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471 This World is Perfect for You

After Murong Long left, Su Xing suddenly realized he was in a pretty dangerous situation!

Li Nanxing, already a Venerable, could kill them without difficulty and eliminate the Evil Cloud Palace.

Fortunately, this didn't seem to be his plan.

On the other side, Yue Lansheng covered her swollen cheek, staring at Yin Shuang with hatred.

"Huh, you act pure and lofty, but actually you just want the next lord of the Gaos. Am I wrong? Everyone here will die because of Jiang Chen, even those on his side."

Yue Lansheng couldn't stay silent anymore. Either way, she would die, so she would rather say whatever she wanted to say.

Yin Shuang flew into a rage. She wanted going to slap Yue Lansheng again. Such an elegant girl like her usually didn't get so angry.

"Yin Shuang, don't cause a fuss with her."

Jiang Chen landed. Giving Yue Lansheng a casual glance, he said, "You don't have to rant and rave. I was the one who destroyed the exit, and I'll be the one to reopen it."

The others, whose attention had been shifted from this topic, were piqued with interest again when they heard Jiang Chen.

"What did you say?" Yue Lansheng thought she had heard him wrong.

Jiang Chen didn't explain to her. He went up to Li Nanxing with Yin Shuang. Then he said loudly, "Disciples of the Hero Palace, listen to me. You don't have to worry. I can open the exit."

The crowd went into an uproar upon hearing his personal confirmation. In few seconds, all around them was a bubbling cacophony of voices.

"No way!"

Of course, Su Xing didn't believe him. He said, "Only extraordinary masters of tactical formations and wards can open the exit. Such masters are rare, even in the Dragon Field. The Hero Palace and the Evil Cloud Palace have to borrow them from other forces. You're on your own. How dare you say you can open the exit?"

"Yes, I can open it on my own," said Jiang Chen.

He sounded so confident. There was no unnecessary explanation, but his answer made Su Xing silent.

"But to be clear, I won't consider those of the Evil Cloud Palace or those who defected to the Evil Cloud Palace, so the exit won't have to bear too many people."

To transfer a man in and out of two worlds, not only the proper methods, but also energy, were required.

For every extra person, there would be more of a burden on the exit.

But this wasn't a big problem. If it had been, the Dragon Field wouldn't have been able to transmit thousands of people there.

Jiang Chen had said this intentionally, but actually, as long as he wanted to, he could take all of them out.

The crowd, cheering up, came back to reality. They felt nervous and anxious, but they couldn't refute him, since Jiang Chen made total sense.

The Evil Cloud Palace had tried so hard to eliminate the Hero Palace, yet they hoped Jiang Chen would help them leave?

The most remorseful ones were those who would have had the chance, but they had given it up. By that point, they felt regret. They wanted to beg for Jiang Chen's pardon.

Su Xing felt like he had been given a taste of his own medicine.

He couldn't threaten Jiang Chen, since Li Nanxing was already a Venerable then. For the same reason, Jiang Chen had announced the news in public.

Yin Shuang was extremely excited. She had believed him. She just couldn't help but ask him, "Jiang Chen, can you really do that?"

"Have you forgotten what you called me when we met for the first time?" Jiang Chen said with a gentle smile.

Yin Shuang was struck dumb. Then she realized what he had referred to. She called him, "Master Chu Yun."

She had a beautiful voice, and in this sweet tone, she sounded even more pleasant.

Ying Wushuang saw this from not far away. She curled up her lip and had an unreadable expression on her face, but everyone else's attention was on what Jiang Chen was saying, so no one had noticed it.

"Let's leave here first and do the talking later," said Jiang Chen.

"Okay." Li Nanxing completely agreed with him.

So the disciples of the Hero Palace and those who had fought alongside Jiang Chen started to gather.

The others certainly wouldn't let them leave like this. They followed to beg for Jiang Chen's pardon.

Some people even claimed they would fight against the Evil Cloud Palace immediately.

"The Hero Palace isn't the Evil Cloud Palace. The Hero Palace won't necessarily do what the Evil Cloud Palace will," said Jiang Chen.

Many people started to analyze what he had meant. Since he didn't sound like he had closed the door on them, they felt like they still had hope.

Yue Lansheng came forward. She had totally lost control, yelling loudly, "You! Don't be fooled. He doesn't have any proof! There's no way that he can take you out!"

She was the most unwilling to believe Jiang Chen. She would rather die there with them, because Jiang Chen would definitely not let her leave!

But she did make sense. Jiang Chen hadn't proven anything. He had just been talking, and just the talk had made everyone crazy. It was easy to see that they were afraid to be left in the small world.

"I won't prove anything," Jiang Chen said casually. Then he kept flying forward with the others.

These people caught up with him again soon. They chose to believe him, since there was no other choice.

What was interesting was that Yue Lansheng was following in the rear, too, pulling a long face. No one knew what was on her mind.

"As I said, everyone has their own choice. You chose the Evil Cloud Palace and to be the origin of the power of their tactical formation in order to kill me," said Jiang Chen.

The world went quiet.

These people had been a part of the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts. When the three ghosts had died, many of them had been hurt, too.

"Jiang Chen, we didn't really have a choice. As long as you take us out, you'll be the boss," a pretty woman said.

She was Blue Phoenix, ranked third in the Four Beauties. She was more famous than Yue Lansheng, but not as much as Yin Shuang.

What she had implied and her amorous look made Yin Shuang and Ying Wushuang feel unpleasant.

"It's not impossible for me to let you leave, but I want half of your gains from the small world," said Jiang Chen.

It was a surprise to the crowd, and it aroused different reactions.

Some were pleasantly surprised, while others were too stingy to give up their gains.

He wanted half of them!

"If I take you, the difficulty of opening the exit will rise. This is the first reason.

"The second reason is that I charge for what I do.

"The third is that this will be your apology to me."

Jiang Chen spoke in a very direct manner with great confidence.

In such a situation, it was inevitable that they felt they were being taken advantage of.

But if they gave it a second thought, they reached the conclusion that Jiang Chen hadn't asked too much. Instead, he was even being merciful.

As a result, all these teams agreed. They started to take their treasure out.

"I'll search you randomly. If I find anyone lying, our collaboration will be over, and I won't take anything from you," Jiang Chen suddenly said.

In this way, they all became Jiang Chen's servants, overseeing each other in case someone's greed got them into trouble.

"Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen, I'll give you it all. I'll give you everything!" Yue Lansheng, following in the rear, turned red. She came up to him excitedly and then said, "I'll give you whatever you want!"

The change in her attitude was the most noteworthy.

"I think this world is perfect for you," said Jiang Chen.