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607 Perfect Matches

In such a small space, there wasn't anyone to disturb them.
Jiang Chen's heart skipped a beat upon hearing Tang Shiya. He sat down
beside her, and then pulled her into his arms.
She felt so soft. The skin he accidentally made contact with was silkily
"Don't you think about it," Tang Shiya said gently.
Jiang Chen was confused, no idea what she was referring to.
"You know it." Tang Shiya buried her head in Jiang Chen's arms, hands on his
"Take some rest. We had a long day."
Jiang Chen patted her back. It was finally the time to relax after experiencing
the whole day's chase. He felt exhausted.
The two kept circling each other in extended arms. Two hours later, they
opened their eyes. The fatigue was gone.
"Let's practice," Jiang Chen proposed.
"We're in the deep sea. The spirits of the universe are few here. How can we
practice?" Tang Shiya said, smiling. She thought he was just trying to find a
"I've got this."
Jiang Chen took the little jade bottle out and released some Black Yellow
Gas. The gas filled the room immediately.
"Is this Black Yellow Gas?"
Tang Shiya was shocked when she had found what energy it was.
She said involuntarily, "If you've already got Black Yellow Gas, why did you
come to take this adventure?"
"It would be impossible to have any big progress in one month if I had used
the Black Yellow Gas only to practice. However, adventures will bring me
outstanding effects."
Jiang Chen said, "My state will probably get a breakthrough after the
adventure and some more practices."
He was speaking from experience.

Otherwise he would have practiced using the Black Yellow Gas and all kinds
of panaceas.
However, no strong men in the world succeeded without leaving home.
The jade bottle could convert the half solid Black Yellow Gas into gas, which
saved him a lot of trouble.
"Jiang Chen, practice. The Black Yellow Gas is too precious to waste."
Tang Shiya held back her impulsion, shaking her head.
She had never heard any disciple from the Four Big Aristocratic Families use
such a precious resource.
"I've got a lot here. Enough for me until I become a great Venerable, if I use
them as a personal practicing resource."
"The bottle looks small. Is there really so many in it?" Tang Shiya found it hard
to believe. She stared at the jade bottle with her eyes widely open.
"It's a magic treasure," Jiang Chen said proudly.
The two started to practice by taking in the Black Yellow Gas. They felt
energies flowing in them.
It took them half of the night to take in all of the Black Yellow Gas in the room.
Jiang Chen was going to release more, but Tang Shiya stopped him.
"No. The Black Yellow Gas is too strong. I need time to absorb it." Tang Shiya
wavered back and forth, as if she was drunk, her eyes half closed.

Jiang Chen didn't have this reaction. Thanks to the Holy Pulses of Nine
Clouds and the blood of dragon and phoenix, he could absorb as many of the
gas as he took in.
"Shiya, do you still remember the Happiest Holy Method?" Jiang Chen asked.
Tang Shiya didn't speak. She said after a good while, "I... I don't want to do it
Jiang Chen didn't understand her right away. When he did, he said with a
bitter smile, "The first chapter of the Happiest Holy Method is not what you
think. It is to make two persons spiritually close."
"It's called Perfect Matches. I think it'll be helpful to us."
"Then, then you start first."
Tang Shiya was so shy that she couldn't even open her eyes. She thought it
was just Jiang Chen's trick.

However, what Jiang Chen had told her turned out to be true. They sat face to
face and palms to palms.
Before Tang Shiya could say anything, she heard Jiang Chen's voice in her
mind. It was about the method.
Tang Shiya did what he told her. And she found the Black Yellow Gas in her
body was converted to her own strength at a much faster speed.
Thunders and winds also came from Jiang Chen's body, where the blood of
dragon and phoenix was flowing.
Their strengths leveled up when this was over.
"The blood of a family of inheritance is really different. After becoming
Venerable, your practice has been much more efficient," Tang Shiya said with
The carrier of martial arts of a Reaching Heaven State would improve as well
when the person broke through to Venerable.
If Jiang Chen hadn't got the origin of fire dragons, his body would have the
characteristics of the celestial phoenix.
However, his current body, with the characteristics of dragon and phoenix,
was stronger.
Most talented people would own a body similar to his after breaking through to
It was like owners of blood of inheritance would get corresponding body of
So was the Half Spirit and the Spirit.
There were also other ways to change the characteristics of one's body, for
example, through some magic methods and all kinds of adventures.
It was called carrier of martial arts in the phase of Reaching Heaven State,
while in the phase of Venerable, it was called fighting body.
Only few people would own it. It would do good to practicing and secret
methods, but it barely affected martial arts techniques.
Jiang Chen knew the methods to make Tang Shiya own a fighting body.
However, it wouldn't be necessary, since he knew she was already practicing
one of these methods.
At the thought of this, Jiang Chen smiled meaningfully.

All of a sudden, the two felt the Sea Conqueror had stopped. The locked room
was open gradually.
The Sea Conqueror was rising. They could see the outside world without the
help of floodlighting.
Soon, they saw an island from the window.
The door was automatically open. Liu Feng and other disciples of the Yunlan
School were standing in the corridor.
The cloud of sullenness on Liu Feng's face didn't clear up until he had seen
the two were in tidy clothes.
Not giving Jiang Chen or Tang Shiya any chance to speak, he said coldly,
"We should gather on the deck."
When the two had got onto the deck, they found the whole Ten Symbols
Alliance was there. There were thousands of them.
Reaching Heaven States were standing on one side, while Venerables were
standing on the other side. Only one-tenth of them were Venerables.
"There is a kind of fruit tree on that island. You'll pick fruits of those trees."
"The fruits can't make contact with either the ground or any metals. So you
won't be able to use any spiritual storage ware."
"The only way is to wrap them in cloth. You can eat the fruits, however many
you can, but the fruits you hand in must reach the required amount."
"Whoever can't reach the goal won't be allowed to get on board. You'll have to
figure out a way to leave on your own."
A guy from the Heaven Symbol Alliance explained to everyone.
He sounded so stern and he looked so cold that many people had a hunch
that this wouldn't be easy.
Then they cast a look at the island not far away. The sky over the island was
dark. Lightening bolts kept flashing through it and thunders rumbled.
However, it was cloudless outside the island.
"It's very dangerous on the island. We've divided different zones for all
alliances according to your states. You shouldn't leave your zone."
"Let's go."
They couldn't fly in this area, either. Some boats were lowered onto the water.
The Sea Conqueror couldn't approach the island due to its size.
"Jiang Chen, watch out."

Tang Shiya was taking refugee on the Sea Conqueror, so she would wait on
the ship with some other disciples of the Yunlan School.
Of course she wanted to go onto the island, but Jiang Jinghai didn't agree.
Jiang Chen didn't want her to take any risk, either, so he told her to stay on
the ship.
All of a sudden, Jiang Chen noticed something. He took a closer look and
found the Dragon General of Water and the Lord of Tiger were also among
those who were going onto the island.
They weren't afraid to be seen by Jiang Chen. On the contrary, they threw
him a cruel smile.
"I'll let you know how an arrogant outsider will end up." Liu Feng's voice came
as well.