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1185 CEO, You Are Sick

That was too idiotic.

"Did PA Wen tell you about him and Gu Juexi?" Ye Yuwei looked at Xiao Yaojing who was still furious. Turns out she became more manic after intimacy.

"What? They eloped, didn't they?" Xiao Yaojing growled and flopped onto the sofa.

"When PA Wen was young, his father was the breadwinner as a courier service provider. The family relied on the income his father earned for their school fees and living expenses, but when PA Wen started college, the courier company perished in a fire. They lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the damage and his father couldn't do physical work due to an injury. His family had lost their sole source of income and they were heavily in debt. All this happened when PA Wen just started his internship at Gu Enterprise, which had just been established."

"Then?" Wen Tao hadn't told her anything about this. She had just heard him say that he used to collect plastic bottles, which probably meant that he earned money from picking up trash, distributed flyers—basically any job available.

"Then he went to sell his blood in order to pay off the debt. That's right, the same thing you witnessed when I sold my blood." Ye Yuwei looked at Xiao Yaojing who widened her eyes in shock and continued with a smile, "At that time, he couldn't go to school and the money he earned from those menial jobs and selling blood was not enough to cover the debt. Their family was harassed every day and night by debtors, Wen Shan dropped out of school, and his father was beaten up. That was probably the darkest time of PA Wen's life. However, Gu Juexi came to the rescue. He helped him pay off the debt and his only requirement was for PA Wen to go back to school and finish his studies."

Gu Juexi was PA Wen's lucky star and he was extremely grateful for it. From that time on, no matter how much he had achieved, no matter how many people addressed him as Special Assistant or President, he would only admit that he was Gu Juexi's assistant.

He had the resources and skills to build his own empire if he wasn't with Gu Enterprise, but he didn't do it. He would rather be a shadow and live under Gu Juexi's glory, to be his generator so that he could shine forever.

Xiao Yaojing cursed under her breath but Ye Yuwei heard her clearly. It was a curse so harsh, it was inappropriate coming from a lady.

Well, she had the right to be aggrieved since she couldn't blame anyone else this time.

Ye Yuwei had heard about it from PA Wen himself when he tried to tell her that despite his irritating mouth, the CEO was a good person.

Ye Yuwei remembered when PA Wen was selling his blood, Gu Juexi stood by his side to see how much blood he could sell.

Yes, he was a heartless monster.

Gu Juexi had done the same to her. 

The heartless degenerate.

Today, she told her bestie the story to let her know that there was no love nor passion between the two men, it was just a token gesture of gratitude.

Gu Juexi's foot had been crushed by Ye Yuwei, and he was in tremendous pain.

PA Wen's calf had been kicked by Xiao Yaojing, and he was also in tremendous pain.

Therefore, the employees of Gu Enterprise noticed a rather peculiar scenario. Half an hour ago, their CEO had limped into the office, his left leg seemingly injured. Half an hour later, PA Wen limped into the office, his right leg seemingly injured.

What had happened to the two big bosses?

When Wen Tao returned, he went straight to Gu Juexi's office. Gu Juexi was writing a series of equations behind his desk with his head hanging low. PA Wen knocked on the door, and Gu Juexi looked up and saw him entering with a limp. His lips curled into a mischievous smirk, and he finally felt satisfied.

"Did Xiao Yaojing do that?"

PA Wen narrowed his eyes in agitation. 

How can you take pleasure in my misfortune? CEO, you are sick, do you know that?

Well, that was partially true. He was sick— down with the usual Slayer and Self-Destructive Gu flu.