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517 Breakthrough in a Real Fight!

As soon as the sword was thrust over, thunder started, and lives were taken.

The momentum of Zhang Tianyi's sword was completely cracked, totally outshone by Jiang Chen's sword.

The latter's sword was extremely brilliant, the sky full of lightning. The crowd finally came to realize that he wasn't an average guy.

Compared to Zhang Tianyi, he was even better.

"A Sword Attack without Permanence!"

To their surprise, Jiang Chen drew out his black knife, too. The knife in his right hand and the sword in his left hand didn't impact each other at all.

Jiang Chen's swordsmanship had been freed from the external form of knife or sword. It was a brand new interpretation of the essence of the spirit of sword.

Under the surging thunder and the blossoming elevation of the sword, the people down below couldn't see the change of momentum of Zhang Tianyi's sword at all.

It was like a dim light being outshone by the bright light of moon.

"How powerful!"

The soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion were extremely excited. The young lieutenant's skills were beyond their expectations.

Tang Zhengyi and the other captains felt embarrassed when they thought of what they had told Jiang Chen the day before.

"He's from the Realm of Milky. How is he even stronger than a genius of the Realm of True Force?!"

The people from the Flying Dragon Dynasty found it incredible. They were used to feeling arrogant and being disdainful of people from Planes Worlds under theirs.

They had never thought that they'd be shocked in such a way by someone from that area.

If they had known Jiang Chen wasn't from the Realm of Milky, but from the Realm of Nine Heavens, which was even farther underneath them, what would they think?

In the air, Zhang Tianyi didn't manage to hold on for even a whole minute. He was being pushed back by Jiang Chen's knife and sword.

"If you had admitted your defeat just now, you would have been able to save face."

Jiang Chen was even in the mood to make idle talk. The knife and the sword in his hands didn't show any flaw. Instead, they grew more aggressive.

"Your sword… your sword!"

Zhang Tianyi failed to find the proper words. All he could do was shout to himself, How is a Reaching Heaven State's swordsmanship so great?!

"Ah!" Zhang Tianyi shouted out in anger. As the one who had sent the challenge letter, if he suffered a complete defeat, it would be incredibly shameful.

When the sword and the knife were about to crack his defenses, Zhang Tianyi finally played his trump card.

His royal blood was as like boiling water. His skin was extremely red, his hair dancing wildly in the wind.

"Dragon Soul Sword!"

A light in the shape of a flying dragon flew out of his body. The energy hit Jiang Chen's weapons away.

Then the golden dragon whirled around Zhang Tianyi and eventually flew into his sword.

The sword shone brilliantly. Its blade extended from three feet long to four and a half.

The light faded away when the golden dragon had merged with the blade completely. The blade looked like it was made of gold, with a totem image of a flying dragon whirling around it.

Zhang Tianyi's armor also had experienced a wonderful change. The light armor that had only covered his most crucial parts currently covered most of his body.

"Admit your defeat," Zhang Tianyi said. His voice echoed, no longer sounding like a human voice.

"You think you're the only one who can make a transformation?"

With a cold smile, Jiang Chen spun his weapons. The phoenix genuine blood started to boil instantly. It was like he was on fire, wearing a layer made of flames.


Many Reaching Heaven States were envious when they saw the transformation of the two. They felt it was a pity that they didn't have such power, and hence were unable to become as influential.

There weren't many changes in the fight that followed. Zhang Tianyi had become much stronger, but so had Jiang Chen.

The thunder sword's momentum was carrying burning flames. It was so extraordinary that it wasn't an average sword anymore.

"The more you struggle, the bigger your loss will be," Jiang Chen said. "I can kill you with my unique movement, but since I'm in a good mood today, I'll allow you to surrender."

He was in a good mood, so he'd allow Zhang Tianyi to surrender?

Many people were petrified to hear that. They were wondering whether he had said it intentionally to irritate Zhang Tianyi.

"Today, you'll definitely lose!" Zhang Tianyi took a deep breath. His body was shaking, and a strong energy gushed out like powerful waves.

"What?" Jiang Chen was very surprised. He took a few steps back warily.

Soon, the energy around Zhang Tianyi became visible. Glorious lights gathered around him, then soared.

"He's… he's making a breakthrough to Venerable!"

It took the people below a while to realize what was happening. They were pretty excited when they came back to themselves.

Venerables were rare. It was even rarer to witness the birth of a Venerable.

The crowd figured that when Zhang Tianyi broke through to Venerable, no matter how great Jiang Chen's swordsmanship was, he would definitely lose.

By then, a forbidden land had been formed around Zhang Tianyi with a radius of thirty-odd yards. The fierce energy was so strong that it formed a wall of light. The figures behind it could only be vaguely seen.

At the same time, a grand formation was deployed over the camp of the Third Legion to cover the disturbance caused by Zhang Tianyi's breakthrough.

"Haha, Brother Tianyi is really great!"

Xie Yan, so nervous that he felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest, was finally relieved. He had already started celebrating with Liu Yu.

Once he became a Venerable, there was no suspense anymore.

"What a pity," murmured the youngster who had helped Jiang Chen at the dark room. He had really admired the latter's performance.

But Zhang Tianyi had reached the limits of Reaching Heaven State long before.

It was pretty similar to the situation in the small world when Jiang Chen witnessed Murong Long's breakthrough.

But this time, Jiang Chen didn't stand there doing nothing. He didn't wait there until his rival broke through to the Venerable stage.

"What is he doing?"

Jiang Chen's behavior caught the attention of the crowd, who were expecting to see Zhang Tianyi's breakthrough.

He didn't wait there. Instead, the energy in him fluctuated more and more violently.

"Is he going to stop Zhang Tianyi from breaking through?" someone shouted in surprise.

It was impossible, since the light wall around Zhang Tianyi was almost unbreakable. At least, no one present had ever heard of someone who had failed to break through to Venerable due to another's sabotage, unless it was a grand Venerable or someone in the peak of Venerable.

Jiang Chen was only a Reaching Heaven State. He wanted to sabotage his rival's breakthrough? That was ridiculous!

However, they had to admit the change that Jiang Chen had experienced was quite astounding. His armor was replaced by a dragon armor painted with the totem image of a phoenix all over.

His long, burning hair and the phoenix image in the middle of his forehead made him look majestic.

When Zhang Tianyi becomes a Venerable, Jiang Chen will be second to none among Reaching Heaven States, people thought.

The top management of the army intended to intervene. They wanted Zhang Tianyi to break through to Venerable successfully, and at the same time, to guarantee Jiang Chen's safety. That would be the most ideal result.

Jiang Chen's performance that day would make him another Zhang Tianyi.

However, Jiang Chen didn't want to be another Zhang Tianyi. He wanted to be Jiang Chen.

"An Immeasurable Sword Attack!" He made an all-out attack, drawing the black knife back and closing his right fist.

"Kalpa of Reincarnation!"

These were nearly his most powerful unique movements. His body couldn't even handle so much energy running through him.

Then he dashed towards Zhang Tianyi.

"General?" asked a member of the higher-ups, searching for the senior general's instructions.

"Lock this air space to isolate them. Don't disturb them. I'm curious to see the result," Senior General Du Zhenfei said.

A blue energy protective jar appeared in the air, enclosing Jiang Chen and Zhang Tianyi.

It wasn't a strange thing to the military people. They were all looking forward to the result.


When Jiang Chen attacked the light wall around Zhang Tianyi, he felt like he had hit Mount Buzhou. The whole world was shaking.

The brilliant energy fluctuation made the protective jar expand so much that it started to deform.