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608 The Evilest Island

The Ten Symbols Alliance was sailing almost one thousand boats towards the
island. The boats overspread the sea surface. They looked like a troop going
to establish a beachhead.
"Gosh, this is the Evilest Island!"
"Fruit? It must be Extreme Primordial Fruit."
"Ten Symbols Alliance didn't tell us the place we were going was so
The closer they were to the island, the more nervous they became.
The island before them didn't look like a peaceful treasure chest at all. On the
contrary, they already sensed danger even before arrival.
Now that they were closer, they felt more scared.
The terror spread. More and more people started to complain.
"Shut up!"
The president of the Heaven Symbol Alliance shouted.
"You should know how much an Extreme Primordial Fruit is worth. You can
eat as many as you want on the island!"
"When you got on board the ship, we told you we were going to a place with
treasures, but we didn't tell you it would be completely safe, did we ?"
"If it were completely safe, why would we have needed you? Are the Top Ten
Sects and Schools short-handed?"
The team was finally calmed down, but many people were still obviously
The president of the Heaven Symbol Alliance went on, "It is extremely
dangerous on the Evilest Island, but numerous people want to know its
location. Why is that? Think about it."
Because of the Extreme Primordial Fruit!
There couldn't be another reason.
"If you don't want to go onto the island, leave now," the president of the Fire
Symbol Alliance also said.
"You deceived us. Everyone knows it's impossible to return from the Evilest
Island. Without the Sea Conqueror, how can we leave?"
Someone refuted in anger upon hearing the shameless man.

"Who said it?!"
The president of the Sword Symbol Alliance said in fury.
"I said it. What do you want to do with me?!"
The man who had spoken stood onto the head of his boat. He wanted the Ten
Symbols Alliance to give them an explanation, although the men around them
tried to talk him out of it.
A flash of sword streaked across his neck.
The man couldn't believe what had happened. Covering his bleeding neck,
the man fell into the water.
He couldn't believe the Ten Symbols Alliance, one of the Top Ten Sects and
Schools, was so cruel even when he was already at death's door.
"The location of the Happiest Island is a secret. Top Ten Sects and Schools
can't tell you about it without getting anything in return."
"You don't want to take any risk, but you want to get treasures. Isn't it pie in
the sky?"
The president of the Sword Symbol Alliance said to the other people, who had
been stunned, as he took his flying sword back.
"All right. When this sail is over, those who are still alive will change your
opinion," the president of the Sword Symbol Alliance said again.

After that man's death, no one else dared to express any second opinion.
Jiang Chen watched the whole process calmly. The Ten Symbols Alliance
had obviously played a trick to recruit these people.
They claimed that it was to keep everything a secret. It did make sense.
However, the fact they hired so many people explained they knew it was very
risky to come here.
It wouldn't be worth the trouble if they sent their own disciples here and ended
up with a lot of casualties.
While with these people, they didn't have to pay them. What these people got
would all be from the island, which cost them nothing.
However, they had the confidence to do it.
Because they knew the route to the island and things to note when going onto
and leaving the island.

"My friend, what's special about the Evilest Island?" Jiang Chen asked a guy
on his boat.
Then he got to know what the people moving around in this part of the sea
thought about the Evilest Island.
It was almost a dead zone. People arrived here by accident frequently, but
few of them could leave alive.
Stories told by the few survivors about the Evilest Island all sounded like
stories of terror.
Then Jiang Chen realized why these people could recognize the Evilest
Island, though they didn't know the route. They turned out to know only by
As to what the island had, no one had ever seen, although there were many
exaggerating descriptions.
For example, it was said there were man-eating ghosts.
Looking at the Dragon General of Water and the Lord of Tiger, not far away
from him and eager to kill him, Jiang Chen felt sad.
He had thought things through before he started this journey. A life-or-death
adventure wasn't what he wanted.
However, he had led himself into a desperate situation by then.
Could the Extreme Primordial Fruit be the thing I want?
Jiang Chen couldn't help but think, but he wasn't so sure.
Extreme Primordial Fruits were very rare 500 years ago.
How could there be so many of them on the Evilest Island?
But he also felt expectant, because if it was true, the gains from the Evilest
Island would be worth the risks he would take.
Jiang Chen laid his eyes on a woman not far away.
She was also a president of Ten Symbols Alliance, one of the few female
presidents, and the youngest one.
A woman in azure battle suit was standing at the head of a boat, slim and
pretty in profile.
She was the president of the Immortal Symbol Alliance. Jiang Chen had
noticed her because of the reaction of the map.

Jiang Chen was sure she had another piece of the map.
However, it seemed she had no idea he also had a piece of the map or what
was on his mind.
She looked askance at him after perceiving his look. He felt overwhelmed
Jiang Chen looked away, confused.
Aren't the other owners of the map pieces pirates?
Jiang Chen assumed she could have killed one of the pirates.
Maybe she behaved like this because she didn't know about the map or what
it meant.
By then they had reached the shallow part of the beach. These martial arts
practicers jumped onto the shore about one hundred meters away, before the
boats even got anchored.
When Jiang Chen had landed on the beach, he found the sands here were
gray and black, mixed with many impurities.
"Let's act separately."
The Ten Symbols Alliance split into ten teams, heading for different directions.
Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees didn't just grow in one place. The ten alliances
had their own routes.
It was extremely important on an island where they couldn't fly.
"Watch out for everything you see."
Led by Jiang Jinghai, Cloud Symbol Alliance walked towards a forest on the
It looked pretty primitive. There were no roads at all. Those in the front of the
team had to open a way.
The whole team felt nervous, but nothing happened on their way. Everything
was cool.
"Let's scatter."
Jiang Chen and others would split into several groups to pick Extreme
Primordial Fruits, led by different people from Cloud Symbol Alliance.
"You'll be with me."
Liu Feng said rudely, pointing at Jiang Chen right away.

"Don't go too far," Jiang Jinghai told him in a low voice.
"Don't worry, apprentice brother. I won't." Liu Feng was confident he could
deal with Jiang Chen.
Knowing nothing about this place, Jiang Chen didn't disagree. He and some
other people walked towards Liu Feng.
"My friend, take the chance to apologize to him. Don't be so tough."
Pulling at his clothes, a guy beside Jiang Chen said to him through holy
awareness, "Knowing the Evilest Island so well, they can bring you to any
dangerous place on the island. You'll be doomed by then."
He actually didn't care about Jiang Chen's safety. What he actually cared
about was himself.
He saw the conflict between Jiang Chen and Liu Feng the day before.
"Doesn't matter. Even if I die, I'll have your company."
Jiang Chen said, grinning, when he had noticed the blame in the guy's eyes
and heard his cold tone.
The guy threw him an unhappy glance. He said, "How hard-mouthed. And a
jinx, too."