Really Done Wrong
300 Blacklisted
301 It Was Also For The Sake Of... Seeing Her
302 Achilles' Heel
303 He's A Gues
304 My Luoluo Is Still Young
305 That's Shui Anluo
306 A Crooked Nose
307 What're You Doing?
308 This Is The First Time That I've Ever Truly Been In Love
309 The Press Conference
310 Qiao Yaruan, I Want To Be Your Boyfriend!
311 Feng Feng Doesn't Have A New Love Affair
312 Who Could It Be?
313 This Spilled Dog Food Has Caught Her Off Guard
314 Who's The Innocent Party?
315 Senior Sister Lan Xin?
316 Lan Xin's Goodwill
317 In The End, She Still Returned