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593 Heavenly Fire God Descen

Zhao Pojun gave up on counterattacking, and held his blade before his chest, as a vigorous power surged out of his feet, and protected his whole body.

As he waved his blade, its earthen yellow energy turned into a giant dragon, which occupied the sky.

"The outcome is already determined."

In the first platform, the Geniuses Group's Ye Chen revealed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, as he averted his gaze from them.

As for other people, they were incapable of seeing through it in advance like him, and they continued observing the fight in the sky fixedly.

Zhao Pojun used his protective energy barrier, and intended to block Jiang Chen's strike with his absolute defense.

The giant dragon bared its fangs, and brandished its claws, as it emitted an imposing draconic pressure. It seemed invincible, impenetrable, and invulnerable.

As the crowd observed Jiang Chen's sword and knife, they couldn't help but become worried about the giant dragon.

They never once seen such imposing sword momentum, as wind, fire, and lightning perfect fusion let his weapon became like a divine sharp weapon, which could destroy all of the world's myriad matters.

His sword strike passed by the giant dragon at an extremely high speed, and didn't stop for even a moment.

The giant dragon's body, which was formed by pure energy, flickered several times before it crumbled, and the body of Zhao Pojun, who was inside it, shook, and his long blade flew out of his hand.

His protective energy barrier was utterly useless in front of the strike, and as the pair of sword and knife flickered as they passed by him, they inflicted hideous-looking injuries upon him.

His whole body seemed like it was burned by raging flames, struck by lightning several times, before bathing in a violent storm.

The Celestial Venerable from the faction, which Zhao Pojun belonged to, flew into the air hurriedly, and caught Zhao Pojun, who already fainted.

"You attacked him too ruthlessly."

Zhao Pojun belonged to the imperial family of one of the three great Dynasties, the Mad Dragon Dynasty, and this Celestial Venerable was his father, the Dynasty's Duke Yan.

When he saw his son injured to such extent, he was greatly infuriated, and he unexpectedly attacked Jiang Chen.

When he thrust his palm at him, his arms became scarlet like magma, and raging flames shot out of his palm, and wanted to devour Jiang Chen.

"It isn't true, it is?"

The other people responded later by a while, as they didn't expect that Duke Yan would unexpectedly attack him

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's gray-robed man, and General Du Zhenfei swiftly flew into the air like sharp arrows, but it was already too late, as Jiang Chen was already devoured by the blazing flames

With how great was a Celestial Venerable's palm strike power, it would be quite difficult for a mere Martial Venerable to survive it.

Du Zhenfei didn't hold onto such a hope, and he looked at Duke Yan angrily, as he spoke coldly, "Your actions are unforgivable."

"He's just a lowly person from the Nine Heavens Realm, so how could his trifling life be on par with my son's? It's fine even if he was killed."

Duke Yan, who was looking at the unconscious Zhao Pojun, was still angry, and it seemed like even Jiang Chen's death wasn't enough for him to vent his anger.

"Jiang Chen is my Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion, and your actions are tantamount to declaring war on us," Du Zhenfei spoke angrily.

"Marquis Champion? Your Flying Dragon Dynasty already let itself go and decline by crowning an ant from Nine Heavens World as a Marquis Champion, yet you still want to declare war on us for him, it's really laughable," Duke Yan spoke disdainfully.

"You are courting death!"

Du Zhenfei couldn't bear it any longer, and he waved his fist, as he charged him.

"Did you assume that I feared you?"

Duke Yan's hands turned into scarlet flames once again, and raging flames shot out of them.


The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's gray-robed man stood between them, and prevented the occurrence of a fight between Celestial Venerables.

"Jiang Chen still didn't die."

His words surprised all people, and they just after saw the safe and sound Jiang Chen walking out of the flames in the sky step by step.

"I will bear the words, which you just said a moment ago, in my mind," Jiang Chen looked at Duke Yan, and spoke.

"Snort! " Duke Yan couldn't understand how did he manage to survive, as he was quite clear about his palm strike power.

Jiang Chen didn't speak further on, and the gray-robed man spoke instead, "You violated tonight's rules.

