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301 Strategic Resources

Master Chu Yun, of course, was Jiang Chen. A brand new identity would make things easier for him.

"I know you have many doubts, but you only need to know that I wouldn't travel a long way from the Realm of Milky just to trick you," he said.

"The Realm of Milky?"

Lin Rong was surprised. As a citizen of the Sacred City, he knew about Planes Worlds. He also knew that a few powerful people could bear the force of Planes Worlds that could tear people apart to travel between two or more worlds, but it was the first time for him to make contact with someone from a different world.

No wonder I've never heard about it. Maybe they did invent panaceas specifically for extraordinary meridians in the Realm of Milky, Lin Rong thought to himself.

He said, "Dear client, usually the chamber of commerce will find someone to take the panaceas and test the effects to see whether there are any secondary effects.

"But the grand auction will be held tonight. If we miss it, we'll have to wait until next month. Client, you've travelled a long way. I guess you don't have much time to wait."

"Exactly. Besides selling panaceas, I have other errands to run, too."

Jiang Chen hesitated. Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. He said, "Give me your hand."


Lin Rong was confused, but he gave Jiang Chen his right hand.

Jiang Chen grasped his hand and manipulated his eight extraordinary meridians.

Lin Rong turned pale immediately, as if he had felt something stunning. He kept stepping back.

"Eight… eight extraordinary meridians?" Lin Rong murmured.

"I told you this only to put your mind at rest. I hope you can keep it a secret for me," Jiang Chen said. "So, do you believe me now?"

Lin Rong nodded with effort. When he had finally calmed down, he was wild with joy.

If Heaven Pulse Elixirs had the effect the master had claimed, he must have tried them himself.

Master Chu Yun had proved this to him.

If Lin Rong was hesitant and couldn't make a decision, he wouldn't have been qualified for the steward's position. He said immediately, "Wait a moment, master. I'll arrange to list these Heaven Pulse Elixirs in tonight's auction."


Lin Rong had started to call Jiang Chen master instead of client.

Lin Rong walked to the door and turned around to say, "Don't worry, master. I won't tell anyone about your extraordinary meridians."

When he mentioned it, he still sounded like he couldn't believe it.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed this master had developed eight extraordinary meridians at such a young age.


All eight of his extraordinary meridians had been developed!

It was only something that only happened in theory for the people of the Sacred City, so Lin Rong tried his best to make what he had promised happen. Although it was extremely difficult to list a new item in the auction on such short notice, he managed to do it.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, he didn't manage to make Heaven Pulse Elixir the first or last auction item, although Lin Rong thought it was good enough for that.

I have to get this customer.

Before he went back to the room, he grabbed a pot of liquor to take with him.

"Client, everything is settled. Tonight, the Heaven Pulse Elixir will amaze the Sacred City."

As he spoke, he poured some liquor for the master.

"This liquor is called Burning Yuan, the best-known in the Sacred City. It will bring many benefits to your practice."

Jiang Chen sipped on the liquor and said, "It's good. It was just a sip, but I already feel hot. However, I don't feel any discomfort. It's as comfortable as having a hot bath in a cold winter."

Lin Rong nodded, appreciating the master's good taste.

Then Lin Rong asked him calmly what else besides the auction of panaceas the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce could do for him.

"I want to buy one pound of Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron," Jiang Chen said with the same composure.

Lin Rong almost jumped. He was more shocked than when he had realized all of Jiang Chen's eight extraordinary meridians had been developed.

"Sorry, I forgot myself for a moment."

Lin Rong realized he had been too unprofessional since the beginning. He might have given the master a bad impression.

"Master, Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron isn't so easy to get."

"I came to the Realm of Nine Heavens because I'd heard you have it here. Do you mean your chamber of commerce doesn't have it?"

Lin Rong shook his head and said seriously, "Master, we do have Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron, but according to the rules made by the Sacred Institute, we can't sell it to anyone, especially those we don't know well."

Around ten treasured weapons could be made of half a pound of Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron, but of course, only when one had the technique to do so.

Jiang Chen wanted to buy a whole pound. No wonder Lin Rong was so surprised.

"Why did the Sacred Institute make this rule? Do they own the Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron?" Jiang Chen said curiously.

"No, it's not because of that. It's because Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron is too important, especially for institutions. It's a strategic resource. Since the Evil Cloud Palace is rising, the Sacred Institute is afraid it will be bought by their supporters," Lin Rong explained.

There were many kinds of resources, including monster blood, beast meat, panaceas, herbals, and more, but not every resource was a strategic resource.

That was why Jiang Chen had disguised himself before coming here. He was going to purchase a strategic resource to complete Project Dark Soldier.

Jiang Chen didn't think the steward was very resolute, so he asked with a smile, "You really can't sell it to me?"


Lin Rong frowned and thought for a while. Then he said, "Dear client, if your Heaven Pulse Elixir does have the effect you claimed, it will be a strategic resource, too."

Although he hadn't finished speaking, what he meant was quite clear.

"Understood. Besides the Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron, I've got a few other things to buy."

"I'm listening," Lin Rong said very politely. What he heard from the master next was a list of strategic resources. He couldn't help but smile bitterly.

His reply was the same. As long as the Heaven Pulse Elixir was a hit, everything was able to be negotiated.

"So, let's wait and see," Jiang Chen said without further ado. He was looking forward to that night.

Before that, Lin Rong was responsible for hosting him. He showed Jiang Chen around the Sacred City and took him to a famous bar.

In the end, he insinuated something in a tone that all men understood, but the master refused him, so Lin Rong kept in mind that this master wasn't a dishonorable man.

When night had fallen, the two went back to the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber of commerce had also been holding an auction when Jiang Chen had come last time, but the scale was incomparable to that day's.

He could tell from the guests outside the door.

Groups were gathering in of the chamber of commerce. Luxurious carriages came one after another, some coming by air.

That day, the chamber of commerce would auction some amazing items, as well as the great objects they had been collecting.

The big families of the Sacred City would surely not miss this occasion. Even though some clan leaders couldn't come, they would send delegates so that the good stuff wouldn't be taken by others.

"Today, all of the aristocratic families of inheritance of the Sacred City are here."

Lin Rong felt excited when he found out. He was eagerly awaiting these group's reactions when they started to introduce the Heaven Pulse Elixir.

"Master, let's go inside."

He led the master to the auction hall on the sixth floor, but when he was going to take the master to the best box, he noticed a mistake.

The box he had reserved for Jiang Chen was already occupied.