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504 Knocked to Death

"Don't panic. He saw through your sword method, but he won't be able to hurt you! His fight doctrine level isn't high enough to do that," Elder Li suddenly shouted.

He had managed to confirm it.

Jiang Chen had been fighting in a rather conservative manner. If he had really been so great, he wouldn't have adopted such a strategy.

Peng Lan was relieved. When Jiang Chen was only 15 feet away from her, she drew her sword back.

It was extremely risky, because Jiang Chen could take that chance to violently attack her.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

And Jiang Chen really did. Three swords dashed over from three tricky angles.

However, as Elder Li had said, Jiang Chen couldn't attack at the same time as he was defending.

Peng Lan could see how wonderful Jiang Chen's sword attack was, but she also found it had been restricted by his level of fight doctrine. She felt extremely relieved.

"Infinite Sword: A Sword Attack as Deep as the Sea!"

Her sword was like a path that wound through mountains. Carrying the surging radiance of sword, it cracked Jiang Chen's great technique with its power. In this way, the crisis was solved.

Then she hurried to retreat hundreds of feet to giver herself room to adjust.

"Don't you feel ashamed that you instructed your disciple to have a life-or-death fight? How shameless the Infinite Sword School is!"

Staring at Elder Li in fury, General Mu kept his voice low to hold back his anger, but it seemed like it would break out at any minute.

Elder Li turned around, afraid to face him.

The people beside them also had odd expressions. Even the disciples of the Infinite Sword School were embarrassed.

If Elder Li hadn't warned Peng Lan, she would have paid a big price for her misjudgement after Jiang Chen had approached her.

But with his warning, she had taken her rival's attack based on a judgment that wasn't hers.

It was like Jiang Chen had exchanged that blow with a Venerable.

"This isn't good. This guy's fight doctrine level isn't high enough. He was holding back so that he could break out and take Peng Lan by surprise.

"But now, Elder Li has sabotaged his plan. All of his efforts have been wasted, and it'll be more difficult for him."

The crowd started a heated discussion. Since, as General Mu had said, this was a life-or-death fight, the Infinite Sword School was acting shameless.

"He's just not good enough. That's why he needed a plan. My sister could have cracked it without any instructions."

Peng Ying, in favor of Peng Lan, of course wouldn't accept such comments. He was talking out of his *ss.

However, others even didn't bother to refute him.

Peng Lan launched another attack in the air. This time, it was neither as intense or as direct as before, more restrained.

Since she had confirmed Jiang Chen's fight doctrine level was limiting his strength, she couldn't help but scorn, "So, you turned out to be a piece of crap."

"But even you're unable to shatter my defenses. Don't you see which one of us is the piece of crap?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

He had hit Peng Lan's sore spot. With a hideous face, she said angrily, "You hardly had any chance to fight me back. You're just a coward. How dare you talk about courage!"

As she spoke, she struck towards Jiang Chen in anger.

Jiang Chen could see the strengths and weaknesses of his rival's attack, but he could do nothing but defend. Even if he fought back, it would just be in vain.

If Elder Li hadn't intervened in the storm of thousands of swords, he could have killed her when they were close enough.

"I could hardly fight you back?"

Jiang Chen had no other way. He took his sword and knife back, standing there with nothing in his hands.

"Are you courting death?"

Peng Lan was pleasantly surprised and exerted her force like crazy. Her sword was dazzling.

"Kalpa of Reincarnation!"

With the dragon force of the fifth level of Dragon and Elephant Method, along with the dragon martial arts techniques, his fists emitted golden rays, and his arms looked like two angry dragons.

"Core of thunder, on!"

While raising his arms, he gathered the force of thunder, which made his arms look even more terrifying.

He punched Peng Lan's blade directly. The magic sword, which only the Infinite Sword School's best Reaching-Heaven-State disciple could possess, was deflected.

The second punch was aimed at Peng Lan. She felt like the sun was coming towards her.

Almost subconsciously, Peng Lan switched on her protective energy jar. It was a shield condensed by the elevation of sword, protecting all of Peng Lan's body.

However, facing Jiang Chen's fist, it was useless. He crashed through it and sent Peng Lan hundreds of feet into the sky.

"How violent!"

The people down below were all shocked by such a scene. Jiang Chen, his sword aside, was surprisingly dreadful.

In almost an instant, Peng Lan wasn't a match for him anymore.

"The golden fight loop isn't as great as I thought," Jiang Chen scorned. The people with golden fight loops were much stronger than Ning Haotian, but while fighting against the latter, he had never made an all-out effort.

"I'll send you to hell!"

He looked up at Peng Lan, who was still flying, then launched another attack. He flew out like a sharp arrow.

"How dare you!"

The members of the Infinite Sword School were all irritated. For a school, talented people were the most valuable assets.

Elder Li and the other elders intended to stop him.

"Don't challenge my patience with your shamelessness!" General Mu took a step forward. They were stopped by his aggression as he said, "These traitors said that these two were representing them and the dynasty. If the schools dare to intervene, I'll start a war here at all costs!"

Those from the Infinite Sword School looked towards the Dragon Rebel Army.

"Since they represent us, according to the decree issued by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, life-or-death fights aren't allowed here." The general of the Dragon Rebel Army smiled coldly. At the same time, he told the Infinite Sword School through holy awareness that they were free to intervene.

"Shame on you!" General Mu couldn't sit still anymore. He attacked with his lieutenants.

"Go!" the general of the Dragon Rebel Army snarled. "Now that you've disobeyed the decree, don't blame us for anything!"

"You're misusing the decree. This is the biggest insult you could give to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute!" General Mu wasn't intimidated. He persisted in attacking them.

As soon as the Venerables joined the fight, the crowd outside the square became scared. They ran away immediately.

Fortunately, both parties had some qualms, so they held back.

People started to feel curious about the Sacred Martial Arts Institute they had mentioned. Why did this place have such authority?

Hadn't all Sacred Institutes in the Nine Realms been eliminated? Did this place have anything to do with that?

"The Infinite Sword School is so cruel!" someone shouted. It turned out that the elders of the Infinite Sword School intended not only to save Peng Lan, but also to kill Jiang Chen.

"Haha, die. Die!" shrieked Peng Lan, who had already been defeated.

If Jiang Chen died, her loss wouldn't count.

"If this is the case…"

Taking a glimpse at the elders of the Infinite Sword School, Jiang Chen played all of his trump cards.

"Kalpa of Complete Reincarnation—Four Variations in One!"

"Extraordinary power, all on!"

Jiang Chen exerted power strong enough to knock out a Venerable's teeth. He went up to Peng Lan in an instant.


The elders were given a good scare.

However, it was already too late. Jiang Chen had thrown his fist out.

Attacked by a power she couldn't handle at all, Peng Lan had a wound as big as a watermelon in her chest.

Even if the Golden Immortality of the Great Overarching Heaven had come down to earth, she couldn't have been saved.

"She's dead…"

Feng Wei and the others were petrified to see such an incredible scene. Peng Ying flopped down on the ground, crying.