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940 Martial Divinity Herb

Over the next few days, the Sacred Institute became Jiang Chen's headquarters, from where he led the world as the Realm Lord. What he was going to do was to integrate resources, explore the potential of the Realm of Nine Heavens, and change the situation there with his talents. These things could not be done in one day. He had to resolve the problems one by one.

All aliens that came to the Realm of Nine Heavens had to register at the Sacred Institute. Otherwise they would be killed without exception. It was natural that the aliens refused to accept such a rule at the beginning. They secretly asked stronger alien tribes for help. However, when Jiang Chen had shown enough fighting power, those Sacred Lords and aliens stopped meddling in their affairs, especially after Jiang Chen had become the Realm Lord.

In this way, the folks of the Realm of Nine Heavens got their dignity back. They did not have to worry about being enslaved by the aliens anymore. All this was thanks to one person.

"If everything goes on this well, the Realm of Nine Heavens will surpass the Realm of Milky next year."

In the Sacred Institute, Nan Gong exclaimed happily, while flipping through Jiang Chen's plans to develop the Realm of Nine Heavens. As a Realm Lord, Jiang Chen was able to deploy the whole world. Although it was only the Realm of Nine Heavens, his elixirs, refining equipment, martial techniques, and so on would be of great use. He even refined a furnace of immortal elixirs with the resources of the Realm of Nine Heavens.

It was a pity that the Realm of Nine Heavens did not have a second Star Venerable, because he did not need so many immortal elixirs. He took an immortal elixir. His entire body was emitting fire. It did not extinguish for three days and three nights. The elixir kept kicking in. He only managed to consume half of the elixir efficiently by condensing Xuan Ming Qi through the initial approach. However, the Xuan Ming Qi the First Constellation Palace needed had been enough!

"Immortal elixirs are used to break through to Martial Emperor. I'm only in the First Constellation Palace. If I did not have the divine body, the situation would have been worse."

"But I have immortal elixirs. As long as I find the initial approaches to the other three Qi, I'll get into the Second Constellation Palace. By then, my fighting power might be ten-odd times greater."

In this way, Jiang Chen was already thinking of leaving the Realm of Nine Heavens, since what needed to be done here had been done. His original plan had been delayed for months due to the appearance of the aliens.

Jiang Chen, used to leaving things to his subordinates, let the Sacred Institute handle everything. After bidding farewell to his family and friends, he came to the Realm of Milky. Ten days later, the folks of the Realm of Milky were shocked to see waves tumbling in the sky. When they looked up, they felt like they were looking at the sea. The waves got more and more billowy. In the end, the sea became stormy. It was scary. After confirming it would not have any horrible consequences, the folks of the Realm of Milky started to talk about it.

Soon, news came. It was because someone had swum across the Milky River and became the lord of the Realm of Milky. Everyone was struck dumb. Such a great event had happened in such a discreet way. No one was prepared for such a piece of news. And the lord of the Realm of Milky had not shown up yet. The folks had not heard anything about him.

In the beginning, the folks thought they would hear news a few days later. However, two weeks had passed, and there was still no news.

"That guy only wants to see how he will be benefited as the Realm Lord. He isn't interested in leading the Realm of Milky." The nine great forces of the Realm of Milky felt relieved, but then they could not help but curse. "Who is so wicked?! He got the Realm Lord Ring, but he doesn't want to show up!"

Jiang Chen was indifferent. He left for the Realm of True Force. By then, he was wearing one more ring on a finger on his right hand. That was the only difference that was visible.

"The scriptures are the same. What a waste of my time," Jiang Chen complained. Fortunately, no one from the Realm of Milky heard him. Otherwise they would have been pissed.

After traveling through a long channel, Jiang Chen arrived in the Realm of True Force. He was also very famous here. Instead of forgetting about any of the details, the memories of this place remained vivid. His father had sacrificed all of his vitality to overturn the Sacred Martial Arts Institute.

To cover his retreat, the soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion were killed by the siege of various forces. He buried Tang Zhengyi with his own hands.

It's time to get even. Jiang Chen thought to himself.

He came to the island where his father was first. This was also where Fan Tianyin and he had pledged their love. Jiang Chen landed in front of the cave that day to take another look at Fan Tianyin's writings. He was unwilling to erase it because he did not know whether he would see her again in the future.

Darn it! Jiang Chen felt lucky he was not possessed by the devil at that moment. Otherwise he would have stared killing again. The beautiful handwriting was still there, but someone had drawn a cross on it with a comment..

"Unintelligible and self-absorbed." This was written next to it in vigorous and bold handwriting.

Jiang Chen flew into a rage. He was shocked. He went to the stone chamber where his father was in a hurry. When he saw that the chamber was empty, he involuntarily boiled with rage although he had thought he would not be affected by anything this easily.

Who did that?! It could be the same person who crossed off Fan Tianyin's handwriting. The thing was this island was insignificant. It was not close to any sailing route. He wondered how it had been discovered.

Jiang Chen turned to his Eye of Heaven. He searched every corner of the island. It was obvious someone had been living here. He could see this person's traces everywhere. However, the person was not here anymore. And Jiang Chen could not track the person's energy either.

Eh? Fortunately, he did not give up. His Eye of Heaven found something. In the jungle of the island, there was a ward deployed to hide things. He cracked the ward and found great amounts of herbs planted there.

Martial Divinity Herb?

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth in hatred. This was not a healing herb. It was a poison. People would go insane after taking this herb. It was easy to get addicted to it, and it was very difficult to withdraw from it. It was called this name because practitioners would see things after taking it. They would think they had already become a Martial Divinity and were invincible in the world. Those who had tried the Martial Divinity Herb were obsessed with the vivid experience. They could not live without it.

The Martial Divinity Herb had been very popular and had brought many disasters to the Nine Realms. In the end, several sovereigns from the Sacred Zone collaborated to burn down all of the Martial Divinity Herbs and their seeds. Jiang Chen had read in books that those who did not have more Martial Divinity Herbs to take all died in pain. However, that was how the Nine Realms survived and revitalized. The Martial Divinity Herb had become history. It had disappeared from the Nine Realms.

Nevertheless, now, all of a sudden, Jiang Chen was looking at so many Martial Divinity Herbs. It was a great shock to him.

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Jiang Chen came to himself. The aliens had not only come, but also brought many things that had disappeared from the Nine Realms. And the aliens would not be affected by the Martial Divinity Herb. They used to use the herb as weapons.

Compared to the aliens that went to the Realm of Nine Heavens, the aliens here are cleverer and, as a result, more disgusting. But you really shouldn't have targeted my family.

Jiang Chen's look was cold. He hoped his father was fine. Otherwise, he would not mind getting possessed by the devil again to start killing. Covering his mouth and nose, he burned all of the Martial Divinity Herbs down. He tried to stay far away from the smoke, because if he did not, he would be affected too.

Jiang Chen did not leave immediately. The ward of the herbal land had alarms. The aliens lurking in the dark had known about Jiang Chen's arrival even before he started the fire. Air ships arrived at the island before all of the herbs had burned down. Just as Jiang Chen expected, those on the air ships were all aliens.

Angrier than Jiang Chen, they were going to search every corner of the island.