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567 To Kill a Spiritual Venerable

In this way, a pursuit started.
Eight captains in the preliminary stage of the Martial Venerable tried their
best, but they didn't manage to catch up with Jiang Chen. On the contrary,
they saw him farther and farther and about to vanish from their sight soon.
But Shangguan Yan kept chasing. She was in the middle stage of Martial
Venerable, much stronger than the junior captains.
However, Jiang Chen wasn't only skilled at the conception of wind, he was
also forceful and mighty. He could achieve a speed as fast as lightening as
the extraordinary power flew slowly and steadily in his Holy Sea.
"Miss Shangguan, I can kill you only by one sword attack. Don't challenge my
Jiang Chen turned to say. He exerted his Holy Sea abruptly. The surging
force pushed him ahead. He whooshed across the sky.
In Shangguan Yan's eyes, Jiang Chen's speed was enhanced many times
faster in an instant. And she could do nothing but see him flying away.
""How could his body bear such high speed?""
Shangguan Yan didn't understand. For people in the preliminary stage of
Martial Venerable, Jiang Chen's speed was unimaginable. The human body
would usually explode flying at such speed. That was just too much.
But Jiang Chen looked totally fine. She didn't understand how he had
managed to do it.
""As long as you are in the Realm of True Force, you won't be able to run
away from us!"" Shangguan Yan thought to herself.
At the same time, Jiang Chen slowed down after having got rid of Shangguan
Yan. Touching his chest, he thought to himself, ""What a body, with the
dragon blood flowing inside.""
The experiences in the Alien Battlefield wasn't very pleasant, but in some
sense, he had had many gains.
He broken through to the preliminary stage of Martial Venerable from the
Cloud Eight of the Reaching Heaven State in less than a month, and his fight
doctrine level was already good enough for him to pick up the Redcloud
Sword again.
Moreover, the reunions with Whitty and his father were also pleasant
surprises for him.

Although in the end they parted again, it was good news that Whitty left for the
Realm of Evil Spirits, and his father had become great Venerable.
""Hopefully everything is fine with my family.""
Jiang Chen's good mood didn't last. He recalled how he had been sent to the
Realm of True Force, and how he couldn't go back because he wasn't strong
enough yet. At such thoughts, he knew it wasn't time to celebrate.
""The Dragon Rebel Army, a big force from the Realm of True Force, was at
their wit's end facing my father, a great Venerable. When I catch up with him,
it will be time to go to the Three Middle Realms.""
Jiang Chen looked up at the sky. There was only a planes' channel between
him and the Three Middle Realms.
Suddenly he perceived something. He stopped right away, not affected by

He looked ahead and saw a chariot charging down from the sky.
It wasn't a chariot transformed by any tactical formation, but a real chariot,
pulled by four oppressive holy-level beasts that looked like horses.
They were beasts, but they looked arrogant.
Jiang Chen was surprised. These were precious beasts. It was even rare for
average people to ride them. Not to mention to use them to pull a chariot.
But the owner of the chariot was indeed using them to pull his splendid
chariot, made of bronze and decorated with gold and silver.
"Do you really think you can leave safely after having killed a member of the
A cold voice came from the chariot, cold enough to make people shiver, and
"Spiritual Venerable!"
Jiang Chen perceived the guy's state. He turned serious.
In the end, the chariot didn't crash him. It seemed the owner didn't want his
chariot stained with his blood.
The chariot stopped ten meters away from Jiang Chen. A pair of hands with
long delicate fingers reached out of the carriage.
Then the Spiritual Venerable appeared before Jiang Chen.

It was a elegant middle-aged man in a black robe whose collar and front had
patterns embroidered by golden silks.
It was easy to tell the fabric of the robe was very expensive, good enough to
make a battle suit that could be used as spiritual weapon.
But he didn't do that. He was just wearing it as if it was an average piece of
clothes. It was perfectly cut, really noble-looking on him.
The Spiritual Venerable had come to kill, but every act and every move of his
was so elegant. His look was cold and gloomy.
Somehow, different from the battlefield, Jiang Chen felt the Spiritual
Venerables he had met here seemed more threatening.
Maybe it was because there were lots of people on the battlefield so that he
could fight as part of a tactical formation.
But outside the battlefield, it was very dangerous to face Spiritual Venerables
"Achieving Martial Venerable so young, you could have a promising future.
Why do you have to follow such a path?" Throwing Jiang Chen some glances,
the Spiritual Venerable still looked very cold. He sounded he felt pity for Jiang
"What path? Maybe I have a greater background than the young master of
you Shangguans," Jiang Chen said.
Seeing him so calm, the Spiritual Venerable felt dubious. He said, "What
background do you have?"
"My father is a great Venerable."
This idea suddenly occurred to Jiang Chen. He was curious what kind of
effect this information could have.
Then he confirmed the influence of great Venrables was great indeed. The
Spiritual Venerable, aloof since the beginning, suddenly opened his eyes. He
looked he was hesitating.
"Who is your father?" He didn't even sound as arrogant as just now.
"I don't think you know him."
Jiang Chen answered him in a casual manner. He didn't really expect to
intimidate the enemy with his father's name.
"You think you'll save yourself in this way?"

The Spiritual Venerable was somewhat angry. He thought Jiang Chen had
He waved his sleeve, and a wooden sword that only measured one foot
dashed over rapidly, emitting azure radiance.
Although it was only a wooden sword, its sharpness could be compared to the
Redcloud Sword.
Jiang Chen dodged it. The wooden sword brushed past him, tearing his
clothes open.
Smiling coldly, the Spiritual Venerable said, "You were just bluffing."
It turned out that he had reserved his strength when he had thrown his sword
over in order to confirm what Jiang Chen had claimed.
If his father was really a great Venerable, he must have some magic treasure
to protect him which could ward off his attack.
"Go to hell."
The Spiritual Venerable stopped reserving. The wooden sword almost came
up to Jiang Chen in an instant, intending to pierce through his chest.
Jiang Chen curled up his lip. A strong Buddha's light suddenly appeared
before him. It turned into a solid light wall. The wooden sword bounced off it.
"This is...?" The Spiritual Venerable's intuition told him things were not good
for him.
Jiang Chen exerted the eight groups of spiritual beings. Azure Demon, the
black dragon and the celestial demon showed up as three of the eight groups
of beings, in stern precious images of Buddha, fierce-looking with their eyes
widely open.
The three didn't need any explanation from Jiang Chen. They attacked
together, charging towards the Spiritual Venerable.
"What treasure is that?!"
The Spiritual Venerable, who had just scorned Jiang Chen for he didn't have
any magic treasure, was shocked, especially by the black dragon, which
wasn't a fake one formed by radiance, but a dragon soul for real.

The four proud Pegasuses neighed like frightened kids. They lost control and
started to run. The chariot was bumping along the way behind them.
The Spiritual Venerable didn't have time to worry about the chariot. He was
still in the shock caused by the three groups of beings.
Believing Jiang Chen's father was really a great Venerable, he didn't want to
attack Jiang Chen to get himself into trouble.
"Don't you think it's too late?"
Jiang Chen raised his sword and dashed over. When he had come up to the
Spiritual Venerable, deva, naga and asura merged into the momentum of his
sword and charged towards him.
"Damn it!"
"Great Overarching Heaven Palm!"
The Spiritual Venerable had to act, but he didn't seem confident. He tried his
best to throw his palm over.
His worry wasn't unnecessary. The Buddha's power emitted from the eight
groups of spiritual beings cracked his palm attack instantly.
What arrived next was Jiang Chen's cold blade.