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342 Fear of the Black Dragon City

The Devastator was famous for its destructive power. It was an important killing weapon used in battlefields, and it was a good way to storm an enemy's position.

But that was also its weakness: it couldn't aim precisely at one person.

The only way to exert the Devastator's power to the fullest was to keep attacking the Black Dragon City madly, but such attacks would cause countless casualties and lasting turmoil.

A massacre was also a possibility.

But Jiang Chen didn't want to hurt innocent people.

It was his choice. As a result of this choice, he was suffering from the Black Dragon City's ceaseless attacks.


Jiang Chen wasn't a hypocrite. The soldiers attacking him had also made their choices.

Under his control, the warship fought back. This time, the sound of gathering energy didn't come from the Devastator, but from the warship.

"Watch out, everyone!"

Ning Hai was very careful. He stopped attacking and led his men to retreat.

They saw the red light around the warship tumbling and endless energy pool together.

At the peak of the ship's energy, the red light was spreading out and forming circles rapidly.

Ning Hai didn't have the time to run away even if he wanted to. He and the others hurried to switch on their protective energy jars.

However, when the red light pierced them through, they weren't injured at all, even though the circles looked so real to them.

What trick is he playing? Ning Hai was confused.


He got his answer soon, when screams could be heard.

People below the Reaching Heaven State all fell from the sky. The airships they were in all stopped functioning.

They were thousands of yards away from the ground. They would definitely die falling from that height.

Ning Hai wanted to save them, but he didn't have enough time. Besides, they had but a few Reaching Heaven States who could fly. Even if they came to their rescue, only a handful of people would be saved.

Ning Hai could do nothing but watch the elite soldiers of the Black Dragon City fall all over the city. His eyes couldn't have been more bloodshot.

In addition, the Mental Wander States' weapons that used yuan stones as an energy source all stopped working.

The warship was liberated from the intensive attack. The Devastator started to accumulate power once again.

"Take him down!"

Ning Hai changed his target. Leading the remaining Ning elites, who were as irritated as him, he was going to kill Jiang Chen.

"Angry? Helpless?" Jiang Chen burst out laughter. Holding a sword in his left hand and a knife in his right hand, he said, "A few years ago, my father, Jiang Qingyu, came to the Black Dragon City, which he regarded as his clan land, with a team from the east courtyard to attend the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony.

"What happened next? Everyone died except my father. You hung the uncles who I'd known since I was small on the city wall to build up your prestige.

"Today I shattered that prestige, and you're pissed off?!

"Haha, bring it on then!"

Jiang Chen didn't try to dodge. He went up to the elites of the Black Dragon City, facing the siege of the ten-odd powerful Reaching Heaven States alone.

Knives and swords kept moving. The youngster was overwhelming and undefeatable, like a god.

"So powerful!"

"He's fighting alone against the strongest soldiers of the Black Dragon City."

"But… they have secret weapons that are even more terrifying."

"Let's wait and see."

The locals were nervous. The non-natives were gloating, because it was the Black Dragon City's mistake. Jiang Chen had good reason for his revenge.


While Jiang Chen was busy fighting, the Devastator shot again, but it was different this time. It wasn't an energy cannonball, but a several-yard-thick pillar of light. It joined in the battle.

"This is bad!"

"Guys, put on your Dragon Scale!"

This was unexpected by Ning Hai. He ordered his men to switch on their protective energy jars.

The ten men seemed like they were dancing, wearing vivid black dragon costumes. That was how they resisted the cannon's attack.

The Dragon Scale wasn't as gorgeous as the Holy Feathery Coat, but they had more than ten people. Besides, the Devastator had changed its method of shooting. Therefore, its power wasn't exerted right away.

As a result, those on the ground saw the main force of the Black Dragon City being pushed back by the blue light pillar.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

However, Jiang Chen didn't take a rest just because he didn't have to deal with his enemies for the moment. He put the armor of thunder on and threw his sword out.

In a flash, a cold feeling spread among Ning Hai and his men.

However, they could do nothing about it.

The Dragon Scale was torn. Screams rang out. The cannon fired. Ning Hai and others were blown away. More than half of them were either dead or injured.

This meant more than half of the Black Dragon City's combat power had been cracked.

And it wouldn't take Jiang Chen long to crack all of them.

Because Ning Hai and others, although still alive, were bleeding and pale.

"The Black Dragon City, that's it? I'm disappointed," Jiang Chen smiled. He was in perfect condition.

In the eyes of the local people, his smile made him look like the devil.

They had never thought the powerful men they were proud of could have been defeated so easily.

"Jiang Chen, it isn't over yet. You'll die and your dead body will remain unburied when my son Haotian comes back!" Ning Xiaofeng said, in a rage.

"Of course, your individual strength is much weaker than Ning Haotian's. No wonder you see him as your hope." It was surprising that Jiang Chen agreed with him, and he didn't sound sarcastic.

The local people were puzzled. How did he know there was a gap between Ning Haotian and Ning Hai?

"Jiang Chen, you've come here to rescue your father, but your father is already dead for what you've done!" Ning Hai wiped the blood off his mouth. His low voice was hoarse.

"Right. The order has been given. Jiang Qingyu's head will be taken here soon," Ning Xingshi, the most severely injured, said.

"Really? So do you want to keep his head or not?" Jiang Chen wasn't affected by the threat. He clapped his hands. Footsteps came from the deck.

It was surprising. No one expected there to be more people on the ship.

A man in heavy armor appeared. He was as large as a mountain and dragging a man by his head.

"Black Dragon City, you recognize who this is?!" Fan Tu raised his hand. Ning Haotian, already very weak, was raised into the air. He looked he could die at any moment.

Jiang Chen wasn't a stranger to the local people, but they were more than familiar with Ning Haotian.

Seeing his face, the whole city was in a panic.

"Haotian!" Ning Xiaofeng shouted, as did Su Quan from below.

Ning Xiaofeng nearly ran over without thinking, but Ning Hai stopped him. It was asking for death if he went alone.

"I defeated your biggest hope," said Jiang Chen loudly.

The Natural Law School would tell the story of how he had defeated Ning Haotian, so he didn't bother to discuss details.

"Jiang Chen, let's make an exchange. You give Haotian back to us, and we'll let your father go," Ning Hai said.

"All right. Bring my father out of the Black Dragon Pool first."

As he spoke, he was amused by Ning Hai and the others' hesitant looks. He scorned, "What? Do you think I'll let Ning Haotian go first and go hand in hand with you to the Black Dragon Pool to pick up my father?"