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626 The Gu Family's Pas

Xixi got down from her stool and fell down, but she couldn't be bothered and got up quickly to run to Gu Tianmu. She grabbed Gu Tianmu's leg and bit it hard. Gu Juexi quickly reached out and took Xixi before Gu Tianmu flung her off his leg in pain. 

"I dare you to lay your hand on my daughter." Gu Juexi threatened Gu Tianmu like an enemy as he carried Xixi in his arms. 

"Don't touch my daddy," Xixi shouted as she wrapped her little arms around Gu Juexi's neck. "Get lost, evil old man," Xixi screamed, eyes blazing as she stared Gu Tianmu down like a little lioness.

Gu Tianmu took a step back after being bitten by Xixi and gazed at the furious little girl. 

He could remember how a little boy would stand in front of him when his father was mad at him back then, and protect himself like a little lion. 

Gu Tianmu looked at Gu Juexi unconsciously, but Gu Juexi did not look at him at all and focused on calming his daughter down. 

Ye Yuwei did not go near those people. She tried her best to protect Gu Juexi, but she knew that there was nothing much that she could do when Gu Tianmu showed up in front of Gu Juexi. 

All she could do was watch from afar, but carefully so that she could stand up for Gu Juexi whenever he needed her. 

Gu Tianxin squinted at Xixi in Gu Juexi's arms and remembered something. She then spoke again, "Juexi has been nice to you, brother. And sister-in-law has done all she can before the divorce. To be fair, it really would be too much if you are still thinking of using Gu Juexi at this time." 

Ye Yuwei clenched her fists so that she wouldn't lose control and slap this woman's face. How could this woman be so shameless? 

Gu Tianxin's mother pulled her back when Gu Tianmu glanced at Gu Tianxin and said, "It is okay if the old man wanted you to inherit his estate but wouldn't it be too much if you used that kid to take our share, Tianmu?" 

Ye Yuwei sat at the dining table and watched the drama with her head propped up on her hand. To be honest, Aunt Gu was a real beauty. She was at least in her fifties but had maintained her appearance well. The way she talked to Gu Tianmu doesn't look like she was talking to her stepson, but more like to a lover. 

Ye Yuewi began to feel sick, and felt unfair for the treatment that her mother-in-law had been getting from the Gu family. 

Gu Tianmu scoffed at what Aunt Gu had asked. "Just what in the Gu family belongs to you two?" 

"It really is too much of you to say that, Tianmu. I followed the old man for dozens of years, don't I at least deserve something for that?" 

"Didn't you stay with him because of love?" Gu Tiannmu sneered. "Who kneeled in front of my mother and begged to be with the old man because you two truly loved each other?" 

Aunt Gu's face turned pale and her lip curled. "That was because you married that whore Wen Jie." 

"Mind your words. You would be mistaken if you think that I would be lenient to women," Gu Juexi growled as he stood up with his daughter in one hand, as if he really would beat her at any second. 

He had no interest in the dirty affairs between them, but it didn't mean that she could insult his mother like that.