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1345 The Finale of the Saga – Let it Go III

Why did he marry Wen Jie? 

Gu Tianmu looked at Wen Jie when he was suddenly asked the question. 

Because he didn't hate the idea of it. 

"But you didn't expect Ye Di to hold back. It didn't kill my mother, and she has been living well since," Gu Juexi looked at Ai Mijia and said before Gu Tianmu answered his question. 

"That's right. I shouldn't have trusted a little girl," said Ai Mijia as she slid the dagger across Xixi's face, leaving a very subtle mark on it. 

"Ai Mijia!" Ye Yuwei took a step forward and shouted.

"My mother would have to marry Gu Tianmu so long as she lived. You knew that she doted on Ye Di, and that you would be doomed if Ye Di ever told my mother the truth, so you needed to get back up," Gu Juexi said while keeping his eyes on the dagger that Ai Mijia was holding. 

"And to get back up, you needed to first convince Wen Lan to play along. Knowing that she might scorn you for being too weak, you told her about your plans and talked her into faking her own death. If she cooperated, Gu Tianmu would never find out what both of you had done," said Gu Juexi while moving a small step forward, "Wen Lan who was so in love with Gu Tianmu agreed to do as you said without any hesitation. She was so naïve and gullible, and you began to think that you were right for putting her off." 

Wen Lan who was on her knees would have killed Ai Mijia many times over if looks could kill. 

Ai Mijia looked at Wen Lan and let her guard down when she got so happy to see Wen Lan upset.

"By faking her own death, you got to use Wen Lan to do a lot of things without attracting any attention. Your intention was to quietly get rid of Ye Di after using her to get rid of my mother, and at the same time to have something on Gu Tianmu."

Wen Jie was massaging her knees. She had been kneeling for so long that she could barely feel her knees anymore. 

Gu Juexi noticed Wen Jie out of the corner of his eye but managed to keep his face straight. 

"Never had you expected Nalan Jing who had a crush on Wen Lan to actually fall for Ye Di for real, and it embarrassed and pissed Wen Lan off. It was your idea that made a man who used to like her fall for someone else, and she hated you for that. That was what made her not bear hiding in the dark anymore. That was what made her send you to my grandfather's side," Gu Juexi said, pointing at Wen Lan. 

Ai Mijia began to look frantic. 

"You mentioned on the cruise trip that you hated her. Yes you hated her and wished that she could just die, but at the same time you couldn't let her die as you would have no one to take the blame if she did. You would be offending Gu Tianmu and Nalan Jing if what you had done was exposed, and neither was going to let you off the hook easily," said Gu Juexi. He struck Ai Mijia on her elbow when she was distracted by his words, and pulled Xixi away from her as soon as her dagger dropped.

Xixi burst into tears. 

Ye Yuwei quickly took Xixi from Gu Juexi's arms and held her tightly in her arms. Xixi wrapped her little arms around Ye Yuwei's neck and began to sob so hysterically that it broke everyone's heart. 

Ye Yuwei kissed Xixi's head several times to comfort her. She then checked the wound on Xixi's neck and was relieved after making sure that it was just a superficial wound. 

Ai Mijia whose elbow was hurting looked ferocious when her hostage was taken away.