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745 To Beat Him Half to Death

Soon, a tall and large youngster came up to the two women.

Yu Ling looked over. She was quite disappointed when she had found this young master of the Jiangs was quite ordinary-looking.

However, his energy was very strong. In the late stage of Spiritual Venerable, he seemed a Celestial Venerable to her.

And he didn't feel bad for his look at all. He looked quite confident.

"This is Jiang Yan, one of the Jiangs' five elements disciples."

Tang Shiya introduced him to Yu Ling warmly, "Since the method he is practicing values a lot the importance of a good foundation, he is still a Spiritual Venerable, but in fact, he is already as strong as a Celestial Venerable."

Her introduction made Jiang Yan involuntarily show a smile which was almost unperceivable.

He only threw Yu Ling one glance.

"Young Master Jiang Yan," Yu Ling greeted him with respect.


Then Tang Shiya brought up the thing she was going to talk about. She said, "Young Master Jiang Yan, do you know a guy called Jiang Chen? Here is the thing..."

She told him what had happened to Yu Ling this day.

"Shiya, do you think I've been conned? It's impossible. I'm sure it was Miss Jiang Moliang." Yu Ling had no idea why it mattered to her so much. She was kind of unhappy.

"Yu Ling, I'm doing this for your sake," Tang Shiya said.

Jiang Yan frowned. Shaking his head, he said, "I don't know any Jiang Chen, but as far as I know, Jiang Moliang is in the city because of that Young Master Wind. I think the guy you are talking about should be him."

"Then why did he con me with a pseudo name?"

Yu Ling had heard about Young Master Wind, too.

At least she was sure Jiang Chen didn't do it for money.

"I will go to see that Young Master Wind anyway. Why don't you come with me?" Jiang Yan said. The anger in his tone was obvious.

"Okay." Yu Ling wanted to know the truth, too.

As to Tang Shiya, she also wanted to know whether it was really Jiang Chen.

Soon, the three walked to the Mansion of the Lord. On their way, Jiang Yan waved towards the sky.

"Young Master Jiang Yan."

A team of black-armored guards showed up before him immediately, waiting for his order.

"Where is that Young Master Wind?" he asked.

"Young Master Jiang Yan, you are asking about him because...?"

These black-armored guards were quite familiar with Jiang Yan. They used to be punched by him a lot.

Seeing Jiang Yan's face, they all had a hunch that something was going to happen.

"Just tell me," Jiang Yan said coldly.

"He is with Young Lady Jiang Moliang." The black-armored guards were obliged to tell him the address.

"Anything happened today?" Jiang Yan asked again.


So, they told him about Han Zigao's death and how he had died.

Then Yu Ling tumbled to what had happened.

"It was a revenge. He did it for another woman."

The fact hurts. Yu Ling was sad, and ashamed and angry.

"Yu Ling, it's okay." Tang Shiya extended her hands to Yu Ling in a caring manner.


Yu Ling felt bad, but the idea of revenge had never occurred to her.

Jiang Chen or Young Master Wind, it wasn't someone she could offend.

"I'll revenge you. What do you think?"

At this moment, Jiang Yan turned to ask her.

He wanted to pick a fight with Young Master Wind, but he couldn't use his brother's death as the excuse, and he couldn't attack Young Master Wind without any justifiable reason.

However, if it was to revenge Yu Ling, things would be much easier.

Yu Ling shook her head involuntarily. She didn't want to make the situation worse.

However, noticing Jiang Yan's expression suddenly become ferocious, she was scared.

"Yu Ling, you shouldn't allow others to treat you like a clown," Tang Shiya said, trying to persuade her.

In the end, Yu Ling nodded.

"But I heard Young Master Wind had killed Mu Qitian. Mu Qitian was a Celestial Venerable..." Yu Ling didn't have to continue, since everyone knew what she was going to say.

"This isn't your concern," Jiang Yan snorted. Then he walked ahead.

On the other side, at Jiang Chen's place.

Jiang Moliang was telling Lan about Han Zigao's death.

Not surprised, Lan nodded. This time she didn't cry.

"That's it. Although we are women, we should be tough," Jiang Moliang said approvingly.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but shake his head. This woman was too competitive.

At this moment, a black-armored guard came. He talked to Jiang Moliang.

"Jiang Yan?"

Frowning tightly, Jiang Moliang looked like some tricky matter had arisen.

Then she came up to Jiang Chen. She told him seriously, "Whatever happens later, you shouldn't fight."

"That Jiang Yan is going to pick a fight with me?" Jiang Chen said out of curiosity.

"Jiang Yan is one of the five elements disciples. You killed his elder brother. What do you think?" Jiang Moliang said.

Jiang Chen tumbled to the fact. He asked involuntarily, "What state is he in?"

The first question he asked after getting informed of the situation made Jiang Moliang realize he wasn't clear how severe the situation was at all.

"He is in the late stage of Spiritual Venerable."

When Jiang Chen had shown a puzzled face, she added, "Don't underestimate him just because he is Spiritual Venerable. You had to rest for a whole night to kill Mu Qitian, but Jiang Yan could do it anytime."

"Yeah? So, he is one of the best among Spiritual Venerables."

However, her warning piqued Jiang Chen's interest.

"Are you listening to me or not? Jiang Yan is a mad man. He won't show his rival any mercy in a fight!" Jiang Moliang said nervously.

"Neither will I," Jiang Chen said.


"Besides, isn't it your problem that you allow such a person to show up before me?" Jiang Chen said.

"No one can stop him."

Shaking her head, Jiang Moliang said, "He can control the Alien Flame. Once he is out of control, even a grand Venerable can't do anything to stop him. If it happens in the Beiliang City, the whole city will be destroyed and everyone will die."

"Anything to do with me? It's not me who wants to challenge him. It's him who comes to me," Jiang Chen said.

"That's why I told you not to take his challenge. At least he won't have the nerve to disobey the chieftain's order overtly."

"What if he won't stop unless I kneel down to beg for his mercy? What should I do by then?" Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Moliang would definitely tell him to kneel down if she just knew him, but she didn't reply him right away, since she knew he wouldn't listen to her.

"You can fight with him, but lead him to an empty place where there is no one around." Jiang Moliang made a concession first, which didn't happen often.


Before Jiang Chen could speak, the walls of the yard were damaged by a dreadful power. The walls fell apart and collapsed, so that there were no more barriers between the yard and the outside.

They saw Jiang Yan walk into the yard with Tang Shiya and Yu Ling.

"To be honest, I kind of liked this yard." Jiang Chen shook his head with pity.

Suddenly, his eyes met Tang Shiya's. He could hardly believe it.

However, he was mentally strong enough to not show anything on his face.

By then he thought it wasn't so appropriate that he had used his real name as a pseudo name.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen or Young Master Wind, he had taken a blood oath with the Jiangs. It wouldn't matter to him even if his secret was disclosed.

He was still acting as Young Master Wind because he thought this identity might be of help in the future.

"Sister Moliang, I hope you can stay out of this today."

Jiang Yan said, "I won't kill him. All I will do is to beat him half to death."