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433 The First Line of Defense

"Now get ready! You'll only have three minutes!" Su Xing ordered, and the strong young men from all the teams hurried to charge down from the sky.

Splendid and energetic, they flew so fast that a gust of wind started and bent the tall old trees, disturbing the fierce beasts on the ground.

The disturbance created in the mountains made people's blood freeze, as if troops were gathering.

Weird-looking and ugly fierce beasts appeared one after the other, far more than what they had seen from the sky.

Those in the air were nervous. Some people would certainly die this day, and everyone was wondering who it would be.

As soon as Jiang Chen and Zhang Yu landed on a small hill, they received attacks from the fierce beasts.

"Don't slow me down!" Zhang Yu shouted. He kept exerting his palm power to kill the fierce beasts.

"The same to you."

It wasn't easy for Jiang Chen. He was busy brandishing his sword and knife. The fierce beasts making contact with the radiances emitted from the weapons died immediately.

Soon, two general-level fierce beasts appeared. Each had the body of a buffalo and the head of a lion. They were hairless and muscular.

On their private parts and backs, there were red lines that looked like they had been carved by people.

"They're alien beasts. Look out!" To everyone's surprise, Zhang Yu warned Jiang Chen, then went after one of the alien beasts.

Jiang Chen knew something about the alien beasts, too. They were a mix of two species. No matter what their level was, they were trickier than fierce beasts of the same level.

The other alien beast dashed towards him aggressively. Like a metal chariot, each of its stomps shook the earth.

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously. The flames emitted by his sword and knife turned into one and transformed into a dragon.

Before the alien beast came up to him, it had been swallowed by the fire. No one could see its face anymore.

The pain made the alien beast crazier. It exerted all of its strength, intending to crush Jiang Chen into pounded flesh.

Jiang Chen drew the fire back and thrust his sword out. Ten-odd purple arcs of electricity hit the alien beast.

It fell and twitched immediately. Due to the effects of inertia, its giant body slid up to Jiang Chen.

When it finally stopped, it was dead.

"What a neat attack!" Seeing every detail from the air, the others couldn't help but exclaim.

It would be impossible for them to be as efficient facing such a general-level fierce beast. For example, Zhang Yu was still fighting with the other alien beast.

"Martial techniques of creation work better on fierce beasts," Jiang Chen reminded Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu was dumbstruck. He curled his lips, but he followed Jiang Chen's advice. The movement of his palm started a strong wind that worked immediately.

That alien beast started to bleed and finally fell in its own blood.

Their teammates landed at that moment to occupy the hill.

"The first line of defense, done!" Su Xing said joyfully in the air.

It had taken them less than a minute, which had been beyond his expectations.

Those responsible for the other four directions were stimulated. They tried their best to clear the obstructions.

"The second line of defense, done!"


"The fifth line of defense, done!"

Spurred on by Jiang Chen's wonderful performance, the others finished carrying out the plan in less than two minutes, more smoothly than expected.

Then Li Nanxing, Su Xing, and Murong Long led a few strong men to enter the center of the mountain range.

Many people were worried, afraid they had been set up, but the top three of the Dragon Rise List wouldn't make such dirty moves. They were all from different groups.

It was true. Earthshaking growls came from the center area soon. They were so loud that all the birds and beasts were disturbed.

"That's daunting!"

People in charge of the five lines of defense were dozens of miles away from the center area, but they still could feel the terrifying atmosphere there.

"Watch out!" some people warned loudly. After the battle in the center area had started, endless fierce animals were heading towards them. They were the real threat, but the five lines of defense had been perfectly deployed. They were like water-gates that directed the force of the fierce beasts so that the teams could kill them easily.

Su Xing is really great, Jiang Chen thought to himself. The deployment of the five lines of defense was perfect.

They had waited until this day to launch the attack because their plan required a certain number of people and not until that day had there been enough people in the Martial Imperial City.

But at the thought of what Leng Chuixue had said, and the fact that he was from the Evil Cloud Palace, Jiang Chen couldn't be more careful when dealing with him.

In the center area, seven men killed a king-level monster successfully with the aid of the surprise attack.

The other four king-level monsters were headed there, but they were ready to fight, not panicked at all.

"Li Nanxing, why are we calling the shots for the plan you made? Are you afraid of being blamed?" Murong Long joked. Since the plan was proceeding smoothly, everyone was in a good mood.

Li Nanxing didn't answer him. His pretty face that even women would be envious of was serious and concentrated.

"Don't disturb him," Su Xing said unhappily.

Li Nanxing was not only strong, but also smart.

"People might think you're good buddies despite being the best disciples of the Hero Palace and the Evil Cloud Palace," Murong Long joked again.

Su Xing frowned, but didn't say anything.

"Here they are."

The four men working together with them weren't as good as them. They were strained when the other four king-level fierce beasts arrived.

"Stick to the plan," Li Nanxing said calmly.

"Roger that!"

On the other side, the five lines of defense that had successfully withstood the first wave of attacks were less pressured. They were cheered on by the fact that they had suffered no casualties.

However, among those in charge of the third line of defense, someone was plotting.

This team had been led by Murong Long. She looked towards Jiang Chen at the first line of defense from time to time, thinking about her scheme against him. Her look was evil and cold.

She had found through observation that the third line of defense was to the left of the first one. In other words, she was upstream, which was an advantage for her.

When she was ready to put her evil plan into action, she ordered the acting leader of the team.

"Young lady?" The man couldn't believe what he had heard. He was perplexed.

"Just do what I told you!" Murong Yuan ordered him, allowing no doubt and making a stern face.

The acting leader was only an ordinary disciple of the Murongs. Of course he wouldn't have the nerve to oppose the young lady. Gnashing his teeth, he agreed.

At the first line of defense, feeling lucky, Ying Wushuang said, "It's safer than I imagined."

"Thanks to the plan," said Jiang Chen.

"What's going on?!"

Suddenly, he heard someone from Zhang Yu's team shout out in panic.

He was about to ask what was happening when he saw it with his own eyes. To their left, a bunch of fierce beasts were running towards them. The number was beyond their expectation. Among them, there were five general-level fierce beasts!

"Why are there so many? What the hell is the third line of defense doing?" Zhang Yu couldn't help but curse. At this moment, an expected number of fierce beasts came from the fourth line of defense on their right, as well.

The first line of defense was suddenly put in danger.

"Leader, what should we do?"

"Should we run?"

Frowning at his teammates, Zhang Yu shouted loudly, "Stay calm!"

Then he looked towards Jiang Chen. He asked, "Jiang Chen, what do you think?"

Jiang Chen looked resolute, not worried at all. He said, "Holy Sword Society, deploy the tactical formation!"