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361 第三百六十二章 英雄和真相

Chapter 362 - Hero and Truth

A few days later, Jiang Chen woke up in his own room in the east courtyard of the Jiang Mansion.

He pushed the door open and saw Jiang Qingyu and Gao Yue playing chess in the garden and some maids chasing butterflies and playing.

He hadn't seen such a warm scene for a long time. It reminded him of something buried deeply in his memory.

Before the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony in the Black Dragon City, it had always been so peaceful and joyful in the east courtyard. The family had been living a pleasant life.

It had taken Jiang Chen many years to rebuild what they'd lost.

He felt great. He was beaming.

"Young master is awake!" a maid shouted in pleasant surprise when she saw Jiang Chen walking over. Jiang Qingyu and Gao Yue put down their chess pieces and came up to their son.

"Son, are you all right?"

"Yeah." Jiang Chen had been severely wounded, but with the aid of the Nine Transformations Elixir, he had recovered. In addition, his state had enhanced.

"What about the current situation?" he asked nervously.

"The Xia Dynasty is now ruled by the power of martial arts. The current Natural Law School is in its heyday, and you will be the next leader of the school," said Jiang Qingyu.

"Son, you've become a legend. People have elected you as the most brilliant youngster," Gao Yue said. She was very proud of him. All parents hoped their children could succeed in one way or another. Jiang Chen had not only made it, but was best of the best.

"The Natural Law School was very helpful," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Qingyu shook his head. He didn't agree with Jiang Chen. He said, "If you hadn't destroyed the Country Guarding Imperial Pillar and the royal armor, it's hard to say how it would have ended."

"Yeah. To the Natural Law School and most people, you're a hero," Gao Yue smiled.


"Yeah. The Third Prince committed many crimes. People hated him. When the emperor was young, he wasn't any better than his son. When he came into power, he killed many men who couldn't be manipulated by him in a ruthless manner. Now, he's dead. You can't imagine how many people have been liberated."

Then Jiang Chen learned that the current emperor was the duke of the Province of Widepool, Wen Xin's father.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. The Natural Law School was located in the Province of Widepool as well, not far from Nine Dragons. They must have been in contact for a long time.

In addition, the Natural Law School took the Holy Dragon Imperial Seal. They were going to help rebuild the imperial palace.

"The Natural Law School hopes you can help," said Jiang Qingyu.

The so-called renovations, of course, would include deploying restrictions on the palace's tactical formations, the Holy Dragon Cannon, and even other weapons.

The Natural Law School intended to bring the Xia Dynasty under its complete control.

"No problem."

It was completely normal and necessary. Jiang Chen even wanted to restore the Country Guarding Dragon Pillar so it could protect the Xia Dynasty's fighting forces.

But of course, he would be the one who controlled it.

"Jiang Chen, there are still many things to be done. Now we cannot look back. It would be a tragedy if we did," Jiang Qingyu said seriously.

Jiang Chen nodded. In some people's eyes, he was a hero. In others' eyes, he was a criminal. If the Xia Dynasty came into power again, he would be the first one eliminated.

If he stayed out of the whole thing, he would lose his life in the end.

It was for the same reason that in the past ten-odd years, Jiang Qingyu hadn't competed with anyone in order to gain new territory, and his activities had been confined to the protection and development of the Southwind Ridge.

"Father, I understand. The Natural Law School and I are on the same side. The Hundred Thousand Mountains will become the most powerful force in the Dragon Field, maybe even the Nine Heavens Continent," said Jiang Chen.


Jiang Qingyu patted his shoulder and said, "I have confidence in you."

By then, Jiang Chen had seen his warship was stopped not far away. It reminded him of one person. He said immediately, "Father, how is Princess Crimson Moon? She was on my ship."

"The Natural Law School took her."

Jiang Qingyu frowned. He looked strange. He said, "Son, you know that after the death of the emperor, his next of kin will be eliminated, don't you?"

"Eliminated," of course, meant killed.

"I know… but… Alas, I need to go to the Natural Law School."

Jiang Chen always knew such a cruel thing would happen, but if Crimson Moon was executed this way, he would feel guilty.

Jiang Qingyu and Gao Yue glanced each other. They didn't try to stop him.

"Our son is still too naive."

Watching Jiang Chen leave, Jiang Qingyu shook his head and said, "He's just good-hearted. The casualties caused by this battle were the least in history. Almost no innocent people were implicated. Do you think that's simply a coincidence?" said Gao Yue.

"But those whose interests have been or will be damaged by the elimination of the Black Dragon City and the imperial power will bear the greatest grudge against him," Jiang Qingyu said.

"I think our son knows that clearly. He knows that, and he's willing to take responsibility. He can't stop others from hating him, but he can prepare for their revenge. We can't kill them just for their thoughts, can we?" Gao Yue grinned. She wasn't as worried as Jiang Qingyu.

"Are you sure? Our son isn't even twenty. Is he already that strong and wise?"

"The efforts he made to save you were beyond your imagination."

"I know. But why care about this?" Jiang Qingyu looked at his beloved wife with puzzlement.

"As his father, shouldn't you give your sword method to him?"

"That can wait. He's learned a lot of martial arts techniques. If he studies more, I'm afraid he won't be able to comprehend all of them completely."

Jiang Chen travelled by airship. It didn't take him long to arrive at the Natural Law School.

Since he had destroyed his disciple token, he was kept out of the tactical formation, but the disciples who were patroling let him in.

They looked at him in differently. There was awe, admiration, and even jealousy in their eyes.

What had happened to the Black Dragon City and the capital had caused a great stir throughout the Fire Field.

Jiang Chen had destroyed the Black Dragon City on his own and helped the Natural Law School defeat the dynasty on the latter's home field. These were impossible achievements, even for a Venerable.

But Jiang Chen didn't notice the disciples' reactions. He hurried to head for the Palace of the Natural Law to meet Su Xiuyi.

"Crimson Moon? She was taken by the Hero Palace."

Su Xiuyi was glad to see him. He said, "Jiang Chen, I was right about you. Thank you for your help. My wish was finally fulfilled."

Jiang Chen was still thinking about Crimson Moon. He only smiled in reply.

Crimson Moon was a member of the Sacred Institute. She had gone there to study on behalf of the dynasty. The Sacred Institute had no right to interfere.

Unless she had joined the Hero Palace.

"Why is the Hero Palace so protective of her?" Jiang Chen was confused.

He asked Su Xiuyi, but didn't get any clear answer.

"The Hero Palace only said Crimson Moon was very important to them. They didn't give us any chances to ask questions. Besides, it's fair to weed out the snakes in the grass."

Crimson Moon wasn't a concern of Su Xiuyi's. He suddenly recalled something and said, "By the way, Li Xue'er was wounded when she was trying to save you. And it isn't minor. Pay her a visit if you have time."

"Sure. The school shouldn't have sent her. She almost died."

Jiang Chen wasn't very happy when this subject was brought up.

"The school didn't send her. If we had really had to send someone, it would have been one of the grand elders or me. Li Xue'er went of her own free will."


Jiang Chen looked up in shock. He couldn't believe what he had heard.