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409 Entering the Small World

Yin Shuang had a different charm compared to Yue Lansheng. She was actually more attractive.

It could be judged from the crowd's reaction. When Yue Lansheng had arrived, the majority of the crowd had cheered, but those who had serious fame and high positions had been quite aloof.

However, as soon as Yin Shuang had come, the whole world had been attracted to her, as if it wasn't natural to see her here.

So when Yin Shuang had told Jiang Chen to come up, the crowd was shocked.

Even the top ten of List A of the Dragon Rise List, including Li Nanxing, threw different looks at Jiang Chen.

The girl who had been shouting shut up right away. Dropping her hands to her sides, she raised her head like a fool.

"Now do you think Jiang Chen is qualified to make a comment?" Ying Wushuang asked coldly.

No one replied. It was a kind of reply, too.

He was so close to Yin Shuang that he must have been extraordinary. He could even curse Yue Lansheng, let alone comment on her.

Leng Chuixue curled his lips and went back into the crowd.

In the air, Jiang Chen said, "Thank you for your help, Miss Yin Shuang."

"Jiang Chen, you don't sound like a master at all. You or Master Chu Yun, which one is the real you?"

After one day, Yin Shuang had finally accepted the fact that Jiang Chen was also Master Chu Yun, so she had collected every piece of information she could find about Jiang Chen. In this way, she had learned how Jiang Chen had caused a great stir in the Fire Field a month ago.

This fit Master Chu Yun's talk about a war.

After having a closer look into the matter, she had learned about the grudges between him and the Black Dragon City and the Xia Dynasty.

When she had finally finished reading the detailed, almost ten-thousand word report, she had been deeply attracted to him.

People always said geniuses who grew up in an adverse situation were the most powerful, but to Yin Shuang's knowledge, there were few of such people.

Even if kids from average families did succeed and get ranked on List A of the Dragon Rise List, they had to have a well-known teacher or have been chosen by a certain big group to receive their training.

But Jiang Chen had been developing step by step and had run away from death many times.

Yin Shuang could imagine how helpless he had to have been to disguise himself as Master Chu Yun.

If he hadn't turned to other mysterious identities to intimidate the forces of the Dragon Field and had exposed the secret that he had panaceas that could help others develop extraordinary meridians, his panaceas would definitely have been robbed.

Then he had built those weapons at the Zhong Ling Mountain with the wealth he had accumulated, and as a Reaching Heaven State, he had eliminated the Black Dragon City and overturned the imperial power.

Yin Shuang really thought he was fabulous.


Jiang Chen didn't know how to answer her. Precisely speaking, Master Chu Yun was the unbridled version of him, the one who didn't have as many restrictions.

"Both," he finally said.

"Thank you," Yin Shuang suddenly said to him in a gentle voice.

"Why?" Jiang Chen looked over at her confusedly.

"You trusted me and told me such an important thing. I won't let you down."

She blushed, as bashful as a small girl.

The crowd on the ground saw that. They looked at Jiang Chen with jealousy. Who on earth was this guy?

"Class leader, glad to see you again."

Han Siming, ranked in the top fifty of List A of the Dragon Rise List, came up to Jiang Chen, too. He had also called Jiang Chen class leader.

Although Han Siming wasn't comparable to guys like Li Nanxing, he was one of the top fifty among all of the thousands of people present.

Since he had called Jiang Chen "class leader," more people's curiosity had been piqued.

On the ground, the girl who had rebuked Jiang Chen was hiding in the crowd, afraid of being recognized by the others.

Yue Lansheng looked towards Jiang Chen. As his position in people's heart rose, she cared about what he had said more and more.


Suddenly, the strong people who were working on the ward shouted loudly to notify everyone to ready themselves.

In a second, thousands of people were prepared, looking towards the ditch.

Above the ditch, the landscape suddenly changed, as if a painting had been torn apart from the middle and another painting had appeared.

As the opening became bigger and bigger, people standing outside could see what was inside. It was nothing too different. There were mountains, water, and forests.

"Whoever enters must remember, the exit isn't fixed. After you enter, you'll receive a disc on which you'll see the new position of the exit," another strong person from a different force shouted loudly.

Jiang Chen called on the members of the Holy Sword Society. He was going to enter along with them.

"The small world the entrance leads to keeps changing. Even if you go in together, you won't necessarily stay together. So don't waste your time," the strong people urged when they saw most people still hesitating. The crowd stopped dawdling about and swarmed into the entrance.

The Holy Sword Society only had a few members. They had gathered together before the strong people had finished speaking and were dashing towards the entrance together.

While travelling through the border of the two places, they felt extremely dizzy. The whole world was whirling. They couldn't even tell where north was.

What a lame job, Jiang Chen complained to himself. Although they had broken the ward forcibly, they could have saved the travelers from these negative effects.

But these strong people from the Dragon Field were as weak as beginners.

When he had adapted to the new environment, he found himself located in a strange world.


All of a sudden, he felt like he was under great pressure. He kept falling and falling. Then he hurried to manipulate his Halo of Heaven and managed to stabilize.

The gravity in this world is different! Jiang Chen thought in surprise. As a result, in the outside world, he could keep flying through a slight manipulation of the Halo of Heaven, but here, he had to make great efforts to stay upright.

Jiang Chen hurried to land, then found he was alone. The other members of the Holy Sword Society weren't with him.

They didn't have a map of the small world nor had they discussed a meeting point, so it was a possibility not to see each other in the next month, or maybe they would meet the next day.

Why did they have to build the secret treasure into a different world? It's so troublesome.

Jiang Chen climbed onto a high mountain. There was only the landscape in sight. Nothing seemed related to the secret treasure.

Since flying would consume lots of his energy, he couldn't search while flying, like he would outside.


It occurred to Jiang Chen that when he had been a Mental Wander State, he had flown through secret methods.

He could turn to that for the moment. Although it was more tiring than outside, it would still save him lots of energy compared to flying through the Halo of Heaven.

Jiang Chen started to fly and saw other people on the ground soon.

It made sense that it was called small world. It wasn't big enough to even be a continent.

In the Nine Heavens Continent, if people ended up in different places randomly, they would probably never see each other again.


Jiang Chen flew through a forest and then returned, since he had found there were people fighting.

"Haha, what does a small world mean? It means there are no restraints from big groups, no difference in identities. One can do whatever one wants. The forces outside will never know."

"As long as we clean up our mess, no one will know what we've done."

"Beauty, just give up!"