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755 Silence Was Perhaps the Best Form of Interaction

Gu Juexi frowned, still grieving over the news of Auntie Mao's passing. 

Ye Yuwei watched him, not saying anything. Finally, she turned to look at her son on the other side of the bed. She hopped over on one leg and sat down at the edge of the bed, then bent over to kiss her son's forehead. 

"Xicheng, it's time to get up and go back," Ye Yuwei whispered and gently stroked her son's head.

Ye Xicheng squirmed. Having just woken up, he wasn't fully conscious as he reached out to grip his mother's blouse, not wanting to wake up just yet.

Ye Yuwei gently stroked his small frame and waited.

Ye Xicheng groaned and reluctantly opened his eyes. He instinctively moved towards Ye Yuwei and fell into her arms drowsily. "Mommy."

Ye Yuwei kissed his head. "Get up, Grandma is still waiting for both of you at home. Uncle Kim will be here shortly, it's time for you to go back with him."

Ye Xicheng took a deep breath and nodded in response.

When Xixi woke up, she whined incessantly while Gu Juexi patiently coaxed her. By the time Ye Yuwei finished helping Ye Xicheng wash his face and change his clothes, the little girl was still whimpering in Gu Juexi's arms.

Gu Juexi really could not bear to see his own daughter cry. Since he was still comforting his precious little girl, Ye Yuwei simply wasn't inclined to bother with them. She helped her son put on his backpack and asked him to take good of his grandmother.

Ye Xicheng listened carefully to everything Ye Yuwei said and nodded in response.

When Butler Kim arrived, Xixi was still sobbing pitifully. Ye Yuwei narrowed her eyes at her daughter. "Are you done crying?"

Xixi pouted and she sniffled. "No, I am not done crying."

Ye Yuwei stared at her daughter, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She sat down on the bed and took her daughter from her husband's arms. Ye Xicheng helped bring over his sister's coat and passed it to Ye Yuwei, who helped her daughter put in on. 

"Then go home and cry; cry to your brother." After helping her daughter put on her coat, Ye Yuwei wiped Xixi's nose with a tissue and said, "Enough with the crocodile tears, my cunning little devil. Hurry and go back with Uncle Kim."

The cunning little devil was indignant; she wasn't even done crying but was already being driven away by Mommy.

Ye Xicheng took hold of his sister's hand and after bidding goodbye to Mommy, both of them left with Uncle Kim. 

The cunning little devil glanced back with every step she took, still pouting as if she would cry at any moment. She had just woken up but was already being sent away by Mommy. 

"We will only be a burden to Mommy by being here. When Mommy returns home, she will be able to accompany you every day," Ye Xicheng comforted his sister.

Ye Yuwei listened to her son's voice getting fainter and felt touched. Her son could always warm her heart.

After Ye Yuwei saw the two kids off, she turned to the man who still looked dejected. 

"We shall make preparations for Auntie Mao's funeral," Gu Juexi said abruptly.

Ye Yuwei hesitated for a moment. "Now?"

"Yes, so that Auntie Mao will be able to rest in peace sooner." Gu Juexi's voice was rough, suppressing the sorrow that he couldn't express.

Ye Yuwei nodded. Silently, she sat down at the edge of the bed and reached out to pull him into her embrace.

No matter how strong Gu Juexi appeared to be, he was still a human being.

Gu Juexi rested his forehead on Ye Yuwei's shoulder and did not speak. Neither did Ye Yuwei. The ward descended into complete silence. 

Sometimes, the existence of language was truly meaningless.

Silence was perhaps the best form of interaction.

His sorrow–he did not say, but she understood.

Her distress–she did not say, but he knew.

At that moment, language would only be bothersome.