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343 Black Dragon City’s Trump Card

Ning Hai frowned heavily, his lips a thin line. He kept his silence for a long time.

"What are you waiting for? Save Haotian! Now!" Su Quan's heart-rending shouts came from below. That was her son, her hope.

"Father!" Ning Xiaofeng was also anxious, afraid Ning Haotian's neck could be broken at any moment.

Ning Hai signalled for him to stay calm with a wave of his hand. He said, "He has such powerful weapons, but why has he come to attack the Black Dragon City instead of going to the Black Dragon Pool directly?"

The Black Dragon City and the Black Dragon Pool weren't located in the same area.

"His warship doesn't work as well at the Black Dragon Pool due to its terrain. Besides, his father is down there. He wouldn't be able to use the cannon, either." Ning Xiaofeng was quick-minded. He had the answer immediately.

"Exactly. As long as Jiang Qingyu is still at the Black Dragon Pool, Haotian will be safe."

"But father, what shall we do?" Ning Xiaofeng hadn't completely relaxed.

"Try our best to kill Jiang Chen," Ning Hai said coldly.

"What about Haotian?"

"We have our trump card, too. He won't act recklessly."

Older and wiser. Ning Hai managed to calm down in the tricky situation.

As lord of the city, he had to.

"Jiang Chen, if you don't let Haotian go first, we won't let your father go. If you dare hurt Haotian, your father will die, too."

Ning Hai looked towards Jiang Chen again. His look was cold and terrifying. He said, "By the way, I've sent a troop to attack the Hundred Thousand Mountains."

"Although it's led by a Mental Wander State, it'll be enough to wipe out your whole clan!"

Jiang Chen curled his lips. His look was ice cold. They only heard him saying, "So, Black Dragon City, I think you should disappear now."

Several white lights flew out of the warship and stopped over the Black Dragon City.

When the lights weren't as bright anymore, people saw they had formed columns with smooth surfaces and no patterns. Their middles emitted dark red light.

These columns immediately started to fall at a constant speed.

"Gosh, are those Magic Columns?"

"They match the Magic Column's description."

"That's crazy. Jiang Chen is mad! Let's run!"

The whole city was in chaos. People started to run for it. The streets connecting the city gate were filled with people.

"Where did he get these things? My goodness, Magic Columns. Is he kidding?"

Ning Hai, having tried so hard to calm down, started to panic again.

A Magic Column was a weapon with extremely terrifying destructive power.

Few people knew how it functioned.

They only knew that as soon as these columns fell onto the ground, the Black Dragon City would disappear from this world forever. Not a single bit of it would be left.

"Forty-three. It's impossible for him to have gotten the raw materials to build them in the Fire Field. Besides, how did he know how to build them?"

Ning Hai suddenly realized they had underestimated this attack, although they had regarded the cannon as the highest level. What the Black Dragon City was facing was a catastrophe.

So he stopped holding back. He was going to play his trump card, too.

"Destroy the warship and kill Jiang Chen. That's the only way to stop things from getting worse."

"Kill! Kill! Fight, Black Dragon City!"

The combat power the Black Dragon City had been hiding finally attacked. Even Jiang Qingyu hadn't received such treatment.

The floor tiles on the square suddenly disappeared. A crack appeared in the middle.

An endless black glow was lit up. Jiang Chen could even feel from the air how immense the potential power contained there could be.

Soon, figures appeared from there. They were flying into the air.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. Black Dragon Guards had been included in the information that Su Xiuyi had given him.

They were the Black Dragon City's trump card. They wouldn't be dispatched unless it was urgent and dangerous, so in the Fire Field, people had only heard of them, but they had never been sure whether they were only a legend or actually did exist.

This day, they appeared before so many people, because the Black Dragon City was already at their wit's end.

The fact that Black Dragon Guards could fly meant they were all in the Reaching Heaven State, but this wasn't the key point. The key was the armor they were wearing.

They were fully armed, none of their body parts exposed. In addition, the armor looked pretty sharp.

On their fingertips were sharp claws. The smooth curve of the armor seemed keener than a blade.

Each one of them looked aggressive and powerful.

They were all using long weapons, such as knives, poleaxes, and long spears.

Under the shade of the helmet, only half of their faces could be seen. They looked mechanical.

"Black Flame, go!" Ning Hai ordered immediately without giving Jiang Chen any time to react. The black glow emitted from the crack formed an air column and soared into the clouds.

The white cloud it hit soon turned dark. It seemed like a giant furnace was burning inside it.

When the cloud moved, it became hot on the ground, too.

"You've pushed the Black Dragon City to play two trump cards. You've done a great job. You shouldn't regret it, even if you die," said Ning Hai.

Then all the Black Dragon Guards dashed over to Jiang Chen.

A fierce black flame came out of the strange cloud. It hit the warship in a flash.

The defensive tactical formation deployed on the exterior of the warship was destroyed. Fortunately, Black Flame's power was also exhausted. The warship only lost control and moved a couple dozen feet.

But then, more disturbances came from the cloud, similar to how the Devastator had accumulated its power.

"I also want to tell you that Black Dragon Guards are powerful enough to fight against a Venerable. No matter how good you are, you have no chance of winning," Ning Hai said complacently.

Jiang Chen was under siege by the Black Dragon Guards. The sharp energy of his sword was vanishing under the aggressive energy of the Black Dragon Guards.

"Black Dragon Armor is made of the body tissue of black dragons. Its casting method is unacceptably wicked for the human society. Although it's powerful, the life span of people wearing it will be greatly shortened. A Reaching Heaven State will die before they reach thirty years old," said Jiang Chen.

The Black Dragon Guards were still indifferent. No one spoke.

"It's all in vain. Black Dragon Guards are men of sacrifice. They can't even understand what you're talking about," Ning Hai scorned.

"You think I was alienating them from you? That's silly. I think they're wonderful to practice on. That's all."

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously and looked towards the warship. He said, "What do you say, Uncle Fan?"

"Black Dragon City, give my brothers back to me!"

With a howl, Fan Tu dashed over, followed by eleven Dark Soldiers.

They were wearing armor of the same color, also fully armed.

"Haha, a bunch of Mental Wander States. And most of them are in the preliminary stage. What can you change by giving them that crappy armor?" Ning Hai burst out laughter.

Of course, the Southwind Ridge wasn't comparable to the Black Dragon City. The Wind Move Guards that had been looked down on were the strongest power the Southwind Ridge owned.

"That's true. But it'll still be easy to wipe you out."

Jiang Chen was full of confidence. He left the Black Dragon Guards to the Dark Soldiers and looked towards the strange cloud in the sky.

At the same time, the Devastator was accumulating power once again.

"Go. Now!" Ning Hai ordered immediately.

In a second, both the Black Dragon Guards and Black Flame launched attacks.