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658 Those Are All Mine

It was really laughable, as those black-clothed people cultivation didn't even reach Mental Wander Realm, and even if Jiang Chen couldn't use his body's power, his Divine Body was still capable of disregarding their attacks.

On the way forward, Jiang Chen disposed of several black-clothed men, before he heard Lil Fan's wailing sound.

He detoured in a street, and saw a group of black-clothed men standing in front of a burning house.

Lil Fan was now held by a black-clothed man from his throat, and raised up.

"I don't care who are you, but you must let go of him." Jiang Chen put on a gloomy face, as he walked toward them.

The black-clothed men didn't utter even a single word, and several people charged at him, and greeted him with the sharp weapons in their hands.

Jiang Chen strode forward, and used just his bare hands. He casually grabbed the blades, which they waved at him, and turned them into scrap metal just by slightly exerting his power in his fingers.

Such a scene frightened the black-clothed men, and they all dispersed around.

The black-clothed men' head let go of the unconscious Lil Fan, and walked toward Jiang Chen. His cultivation was at the Mental Wander Realm.

He flew close to the ground, and bombarded Jiang Chen's chest with his palm heavily, but it was a pity that it couldn't affect the latter at all.

However, his palm strike still evoked a reaction from Jiang Chen's Holy Sea, and intense pain spread to his whole body before he managed to contain it, and his body fell down weakly.

"Take him away."

The black-clothed men' head assumed that it was done by his palm strike power, and he was quite proud of himself.

In the end, Jiang Chen and Lil Fan were carried by the black-clothed men, and taken out, and there wasn't even a single survivor left in the village.


As he felt several jolts, Jiang Chen woke up slowly, and he discovered that he was imprisoned inside an iron cage along with Lil Fan.

The iron cage was on a chariot, which was pulled by several fierce beasts, which possessed great physical power.

Jiang Chen's hands were bound by an iron chain, while his Redcloud Sword, and black knife disappeared, and it was also the case for his several Storage Spiritual Artifacts.

He didn't panic at all now, as when his Holy Sea would calm down along with the passing of time, he could easily dispose of this group of people.

What he was concerned now about was Lil Fan, who was beside him. His eyes were empty, and he wore an apathetic look.

He didn't need to ponder to know the reason behind it. All of his relatives were killed by this group of black-clothed men, and anyone, who went through such pain, would be in the same sate.

He surveyed the surrounding, and discovered that the black-clothed men already changed their clothes into normal ones, and they surrounded the iron cage, as they proceeded forward.


Jiang Chen heard a familiar sound of a weapon being unsheathed, and he just after saw the head, who was in the front of the team, bearing the blazing sun, and unsheathing the Redcloud Sword.

When he saw the tip of the sword, he also noticed the proud smile plastered on the man's face.

He rode a horse, and came to the iron cage's side, and said, "Is this sword, and knife yours?"

"Who else it would belong to?" Jiang Chen said..

"You should better behave well!"

When they witnessed his attitude, there was immediately someone, who kicked the iron cage, and its intense swaying let Lil Fan start wailing loudly.

All of the team's members looked at them when they heard the wailing, and they even looked at the person, who kicked the cage, with a reproaching gaze.

"What are you wailing for? If you continue crying, I will cut off your tongue," that person yelled at Lil Fan.

"You are really amazing. You are yelling even at a child," Jiang Chen said.

"What did you just say?" That person was infuriated, and he put his hand on his weapon.


The head shouted, and kicked that person, before he spoke, "You killed four of my brothers, what do you have to say for it?"

"Everyone would need to pay an adequate price for his actions," Jiang Chen said.

"Hahaha, well said."

The head understood his implied meaning, and he spoke after he laughed heartily, "But, you don't have any cultivation, and apart from skin as though as bronze, and bones as hard as iron, you don't have any other skill."

His Holy Sea was in a mess now, while those people didn't have a discerning gaze, so they obviously couldn't see Jiang Chen's true cultivation.