When Duke Yan heard him, he argued back, "It's him, who attack him ruthlessly."

"Did your son die or not?" The gray-robed man furrowed his brows, and his displeasure was apparent on his face.

Duke Yan clenched his teeth and spoke, "He didn't die, and I admit that I violated the rules, but in any cases, he didn't suffer any harm."

His shameless words embarrassed many Holy Martial Arts City's people. Although they were all in Duke Yan's side, but they really couldn't find any excuses for such actions.

A Celestial Venerable like him attacked a Martial Venerable, and wanted to kill him.

Even if he did it for Zhao Pojun, it was still unacceptable, as the former suffered just heavy injuries, and his life wasn't in danger, and he could recover after recuperating for a while, and a Celestial Venerable like Duke Yan should be aware of this matter.

The real reason why he attacked Jiang Chen should be because he couldn't accept his son's miserable defeat, however, Jiang Chen really didn't suffer any harm, and they couldn't punish him for it.

"Senior, I want to ask for Heavenly Fire God Descent."

Jiang Chen unexpectedly didn't plan to give up on this matter, and he asked the gray-robed man a matter which surprised all people.

Even Duke Yan, who didn't take him seriously, was quite surprised, and he furrowed his brows tightly.

"Since he wanted to kill me with his palm strike flames, then I feel like Heavenly Fire God Descent would be the most appropriate punishment for him," Jiang Chen said.

As the ruler of Three Lesser Realms, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute had many rules set for putting all factions in their places, and the Heavenly Fire God Descent was a rule set for taking care of irreconcilable conflicts.

When both parties involved weren't willing to yield, and admit their mistakes, they would be forced to accept suffering flames torment, and the one, who couldn't bear it any longer first would be the one forced to concede.

The flames used were obviously not ordinary flames, and it was a type of extremely powerful variant flames, which even Celestial Venerable couldn't bear.

"Even a trifling Martial Venerable like you can carry Heavenly Fire God Descent with me?" Duke Yan spoke coldly.

Jiang Chen said, "You already attacked me, and tried to kill me, and even though I can't deal with a Celestial Venerable like you, but in front of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, who's right and who's wrong is more important than one's realm."

After he spoke, he looked at the gray-robed man, and said, "Senior, I won't give up on this matter until one of us die."

When his words echoed, many people among the crowd exclaimed in alarm.

Since he won't give up on this matter until one of them die, then while being tormented by heavenly flames, none of them leave until the other die.

"I don't accept it."

When Duke Yan witnessed him insisting on it, he felt like there was surely something fishy about this matter, and he objected to it, "Carrying the Heavenly Fire God punishment with someone from the Nine Heavens Realm is a great humiliation and insult to me."

"It's you who made a mistake first, and you don't have the right to choose what you want."

The gray-robed man shot a look at him, and said.

"Jiang Chen is my Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion, and his status isn't any lower than yours, " Du Zhenfei spoke rudely.

"Then does this mean that Heavenly Fire God Descent would really be carried?"

Duke Yan didn't expect that this matter would develop to such a point, and he rolled his eyes, as he spoke, "Fine, but for fairness, I request that none of us should be allowed to use any external objects or power."

There wasn't any reason for a Celestial Venerable like him to fear a Martial Venerable, however, Jiang Chen's confident attitude, as well as the fact that he survived his palm strike let him felt like something was fishy about it.

But since he didn't have any choice in this matter, then he would at the very least try to prevent Jiang Chen from using any tricks.

"They will really carry it."

The people below didn't expect that they would really carry it, and they were all surprised.

There shouldn't be any suspense in Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual carried between a Celestial Venerable, and a Martial Venerable, as the heavenly flames wouldn't care about who was mistaken out of them, and it would just test which one of them could bear it longer.

According to reason and logic, Jiang Chen's situation should be quite bleak, yet it was him who proposed it of his own accord.

However, as they thought back about how he managed to defeat Zhao Pojun easily, they became somewhat looking forward to it, as they all wondered whether he would give them another nice surprise.

"Jiang Chen's inherited bloodline is from a Celestial Phoenix, and he doesn't fear any flames," the voice of someone reminded them at this moment.