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287 he Golden Dragon Card

Shui Chun isn't a weak guy. Three days will be too short to enhance state or martial arts techniques. The only way to improve is to develop the eight extraordinary meridians and master a special method.

Although Jiang Chen had acted confidently before Ying Wushuang, he was taking the upcoming fight seriously.

That was why he was there, in the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce, to shop.

He hadn't been able to make use of most of his secret methods or texts because he had been too poor, but since he had received 10 million upper-grade yuan stones from the Sacred Institute, he could finally show his strength as the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone.

Suddenly, a voice came from his back.

"Young master, our young master has invited you over. Your friend is with him, too."

Jiang Chen and Ying Wushuang looked back. A middle-aged man who looked like a butler was smiling at them.

If it weren't due to his uniform and his attitude, they would hardly believe this elegant man was a butler.

A family that could employ such a butler couldn't have been average.

Jiang Chen looked towards the box, where a pair of beautiful eyes was looking at him.

"Lead the way, please," said Jiang Chen.

The butler was surprised. From his profession, he had learned to recognize certain things when he first met people.

He could see which people were average and hadn't received any education from an aristocratic family, which were good-for-nothing youngsters from big families, and which were disciples that had received an elite education.

But he couldn't see through Jiang Chen.

It was as if he had never seen Jiang Chen's disposition in other young masters from the Sacred City.


Not until Jiang Chen looked at him, puzzled, did the butler come to himself. He flashed an apologetic smile and led them to the box.

When they came to the box, Jiang Chen found it was more crowded than he had originally thought. He had thought Crimson Moon was on a date with some young master from the Sacred City, but it looked more like a party.

"Jiang Chen, this is Shi Wenxuan, the young master of the Shis," said Crimson Moon.

During her introduction, an elegant young master stood up to greet Jiang Chen.

When Jiang Chen was about to greet him back, Shi Wenxuan had looked towards Ying Wushuang.

"Miss Ying, long time no see."

Those in the box smiled scornfully. It seemed like Shi Wenxuan had invited Jiang Chen over only for Ying Wushuang's sake.

Crimson Moon hadn't realized until then that she had been used, nor had Ying Wushuang. She nodded at him casually.

"Come in and take a seat," said Shi Wenxuan.

Jiang Chen stopped Ying Wushuang when she was about to walk in. He said, "I don't think Young Master Shi has anything to say to me. See you."

"Well, then I won't force you to stay here, but Miss Ying will stay," Shi Wenxuan was in a daze. He smiled coldly.

"If she wants to," said Jiang Chen.

Ying Wushuang didn't have to answer. She had turned around when she realized what was happening.

The smile froze on Shi Wenxuan's face.

When Jiang Chen was leaving, a youngster in the box stood up and said, "Young Master Shi sincerely invited you. You should at least show him the respect of coming in for a drink!"

"I'm not showing him respect. So what?" Jiang Chen asked and looked towards Crimson Moon sharply.

Crimson Moon turned her eyes away, since she didn't dare look back at him.

All of the others in the box were irritated by Jiang Chen.

"It's an honor to know Young Master Shi. You're so ungrateful!"

"I understand. He's afraid the girl beside him will despise him. He's too ashamed of himself to stay."

"This box isn't for just anybody. People can enjoy the best drinks and host here. During the auction, the staff will explain every detail to us."

Shi Wenxuan kept his silence while they were speaking. He squinted his eyes with glittering coldness.

His curiosity about Jiang Chen wasn't enough for him to invite the latter to his box. He had only invited him because of Ying Wushuang.

Jiang Chen was just an excuse.

He wasn't afraid Jiang Chen would see through him. He had thought the latter wouldn't miss a chance to meet him. He hadn't expected him to be so stubborn.

Jiang Chen intended to ignore them, but the guys walked out of the box to stop him.

"Go and apologize to Young Master Shi!" they demanded.

"What if I don't?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Young Master Shi."

Crimson Moon walked over and said, "I'm embarrassed by what you're doing. Please let them go."


Shi Wenxuan opened his eyes widely and prepared to slap her.

Fortunately, Yi Qing stood in front of Crimson Moon in time and took Shi Wenxuan's palm.

"You're only a princess from the countryside. Don't flatter yourself," he spat at Crimson Moon. Shi Wenxuan didn't even try to excuse himself when facing the two girls' anger.


Crimson Moon was extremely angry. She had gained some fame after the competition of the Sacred Institute. That day, she had gone shopping with Yi Qing and met Shi Wenxuan, who looked so elegant and polite. He had invited them to see how many nice things they were selling at the auction of the Sacred City.

She hadn't expected him to be so narrow-minded; she thought the elegance was just a facade he had put on.

"Crimson Moon, let's go!" Yi Qing walked towards the door with Crimson Moon, but the same men who had stopped Jiang Chen had also blocked the door.

The Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce finally stepped in when the situation had reached a stalemate. The steward Jiang Chen had seen before came with others.

"What happened, Young Master Shi?" asked the steward.

"This guy is being extremely rude to me," said Shi Wenxuan.

The steward recognized Jiang Chen and turned pale. He said, "Young Master Shi, I'm taking him away now."

"Kick him out. My mood will be ruined if he's here," said Shi Wenxuan.

"Eh… We won't refuse any of our guests… This has always been the principle of the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce—"

"I don't want to hear such bullsh*t. If you can't satisfy my request, it means you're not capable enough to do your job. If that's the case, I'll make the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce replace an incapable person like you," Shi Wenxuan interrupted him. He looked very unhappy.

He was a capricious person, which was obvious from the slap he had intended to give Crimson Moon.

Ying Wushuang's refusal had embarrassed him. Jiang Chen's ungratefulness had irritated him.

"We're being rude to you? I would like to ask you who invited us over. And what makes you think you can order the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce to kick us out?!" Ying Wushuang had been restraining herself for too long in the Hero Palace. She didn't want to keep doing the same outside of it.

"Because of this."

Shi Wenxuan smiled coldly and took out an exquisite purple card. It gave off a faint luster, a fierce tiger printed on it.

"Purple Tiger Card!"

This was a fancy card issued by the Bank of Sacred City, which could only be used by big groups.

The Bank of Sacred City was the biggest power in the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce. If the steward or other staff there offended someone with a purple card, it would mean big trouble.

The steward was still hesitant.

"That's why you think you're nobler than us and why the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce has to obey you? Because of the card?" Ying Wushuang said with a cold smile.


Shi Wenxuan ignored her scornful tone. He puffed up his chest with pride.

"I'm interested to know then… you showed your Purple Tiger Card to order the chamber of commerce to take care of someone with a Golden Dragon Card?" As Ying Wushuang spoke, she took out a card of the same size, but it was golden and gave off a gentle light. It had a dragon printed on it.

"A Golden Dragon Card?!"

This was the noblest card the Bank of Sacred City could issue. Even Shi Wenxuan's family wasn't qualified to have one.

The steward took a deep breath and looked towards Ying Wushuang excitedly.

"My revered guest!"