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757 The Jiang Family’s Precious Treasure

The Three Mountains Elders tried to use the palm strike's power to extinguish the fire tornado, but they regretted their decision when they were 20 meters from it. They hadn't managed to affect the tornado at all, and they were devoured by the evil flame before they had even managed to unleash their palm strike's earth-shattering power.

When the fire tornado whirled once again, pain appeared on the Three Mountains Elders' faces. They used all of their power to escape from it, however, the power of the fire and wind firmly held onto them.

Celestial Venerables' bodies were as hard as rocks, but the fiery wind still left many cuts on them. It seemed like it was about to tear them to pieces. Blood didn't seep from their injuries because it was evaporated by the evil flame's True Fire before it could even seep out.

In the end, their bodies started gradually sinking like mortals who had fallen into a pond of molten iron. The fear and panic on their faces revealed that they weren't willing to accept such a fate.

The fire tornado didn't stop because it had managed to achieve its objective, but it continued moving toward Beiliang City, or more precisely, it was moving toward the two Celestial Venerable leaders.


"Let's quickly flee."

The two were terror-stricken, and they fled toward the city at their fastest speed. However, when they reached it, they quickly realized that Beiliang City was incapable of protecting them, and they might even implicate the city's people.

They warned the city's residents before the flames spread, and then they fled in different directions. However, when the fire tornado reached the place where they had separated, its suction forcefully pulled them back. Beiliang City's western wall was collapsing. Many of the wall's rocks flew toward the fire tornado and disappeared inside of it.

"Is this the... the dawn of doomsday?" Beiliang City's inhabitants were dumbstruck, and they all felt powerless in the face of the fire. They all just waited there blankly for their deaths.

When the Celestial Venerable leaders thought about how they had looked down upon Jiang Chen on the first day, they all found their actions ironic. What kind of monster did the Jiang family provoke?

While they had such thoughts, they simply looked on as they were pulled into the 100-meter radius around the tornado. They thought back of the Three Mountains Elders' miserable fates, and their faces became filled with resentment, as they didn't want to resign themselves to such a fate.

However, when the fire tornado had almost reached the city and was about to exterminate its citizens, it started weakening quickly. The evil flame disappeared, and its violent wind swept the surroundings and dissipated.

"He reached his limit?" The Celestial Venerable leaders' eyes lit up. They wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to take down Jiang Chen. However, they discovered shortly after that Jiang Chen was still vigorous. Jiang Chen crossed his hands before his chest and looked at them coldly.

"Since you both treated me well, I will spare your lives." Jiang Chen sheathed the swords before he turned around and flew toward Jiang Moliang.

The Celestial Venerable leaders looked at each other. They didn't dare to attack him. However, once they stopped, their single chance for attacking Jiang Chen would come to end.

"It's still fine!" Jiang Moliang, who was on the other side, was shocked by the Three Mountains Elders' deaths, and she also rejoiced that Jiang Chen had attacked in time.

"Let's leave," Jiang Chen said.

"Although the Jiang family can't attack you now, they will still cause trouble for you and start many conflicts with you, so it will be better for you to not follow me around," Jiang Moliang said.

"If I do as you say, you will surely die. What do you think I got rid of the Blood Oath and gave them advantages for?" Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Moliang took a deep look at him and nodded helplessly. "Okay, let's leave together."

After the people in the city came back to their senses, an uproar broke out there. The Three Mountains Elders had all been killed unexpectedly by a single move. Now, it seemed like the Jiang family had suffered once again while facing Young Master Feng.

I knew that it would end like this, Tang Shiya, who was among the crowd, murmured to herself. She felt like it would impossible for anyone besides her to kill Jiang Chen.

"He's really amazing..." All of Yu Ling's resentment toward Jiang Chen disappeared, while love more intense than before appeared in her eyes.

The matter that had occurred in Beiliang City caused a great sensation in the Eight Divinities Territory. They all assumed that Young Master Feng would live peacefully with the Jiang family until the Title Battle and didn't expect that such an incident would occur this quickly.

Everyone felt like it wasn't worth it for Young Master Feng to make such a decision, but after they thought about the fact that he had snatched an Alien Flame from the Jiang family, they realized that he should really leave.

Though he still had a wager with the Jiang family, even if the Jiang family didn't adhere to it, it might not really violate the Blood Oath. The Jiang family, which cared about the Alien Flame greatly, would surely try to get it back, and continuing to stay in the Jiang family wasn't any different than being a sheep staying among a pack of wolves.

It could be seen how powerful the Alien Flame was from the fact that Jiang Chen managed to easily kill the Three Mountains Elders, and it could also be seen how proficient Jiang Chen was in controlling Alien Flames.

The Jiang family suffered grave loses this time. The crowd couldn't help but have such a thought. They didn't lose just the Alien Flame, as Jiang Chen had even taken a young Celestial Venerable like Jiang Moliang away from them.

"Young Master Feng is really skilled." Regardless which aspect they judged him from, it still seemed that Young Master Feng wasn't an ordinary person. The crowd recalled the rumor of Young Master Feng making two divine pieces of art, and at this moment, they felt like it wasn't really impossible for him to have achieved it.

"There will be a good show in the Title Battle." There was still half a year until the Title Battle, and all the people looked forward to it.


Returning to Jiang Chen's side, Jiang Moliang led Jiang Chen to a place that wouldn't be searched by the Jiang family. "Regardless of whether you have done it for yourself or for me, I still must thank you." Her attitude toward him now was vastly different than the first time they had met.

"It doesn't matter. If you hadn't helped me, you wouldn't have been captured by the Three Mountains Elders," Jiang Chen spoke politely.

Jiang Moliang shook her head. Rather than Jiang Beishan, it was the Family Master's words that made her give up all hope. He hadn't minded at all sacrificing her to shirk from all responsibility.

"Let's cooperate," Jiang Moliang said.

"How can we cooperate?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"I can help you reach the Celestial Venerable Realm," Jiang Moliang said.

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this, and he spoke hurriedly, "What I stated before was just to gain time, so you shouldn't take it seriously."

Jiang Moliang furrowed her brows for a while before she understood what he meant. She spoke angrily, "That isn't what I mean."

"What then?"

"I know many places where the Jiang family hides its treasures. You can't barge into those places just by depending upon brute power, as their defenses are formations and barriers, which you are quite proficient in." Jiang Moliang couldn't help but admire him when she recalled how he stated that he could break formations even with his eyes closed.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly and said, "I'm interested in them, but your change of heart is really too quick. This is the Jiang family, which you are immensely proud of."

"It's only because of this that I don't want to let those people tarnish it." Jiang Moliang stood up and spoke solemnly, "I will overthrow all of the Jiang family's current upper-level members and take control of the family."

"You want to seize power?" Jiang Chen exclaimed in surprise.

"If my father hadn't died, he would have become the Family Master after the previous Family Master was overthrown. I will set things right," Jiang Moliang said.

Upon witnessing her current expression, Jiang Chen realized that she had already considered this matter carefully and had turned it into her new objective and goal. "Your Jiang family's internal section is really a mess, but I still want to ask you about something. How's Lil Fan living in the Jiang family after he was brought back by the five element disciples?" Jiang Chen had wanted to ask this question long ago, but he hadn't found a good chance to inquire about it.

"Are you talking about the young master?" Jiang Moliang wore a grave look and said, "That is another Jiang family secret, and I can't tell you about it for now."

"You can't tell me, even though we are now in such a situation?" Jiang Chen was startled by this. He was unable to make sense of the Jiang family's internal section's matters.

"That's right." Jiang Moliang nodded.