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867 Junior Fist King

The place went silent. The silence lasted for some time since no one knew how to express their feelings.

Even Wang Teng, who was extremely arrogant, did not say anything. He wanted to take another look at the calligraphy work.

Ling Yushi realized she had lost her chance to replace the Civil and Martial Arts Institute. After this day, the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's fame would get even greater. She was not angry at all, because she had been totally convinced.

Jiang Chen was truly amazing. Even though he had been despised, he did not get angry.

Suddenly, the stele outside of the Title Palace made a deep loud sound. The stele was shining. Inexplicable energy gathered on the platform.

The Title Battle finally started officially!

Everyone was looking at the stele attentively, waiting for the appearance of the first title. Under people's gazes, the stele's shine was changing. Three words appeared gradually.

Easy Wind Runner. The first word was red and the last two were white. This meant it was an insignificant title, which would be forgotten after this day. Even so, not everyone was qualified to compete for it. Only participants related to the lore of wind could fight for it. The others were not entitled to do it. Jiang Chen was qualified, but like others, he did not want this insignificant title. However, there were always people who wanted it.

Not everyone was here to fight for the best titles. Most people knew who they were and where their levels were. Even though it was an insignificant title, it still would be a glory to win it. Take Li Bai as an example. He participated in this Title Battle. Besides him, there were ten-odd people more. Their fight would not be a one-to-one fight. On the contrary, they would fight together. Only the final winner would be titled.

It was simple and violent. There were no complicated rules. Those who failed could stay on the platform to compete for the next title.

"Good luck," Wang Teng said to Tian Ling. Since the battle had started, he flew away from the platform toward the opposite cliff. He threw Jiang Chen a glance before leaving. It was a complicated look. He was not the only one who was feeling that way. So was everyone present. If the Title Battle had not started on time, the embarrassing silence would have lasted for a long time.

"Thank you, Jiang Chen," Tian Ling said gently, walking up to him.

"Jiang Chen, my birthday is next month," walking over, Zhou Jianfeng said seriously.

"And mine is three days before New Year's Day," Li Bai said.

Looking at Jiang Chen, the two were almost explicitly telling him what they wanted.

"What a pity. My level is too high, and it makes my life really lonely. I'm going to stop writing in calligraphy," Jiang Chen said with pity.

"Shoot!" Li Bai and Zhou Jianfeng certainly would not accept it. They said at the same time, "Women before friends!"

Tian Ling was embarrassed. Blushing, she walked away.

"Jiang Chen, watch out today!" As soon as Tian Ling had left, Yao Yuntong came up to Jiang Chen to warn him. She was quite uneasy. The thunder method inheritor was as pretty as Tian Ling. Her gaze was clear. Her mouth was like a rosebud. The dimples on her cheeks could be vaguely observed. She had a graceful beauty. Her slim body and ample bosom were especially attractive. Her thunder method was not the only reason that she had so many pursuers.

"Jiang Chen is a real ladies' man," Zhou Jianfeng exclaimed.

"What do you mean? Are you jealous of him?" Xiao Yujian looked over. Her brows went up in anger.

"He, he. Let's cheer for Brother Li Bai," Zhou Jianfeng hurried to change the topic.

On the other side, Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong were talking. "Not everyone will get a title. The qualification doesn't depend on attainments, but depends on whether you're suitable or not," Yao Yuntong said.

"I know."

This was the charm of the Title Battle. It was not a one-to-one fight anymore. And you could fight with many geniuses at the same time.

"The qualification will be less and less strict as the battle goes on, so that more people can trade blows."

Looking around, Yao Yuntong said, "Too many people hate you. This isn't favorable for you."

"Take it easy. They won't give away the opportunity to defeat me to others." Jiang Chen did not worry about it at all.

The competition for the first title had ended by then. A Wind Spirit disciple won. All of the participants who joined the competition had varying degrees of injuries, but no one died. The Wind Spirit winner walked up to the stele and pressed his hand onto it. The three words "Easy Wind Runner" were absorbed into his palm and then into his body. He kept his eyes slightly shut, as if he was pondering on something. Then he opened his eyes, beaming. People could not help but wonder what kind of inheritance instructions he had got.

The second title appeared soon. People exclaimed when the first word appeared. It was golden! The last two words were red. This was a moderate to advanced title.

"Junior Fist King!"

Fist practitioners on the platform got excited when they had seen the entire title. One of them shouted for a long time. His shout was as loud as thunder. Even the sky was shaken.

"The weak should stay out of the competition. Otherwise, you'll have no one to blame if my energy accidentally kills you!" He flew into the air before anyone after shouting. Needless to say, he was a strong youngster, tall and large. He had a square face. His bulging muscles and a light armor showed after he took his coat off. His uncovered arms were full of vivid tattoos. He had an azure dragon on the left arm and a white tiger on the right arm. The two divine beasts were awoken when he closed his fists tightly. The dragon chimed, and the tiger growled. The chime and the growl were deafening.

"Han Jianyuan, the best fist practitioner. And he is an Earth Spirit."

"It's said no youngster can resist his fist with pure force."

"He looks eager to be titled Junior Fist King."

"It's an awe-inspiring title that suits him. Of course he wants it."

Some other people joined the competition as the onlookers discussed it with each other.

Han Jianyuan was strong indeed, but they would not give the title away without fighting for it. After all, this was not a one-to-one fight. That meant many things could happen.

"Ha, ha, ha, bring it on. I'll smash you," Han Jianyuan said arrogantly. The other competitors were also famous, but they were not the best. Until one man appeared, Jiang Zhe from the Jiangs. This was quite surprising. About his strength, the best word to describe it was infinite!

"Jiang Zhe, never heard you knew fist methods too," Han Jianyuan said.

"I practiced one lately. I'm only here to warm myself up," Jiang Zhe said indifferently.

"Cut the crap. The fact you are here means your fist method is great. However, it's not great enough compared to mine."

Pointing over everyone who was there on the scene, Han Jianyuan said, "Bring it on together. I don't want to waste any time."

"No." Jiang Zhe showed a mysterious smile. He said, "You bring it on together with them. I'll end the fight as soon as possible."

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Many people could hardly believe what they had just heard. They wondered since when Jiang Zhe had become so arrogant.

"Huh, show me where your confidence comes from."

Han Jianyuan certainly was not convinced. He was the first to attack. He threw his iron fist.