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Because of the Title Battle, numerous forces, big and small, had gathered in the ancient city. Disciples from big schools, aristocratic families, and Spirit clans usually acted in groups. As did the Wind Spirit. They had a giant mansion in the ancient city.

In a short while, Jiang Chen arrived at the street where the mansion was. However, he was stopped by a group of people before he could knock on the door. They were all wearing armor of good quality, which could offer people great protection without affecting their agility. The armor was covered with fancy patterns. On closer inspection, it was the outline of a dragon.

The captain standing at the head of the group was much shorter than the soldiers behind, because it was a woman. Her head was the only exposed body part. She had a pretty face with the Spirit's characteristics. Her long oval face was flawless. Her skin was porcelain white and as smooth as silk, which was a great match for her red lips. Her eyeballs were as red as rubies and much smaller than those of average people.

The royal family of the Blood Shadow Dynasty. These were the characteristics of the dynasty's Spirit. Her blood was obviously pure. She must be a member of the royal family.

"What's up?" Jiang Chen knew these people were waiting for him there.

"No personal fights are allowed in the ancient city," the woman said.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Looking back at Fengyu Duo, he found they were dumbfounded too. Jiang Chen had just made the decision to avenge Fengyu Duo, and he had not had any chance to tell anyone about it. However, it seemed these people knew what he was planning to do.

"So what? Do you say the same thing to everyone?" Jiang Chen said in a sarcastic tone. He found it funny.

"How dare you!" The soldiers behind the woman flew into a rage. Under the armor, their strength was struggling to break out like a flood. They were not only oppressive. The blood-colored dragon patterns on their armor shone under the influence of their strength. They transformed into a real dragon and dashed over. This was a unique attacking method that the Spirit had: the spiritual image.

Adding together the fighting powers of a group of soldiers at the peak of Celestial Venerable, the spiritual image could deal with any enemy below the Great Venerable level. It could subdue the enemy without having to launch a real attack.

Fengyu Duo retreated involuntarily, feeling worried for Jiang Chen.

"Before a real dragon, it's only an illusion." The black dragon said unhappily, protecting Jiang Chen with the dragon soul's power.


The crimson spiritual image of the Spirit was crashed immediately, as if it had been struck by a huge force. The dynasty's soldiers all turned pale. They were shocked. The emotionless woman also looked surprised. She raised her arm to stop her subordinates, who were going to fight back.

"I've heard about you, an unbridled man, but I won't allow you to run amok in the ancient city," the woman said.

"You sound like you were sure I would make trouble. What if I accuse you of stealing? How will you feel?" Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

"How dare you!"

"How dare you be so rude to the princess!"

The soldiers, who had calmed down, once again flew into a rage. They were waiting for the princess's order.

However, the princess of the dynasty was struck dumb by what Jiang Chen had said. No one ever had the nerve to speak to her in that manner. The whole world was obedient to her when they were with her, and would never accuse her of stealing. This was new for her. She felt different, and angry with Jiang Chen too!

She explained how she knew why Jiang Chen was there. "We know everything going on in the ancient city. You arrived. Fengyu Duo went to see you. Considering Wu Ziming gave them a beating, and it was because of you, if you are not here to pick a fight, what else can it be?" 

The Blood Shadow Dynasty's control over the ancient city turned out to be so tight that they would nip any potential issues in the bud. They would even know a mere rustling of leaves in the wind—not to mention Jiang Chen, who had come in such a flagrant manner.

"Why didn't you stop Wu Ziming then?"

"It happened out of the city," the woman said.

"I'll challenge him here, and we'll fight outside the city. How does that sound?" 

However, Jiang Chen was actually thinking it was none of her business.

"How will you challenge him?" the woman asked out of curiosity.

Jiang Chen looked toward the other side of the street. The Wind Spirit's mansion was opposite a shop. It covered an area of 100 acres. The walls were tall and clean.

Jiang Chen abruptly pointed at something. His sword doctrine power dashed out like an angry horse. Then, the plaque hanging above the mansion gate, on which the word Wind was written, was blown into the air. It fell apart after shaking violently. In an instant, the whole street went into an uproar.

As the Chinese saying goes, never give others a slap in the face, even if you want to give them a beating. Jiang Chen destroyed the Wind Spirit's plaque. It absolutely felt like a slap in the face for the Wind Spirit. Immediately, several energies came from the mansion.

"Princess, I'm afraid I might need your help to stop others from attacking me," Jiang Chen said, smiling.

The woman's slim brows knitted. She stared at him with her ruby-like eyes.

"You picked the fight first. I'll stop the Wind Spirit, but you'll be taken into custody as well. According to the law, you will be put behind bars." The woman would in no way allow him to take advantage of her.

This time she did not stop the soldiers behind her from approaching Jiang Chen.

"Did I pick a fight? I was just saluting the Wind Spirit. Princess, if you really want to punish me, at least listen to the Wind Spirit's opinion first." Jiang Chen was not afraid at all.

"Exactly. Princess, we won't blame him for that."

As he expected, the Wind Spirit would not be satisfied if his only punishment was to be imprisoned. Their plaque had been smashed. The news would spread all over the ancient city quickly. And by then there were people from everywhere in the city. As a result, the news would spread all over the Three Middle Realms.

As well as Jiang Chen knew Wu Ziming, the latter would absolutely teach him a brutal lesson and make it known to the whole world.

"It's up to me to decide what to do!" Seeing the Wind Spirit argue with her, the woman involuntarily adopted a more serious tone. Even her armor turned brighter. The Wind Spirit did not have the nerve to disobey her, but they were not happy with the situation.

"You arbitrarily sentenced me without any evidence. And you have prejudice against me too. A lawman isn't supposed to behave like that." Jiang Chen said loudly. Then, spreading his hands, he said, "But sure, you are the princess. Of course you can do whatever you want."

Despite what he said, the woman was still embarrassed by the onlookers on the street, who were discussing and pointing at her.

"Shut up!" The woman could not hold her temper anymore. Jiang Chen was really too annoying.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders without speaking. Like others, he was standing there waiting for the woman's decision.

"The Wind Spirit's plaque was destroyed. The Wind Spirit are angry, but it wasn't worth much."

"Yeah. The Wind Spirit already said it wasn't a problem, but the dynasty just can't help but meddle in."

The woman was filled with rage when she heard these voices.

"Princess, my clansmen are too angry to stay reasonable. Please ignore them. Just do what you should do."

Wu Ziming walked out of the mansion at this moment. He was wearing an azure battle suit. A furious wind was blowing, whirling around him, as he walked over.

"Princess, just give Jiang Chen the sentence he deserves," said Wu Ziming.

It was quite surprising that Wu Ziming did not want to pick a fight with Jiang Chen. Maybe it was because he had been beaten by the latter last time.

Jiang Chen was puzzled, but then he realized the reason when he noticed Wu Ziming's facial expression when the latter spoke. Wu Ziming's words cheered the woman up a little. She even liked him a bit more.

Wu Ziming smiled at Jiang Chen in a provoking manner when he had noticed that.