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414 Top Three in the Fighting Power Lis

"Sure. I was wrong."

Leng Chuixue gave him a look that questioned if he really didn't know and started to act less hostile to him.

That was what Jiang Chen wanted. He intentionally absorbed the whole box of holy dragon balls in the presence of Leng Chuixue.

He absorbed hundreds of holy dragon balls in one go. His royal blood must be very pure! Leng Chuixue became more convinced. He thought to himself, He could be a pure royal descendent planted in the Hero Palace.

But Leng Chuixue didn't know that it was thanks to the dragon ball in Jiang Chen's body that he had been able to do that. Endless dragon power was accumulating in his body.

My current fighting power could get me to the top of the Fighting Power List!

There was no change in his state, but there had been a huge increase in his strength.

"You can go. I won't kill you," Jiang Chen said to Leng Chuixue with purpose.

Leng Chuixue, who should have left immediately, didn't move. He said instead, "The royal blood in your body is very pure. That's extremely important for the secret treasure. Why don't we team up?"

"So you know about other treasures," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Well, not really. Give the key back to me."

Leng Chuixue took the key and raised it. He explained, "The key can lead me to multiple treasures in this world. When three keys happen to point in the same direction, they'll lead us to an important place."


"Yeah. That place is many times bigger than this and much more dangerous, but if you have royal blood, it'll be easier," said Leng Chuixue.

Jiang Chen hesitated and said, "Okay. I can work with you, but you have to keep it a secret."

"No problem." Leng Chuixue wasn't surprised at his requirement.

Then the two followed the same way they had came back and flew into the air.

However, when they were confirming the new directions, Jiang Chen noticed there were people approaching them and a large number of them.

Jiang Chen found he had been detected by their holy awareness when he was about to hide.

"It's the Hero Palace."

Leng Chuixue had found them, too. He looked over. When their figures could just vaguely be seen, he said, "I'm not wrong. The energy emitted by you Hero Palace people is always sickening."

He was right. It was a team of people from the Hero Palace approaching them.

"Jiang Chen?"

Mo Jianfei was in the team. Jiang Chen was the last person he had wanted to see, so his expression was interesting.

Upon seeing Mo Jianfei, Jiang Chen started to look for Lin Jingyu in the team, but he didn't see the latter. They could have been separated, too.

However, he did see three familiar people—the disciples of inheritance that occupied the top three positions of the Fighting Power List!

They were lucky. They had entered together, and then had run into Mo Jianfei and his companions, so they had naturally formed a team to work together.

They glanced at Jiang Chen and Leng Chuixue, then noticed the gate in the the mountain, causing their eyes to immediately light up.

"You came from there?"

But the fact that the gate was half open and Jiang Chen was in the air meant they hadn't just found it, but had come back from treasure seeking.

They were seized by jealousy right away.

"Yep." Since they were also from the Hero Palace, Jiang Chen nodded.

"What did you get? Show us," one of the disciples of inheritance said in an exaggerated manner. He used a tone of humor to cover up his greed.

"I'm busy. See you." Jiang Chen frowned. Unwilling to respond, he was already leaving with Leng Chuixue.

"Stop!" another disciple of inheritance shouted. And it was a scolding.

The fact that Jiang Chen hadn't answered them piqued their curiosity more. In addition, they had found out one thing, as they had recognized Leng Chuixue!

"He's Leng Chuixue, ranked seventh on the Slay Demon List. Why are you with him?" Mo Jianfei asked.

The ten-odd people surrounded Jiang Chen.

Using Leng Chuixue as an excuse, they didn't have to conceal themselves anymore.

"I caught him and pressed him for information."

As he spoke, he glanced at Leng Chuixue. The latter sighed helplessly and raised his left hand. His palm, bound with gauze, was still bleeding.

"Now that you already have the treasure, why don't you kill him?" But they wouldn't let him off so easily.

"Because he has more information about the treasure," said Jiang Chen.

Their expressions changed. They couldn't hide the pleasant surprise in their eyes.

"So let's go together," said Mo Jianfei.

"Why?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Because we think you're ganging up with the Evil Cloud Palace!" the top three in the Fighting Power List said with one voice.

"In that case, I only have two words for you." Jiang Chen glanced at them and said in a low voice, "Go away!"

They were shocked and irritated.

The disciples of inheritance made nasty faces. The leader said coldly, "Jiang Chen, you obviously have a guilty conscience!"

"I killed Liu Shayang not long ago. The quarrel between Leng Chuixue and me was witnessed by many people. You attempted to accuse me only with your imagination and greed. What else can I say? Should I bear the insult and let you share my treasure?" Jiang Chen scorned.

"Shouldn't you bear the insult in our presence?" the disciple of inheritance that had been half joking questioned him seriously.

"What's your name?" Jiang Chen didn't answer his question.

"Yang Feifan," he replied proudly.

"Number three on the Fighting Power List. Your fighting power is only around 1,000 points shigher than mine. How dare you say that?" Jiang Chen found it amusing.

"Arrogant!" Yang Feifan closed his fist and said furiously, "Fighting power value is different from a real fight. You'll never catch up with that gap of 1,000."

"It's true that I can't catch up with you in your vulgar way of speaking," said Jiang Chen.

"You're asking for it!"

Yang Feifan was going to teach him a lesson, but those beside him stopped him.

"So, what about me?" This person was the one who called the shots in the team, and he was the strongest.

"Xu Yiming, number one on the Fighting Power List?"


Jiang Chen looked at the third disciple of inheritance and said, "And you're Wu Zhongze, number two on the Fighting Power List."

"That's right." Wu Zhongze was surprised. He didn't understand what Jiang Chen had asked about him for. The other two were also puzzled.

Jiang Chen smiled evilly. His look was provocative as he said, "Bring it on, you three together. Let's see how big the gap is between fighting power and a real fight."

This affair wouldn't be settled until they knew who was the strongest among them.

"Jiang Chen, do you know what you're talking about? You want three apprentice brothers to take you on together? Do you think you're good enough for that?" Mo Jianfei intended to worsen the situation and escalate the conflict between the two parties.

"You looked more or less like a gentleman before, but since I defeated you, your true colors have been exposed little by little. No matter how real your false aloofness and pride seemed, they were still false. Now, you're nothing but a barking dog," said Jiang Chen.

His words hit a sore spot. Mo Jianfei pressed his lips together and kept staring at him.

"You're as arrogant as the rumors say!"