"When you get to see it, won't you probably regret everything?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

"I'm not of the same opinion as you."

At this moment, two rays of light swiftly flew in the distant sky, and closed on them.

"They are people at the Reaching Heaven Realm, so all of you must restrain yourself." The head turned pale from fright, as if he was now facing a great enemy.

The two rays of light didn't fly at a high altitude, and they could easily see their appearance. They were both young and pretty women.

They didn't really care about such a group, and they just swept them with their gazes casually, before they passed on top of their heads.

The head heaved a sigh of relief, while his palm was drenched in sweat now.

All of a sudden, the two women came back, and stood in the sky above the iron cage.

"What's going on?"

When they saw Lil Fan, who was in the iron cage, they both wore a cold look on their pretty faces.

Imprisoning a little boy in a cage was obviously a suspicious matter.

The head rolled his eyes, and since he felt like he couldn't explain it no matter what he said, he said, "Young misses, this is my Green Willow Villa's private matter."

"Are you trying to use the Green Willow Villa to put pressure on us?"

The woman, who wore a skintight long dress, had a fiery temper, but her red phoenix eyes angered look still had a charming flavor to them.

"Even the Green Willow Villa want to challenge our Pure Spirit School?"

"Pure Spirit School?d"

The head, and his men, were startled, as they all knew it. A flustered look appeared on the faces of some of them, while the head's forehead became drenched with sweat.

Regardless of how ferocious they were, they were still extremely weak and frail in front of Reaching Heaven Realm experts.

All of a sudden, someone broke into a run, and escaped toward a forest near them.

"Idiot!" The head couldn't help but scold him loudly. He gave them out even though they weren't even interrogated by them.

Although, they could really only escape away while facing Reaching Heaven Realm experts.

"There was really something fishy about you all, as your bodies are reeking of blood smell."

The red dress woman's gaze became sharp, and the precious sword in her hand turned into an ice-cold light ray of light, which penetrated the black-clothed men.

The other blue-clothed woman descended from the sky, and cut open the iron cage with her sword as if it was just made of clay.

"Little boy, don't be afraid."

She had dignified facial features, yet she was still as lively as a young girl, and had fair skin, and curvaceous body.

When she noticed Jiang Chen's gaze, she nodded at him slightly, and helped him, and broke his iron chain.

"Thank you," Jiang Chen said.

On the other side, just a group of corpses was left beneath the red dress woman's sword.

The blue-clothed woman showed consideration for Lil Fan's feelings, and took him to another place.

The black-clothed men really deserved death for their crimes, but the red dress woman didn't know this matter detail, yet she still attacked them ruthlessly, and Jiang Chen didn't know what to say about her behavior.

However, it should be just because the Three Middle Realms were like this, and its environment was more harsh and cruel than the Three Lower Realms.

Jiang Chen looked at the head's corpse, which wasn't far from him, or more precisely, he looked at his own Redcloud Sword, and black knife. Moreover, his Storage Spiritual Artifacts should be also on his body.

The blue-clothed woman, who descended on another place, was also attracted by the sight of Redcloud Sword, and black knife. The former was still fine as it was just a spiritual weapon, but the Redcloud Sword was a magical weapon.

The woman started just after searching the head's body, and Jiang Chen saw her taking a jade bracelet, Storage Ring, as well as a Storage Bag from him.

The black yellow gas, and the bronze fragments, were both in a jade bottle.

Jiang Chen mulled over it for a moment before he walked toward them.


The red dress woman didn't look at him nicely, and disgust was even apparent in her eyes.

After Jiang Chen went through such hardships, he didn't just seem like an ordinary person, his clothes were even tattered, and filled with filth and blood.

"Young miss, this sword, knife, as well as those objects are all mine," Jiang Chen said. Those objects belonged to him, and he spoke with a confident tone.

His Holy Sea still didn't recover completely, but his Divine Body didn't fear mere people at the early stage of Heaven Reaching Realm.

However, when the woman heard his words, she had a quite amusing reaction.