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530 New Situation in the War

Not far ahead, the Tiger Battle Group, which had stopped their chase, slowed down intentionally to wait for the Bright Moon Battle Group to catch up with them.

While waiting, the commander of the North Mansion Battalion came up to the commander of the Flying Mount Battalion mysteriously. He said, "Do you think it was really Jiang Chen who improved the Holy Moon Cannons?"

"Yeah, I don't think he could have played any tricks. The Bright Moon Troop wouldn't have to lie with him," said the commander of the Flying Mount Battalion.

"So, he really is a genius. All of the cannons were shot at the weak points of the ward. Did you see that?"

Detecting a hidden meaning in his companion's words, the commander lowered his voice to ask, "What are you implying?"

"You know the grudges between us and the Red Flame Battalion. His success could bring bad things. Besides, it's evident that Zhao Wenhao wants to train this guy to be his assistant. You think our young master will allow that to happen?" said the commander of the North Mansion Battalion.

The commander of the Flying Mount Battalion grew serious at the mention of "our young master."

"Find a chance to get rid of him. Otherwise, we'll have a tough time," the commander of the North Mansion Battalion said coldly.

The commander of the Flying Mount Battalion nodded with almost no hesitation.

At the same time, on the warship over the center of the basin, in the senior general's cabin, there was a three-dimensional map on the table, but it was incomplete—the southern corner was missing.

"The Tiger Battle Group and the Bright Moon Group are already very close to where the Shadow Pursing Troop is stuck."

"How is the Shadow Pursuing Troop?" asked Du Zhenfei.

"Still struggling."

"Tell the Tiger Troop and the Bright Moon Troop to get there as soon as possible. It's not only for the safety of the Shadow Pursuing Troop, but also for us to complete the dynamic map!"

"Yes, sir!"

Du Zhenfei walked to the window after giving the order. Looking at the vast land, he murmured, "What the hell is the Dragon Rebel Army planning?!"

"General, the masters said they would need another half an hour to crack these blue rays."

"Tell them they only have 15 minutes!" said Du Zhenfei.


The Dragon Rebel Army wasn't composed of upper, middle, and lower troops. They had tree troops in the Alien Battlefield in total.

These were the War Chariot Troop, the Holy Wind Troop, and the Black Dragon Troop.

Most of the enemies the Bright Moon Battle Group had run into were from the War Chariot Troop. The Dragon Rebel Army had strict regulations and deployment plan, too.

A war chariot usually had 50 soldiers who would form a tactical formation and transform into a chariot.

Of course, there were also chariots formed of 100, or even 1,000 people.

A chariot's power depended on its size. The thirty-foot-long chariot Jiang Chen had dealt with was the most average type.

When the two battle groups had arrived where the Shadow Pursuing Troop was stuck, they saw the same thirty-foot-long chariots that had attacked the Shadow Pursuing Troop everywhere. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands of them, constantly attacking the impregnable fortress.

"This will be a desperate battle. Our only goal is to gain victory!"

"Fight for the dynasty. Kill the enemy!"

The Tiger Battle Group and the Bright Moon Group wasted no time speaking. They dashed towards the Shadow Pursuing Troop. A big battle was on the verge of breaking out.

"Battalion commanders, be prepared to enter the center status of the formation anytime. Start from the Flying Mount Battalion, and then the Red Flame Battalion, the North Mansion Battalion, and lastly the Holy Arrow Battalion. Change every three minutes," said Zhao Wenhao.

It sounded like the battle would be pretty intense.

In the eight battalions, only the commanders were Venerables. The minimum power of their tactical formations depended on the soldiers, while the maximum power relied on the commanders.

Each battalion's formation had a center status. To put it simply, in this status, the commanders consumed their vitality in exchange for strong power.

Three minutes. As long as this status didn't last longer than three minutes, the vitality consumed could be recovered.

But if it lasted any longer than three minutes, there would be no remedy.

After all, vitality was the most powerful origin of energy, but it was also the most fragile.

The Flying Mount Battalion transformed into a giant cavalryman after their battalion commander had entered the formation's center status. The giant cavalryman seemed to have descended to the earth from heaven to eliminate human beings.

If the thirty-foot-long chariots approached, the long spear would demolish them right away.

The Red Flame Battalion transformed into a threatening fire dragon, swimming in the sky. No chariot could approach it. Otherwise, they would be thrown upside down and catch on fire.

The sky became a merciless battlefield. A single man's life was trivial there. Under the attack of the dreadful power, people could die at anytime.

The war among martial arts practitioners was beyond description and imagination.

Under the Alien Battlefield's sky, which was tinted a mysterious red, the soldiers looked like dancing demons and colliding meteors.

The overflowing power and deafening noise constituted a magnificent but cruel scene.

"For the dynasty!"

"Overturn the tyrant!"

The soldiers of the opposing sides shouted their slogans and struck towards people they had never seen before with all-out efforts.

Why is the Red Flame Battalion suddenly so strong?

The commander of the North Mansion Battalion, in the rear of the troops, was surprised to see a fire dragon swimming through the chariots.

He didn't realize until then that the Red Flame Battalion hadn't been exaggerating. It was indeed thanks to them that a burning hole had been created in the storm of the demons.

One more reason to get rid of him!

However, he didn't feel grateful. He cast a gloomy glance at Jiang Chen. All this had happened because of this Jiang Chen.

Zhao Wenhao also realized why the Red Flame Battalion's formation was so strong after what had happened to the Holy Moon Cannons.

However, Zhao Wenhao admired him.

If such a great genius can't serve the dynasty, it would definitely be a great loss.

Something suddenly occurred to the commander of the North Mansion Battalion. He couldn't help but chuckle to himself silently.

It's a capital crime in the army to change a formation without permission!

This thought cheered him up. It would be best for him if he could find a justifiable reason to get rid of Jiang Chen.

At the center of the battlefield, there was a telescope on the deck of the warship. It was a cylinder that was wider at the front and narrower at the rear, with transparent glass on both ends. People could clearly see what was happening 300 miles away through it.

No one was standing behind the telescope. Thanks to the mysterious runes carved on the small pieces of glass, what was happening at a distance was played in the air directly.

Du Zhenfei and some others were paying close attention to the battle. After seeing the Tiger Battle Group and the Bright Moon Battle Group arrive, all of them felt relieved.

"Fortunately, they arrived in time."

"According to the latest information, if it weren't thanks to the Bright Moon Troop, it would have taken them longer."

"Zhao Wenhao is really a great general!"

It would have been difficult for the Dragon Rebel Army to fight against the two battle groups and the Shadow Pursuing Troop if they only had the War Chariot Troop there.

"What's going on?!"

Just after they finally felt relieved, they saw dark clouds approaching at high speed over the battlefield. Undoubtedly, they were demons.

"Those demons are so annoying."

And what they had worried about most became true. The demons didn't attack the chariots at all. They only attacked the two battle groups!

"Gosh, the Dragon Rebel Army really found a way to control the demons!"

"The demons are arrogant and odd, especially celestial demons. How is it possible that they're willing to...?"

"Anyway, we're all seeing it."

The situation of the war had changed again. The Flying Dragon Dynasty had been at an advantage, but with the participation of the demons, they were suddenly at a disadvantage.