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715 We Will Protect Him Even If He Killed You

"If I was in your place, I would just put an end to my life by myself," Young Master Shenji said.

Since the Jiang family was this determined about killing Jiang Chen, he would surely die then.

"As expected of the Jiang family!" Jiang Chen flew to the sky above the Civil and Martial Arts Institute, while all kinds of Jiang family's weapons, which could tear him to shreds, were pointed at him.

They could take his life at any time.

The Great Venerable didn't care about Jiang Chen's words, and he just squinted his eyes.

As for Jiang Zhe, he looked at him fixedly, and wanted to see what was so special about him.

The two divine pieces of arts were destroyed by his family's Great Venerable before he even saw them. He didn't know whether they were genuine or not, and whether Tian Ling just lied to protect Jiang Chen.

"Since you already investigated everything clearly, why don't you inform everyone my name?" Jiang Chen asked.

He still didn't get any reply from them.

Many people shook their heads and sighed, it would be impossible for Jiang Chen to save himself regardless of what he said.

"Or is your Jiang family aware about how disgraceful is this matter?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

The Great Venerable curled his lips, and still didn't speak, and it was just Jiang Chen's voice alone, which echoed in the city.

The Jiang family's black-armored guards wore a firm look, and they would attack as soon as they got an order.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders when he witnessed the Jiang family's current attitude. He said, "Miss Tian Ling, concludes today's Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event."

Many of the Jiang family's people reacted when they heard his words.

"Young Master Feng?" Tian Ling was startled. Concluding the Civil and Martial Arts Institute's event was tantamount to putting an end to his life.

"It doesn't matter." Jiang Chen swept the Jiang family's troops with his gaze, and spoke loudly, "Regardless of whether the Civil and Martial Arts Institute come to end or not, I will withdraw from it by myself."

When his words echoed, the Great Venerable's eyes snapped open. His ice-cold gaze seemed like it would penetrate Jiang Chen's heart.

"You can just die then."

After the Great Venerable spoke, he pointed his finger at him, and a shooting star-like ray streaked across the sky.

Jiang Chen would surely die if it struck him.

"Jiang family, you are really overbearing!"

At this moment, three powerful auras in the sky tore open the barrier set by the Jiang family's war chariots, and descended from the sky.

The three people landed before Jiang Chen, and extinguished the ray of light easily.

If one observed them, he would notice that they were three old men, whose ages surpassed a hundred years, but they were still bursting with life, and their back was straight and upright.

"Great Venerables!"

They still didn't recognize them, but the three people's cultivation levels shocked the crowd.

Jiang Chen didn't expect that the Elixir Association would be this flamboyant. Those three old men weren't people the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's senile Great Venerables could rival, and Jiang Chen could felt a boundless aura, as well as fighting spirit, from their bodies.

"The Elixir Association's members!"

The crowd quickly noticed that the three Great Venerables all had the same insignia on their chests.

It was difficult to oblige Great Venerables to wear the same regulated clothes, or the same insignia because they already reached the Great Venerable Realm, and broke free of all restraints.

However, some powerful factions could still let Great Venerables do it willingly, and the Elixir Association was one of them.

The unfathomable Jiang family's Great Venerable's expression finally changed, and he furrowed his brows tightly.

"Elixir Association's seniors, what do you mean by this?"

The Great Venerable still didn't speak, and Jiang Zhe spoke first, "This person killed a five elements disciple..."

"Jiang Zhe!"

The Elixir Association's Great Venerable interrupted him, and said, "Even if he killed you, we will still protect him."

Such light words put on all people in the city a great pressure, which almost suffocated them.

After they got over it, each person wished greatly to know who was Jiang Chen, what was his origin, and why he deserved the Elixir Association's protection?

After Jiang Zhe, who looked down upon Jiang Chen, heard such words, he was obviously not willing to accept them, but he still didn't dare to challenge a Great Venerable.

"Shouldn't the Elixir Association give us an explication?" The Jiang family's Great Venerable asked.

The three old men looked at each other, and made way.

Jiang Chen stepped forward, with his expressions apathetic like how was the outer party's expression a moment ago. He said, "There isn't any explication, just get lost!"

The crowd almost screeched when they heard the words 'get lost', and all people in the Sacred Martial Arts Institute looked at Li Bai.

They all looked at him because Jiang Chen was a guest invited by Li Bai, and it was due to such a reason didn't they take Jiang Chen seriously at first.

They were now waiting for Li Bai to give them an explication.

However, even Li Bai himself was dumbfounded, and he really didn't expect that even someone, which he found casually, could confront the Jiang family.

It wasn't surprising that he didn't mention the Jiang family's affair, as it would be useless even if he mentioned it.

"Fine, fine. It seems like this year, the Jiang family will purchase elixirs just from the Elixir Fire Union." The Jiang family's Great Venerable wouldn't have any odd of success if he faced three people by himself, and he could only threaten them in such a way.

The Jiang family was a great influential family, and its business and dealings were all great.

Moreover, it could still cause a chain reaction from the others due to its influence.

They all wanted to see what would be the Elixir Association's response after they heard such words.

"Please do as you wish!" The Elixir Association's three Great Venerables replied without even giving it a thought.

The Jiang family's Great Venerable felt like he just punched thin air, and he almost went crazy.

He couldn't bear it any longer, and he let go of himself, "You should at least give us an explication. Did your Elixir Association already became this arrogant?"

"We must first inform you that if you don't choose the Elixir Association, it isn't our loss, but your Jiang family's loss."

The Elixir Association's Great Venerable was calm and composed, and didn't care at all about the outer party's anger.

The Jiang family's ended up in the same predicament as Jiang Chen a moment ago. He had many matters he wanted to discuss, yet he didn't get any reply from them.

However, what was different was that Jiang Chen was just a Spiritual Venerable, and it was normal for him to end in such predicament while facing the Jiang family's troops.

But, the outer party was a Great Venerable, and he almost couldn't bear the crowd's peculiar gazes.

"Fine!" The Great Venerable clenched his teeth, and it was unknown what he just did, but the ray of lights connecting the war chariots together started transforming, and they turned into a person's face.

When the face's features became clear and distinct, all influential people in the city were shocked.

It was the Jiang Family's Master.

"Elixir Association's friends, please state clearly the reasons behind such actions," the Jiang Family's Master said.

Since it was a Family Master speaking to them, the Elixir Association's three Great Venerables glanced at each other, and changed their attitudes.

"Young Master Feng is our Elixir Association's Heaven Alchemist, and in this affair, it's your Jiang family's disciple, who wanted to kill him and steal his treasure, and he even depended upon his influence to hunt him down," one of the Great Venerables spoke.

"A Heaven Alchemist? Him?"

Jiang Zhe, who wasn't far from them, was dumbfounded, and he was amazed by it even more than the fact that Jiang Chen made two divine pieces of arts.

However, he still understood now why the Elixir Association's attitude was this unyielding, as well as why it said that it would be the Jiang family's loss.

Since the Elixir Association possessed such a young Heaven Alchemist, it would be probably capable in the future of making Immortal Elixirs, or even Divine Elixirs.

Such a type of elixir could alter the power structure of all Three Middle Realms.

The people in the Civil and Martial Arts Institute were shocked once again, and it was especially the case for Young Master Shenji.

His Constellation Palace wasn't equal to even a single branch of the Elixir Association, however, it was still fortunate that the latter was a special faction, who wouldn't attack any factions first, or else, he would have really regretted all of his words and actions.

"It's our Jiang family's disciple which died in this affair," the Jiang Family's Master quieted for a long while before he spoke.