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219 His Finest Hour VI

The Third Prince acted like he had seen a ghost, which was strange.

"Could this masked man be one of the Third Prince's foes?"

At the beginning, the spectators had simply thought the hatred between the two could be traced to the arrow that the Third Prince had shot.

Then they had found the masked man to be very resolute. It didn't make any sense if the feud was only due to an arrow, but the Third Prince had too many enemies for them to know which one the masked man was.

Yet they were completely sure the two hated each other, so they became more interested in the fight.

No way.

The Third Prince sized the masked man up carefully. His figure looked entirely different from the guy he was thinking about.

Besides, he didn't believe that guy would have had the strength to confront him in as little as six months time.

"Is this a prank? I'll shatter your mask!"

His shock was gone and aggression replaced it when he glanced at the masked man's class-four spiritual sword that had been completely damaged.

"It was an average punch. This time you'll have no way to ward it off!"

Then, he raised both of his arms and closed his hands to gain strength. After a few breaths, the power of his two fists was at its peak. His fists were shining, illuminated like two burning furnaces.

He took a step forward and dashed in a straight line, as fast as the wind, too quickly for people to see him clearly.

His fists were like fierce dragons. Like last time, they collided with a spiritual weapon.

The sheath was destroyed immediately by the power of his fists, but the blade inside was intact.


As a result, Jiang Chen didn't have to draw the sword out this time. He held his breath and focused his mind. As soon as he started the elevation of the sword, the fist power that was on the verge of explosion was sliced and stopped.


The Third Prince vaguely felt pain in his fists, but like a madman, he didn't flinch. He accumulated force in his arms to prepare for his next attack.

The masked man flew away with a boom. The spiritual sword in his hand was shaking violently.

The Third Prince didn't move, standing in the same place, but the ground below him cracked and sank. His fists were bleeding.

Judging from the result, it seemed like the masked man had been at an advantage, since he had not only taken his fist attack, but injured the Third Prince.

"Is this possible? Shouldn't he not even be qualified to stand before the Third Prince?"

No one understood how he had done it. The Third Prince had formed forty-nine holy points. His fist attack was tremendously powerful, but the masked man was in perfect condition after having taken two punches from the Third Prince. His only loss was the spiritual weapon. No one had anticipated that, nor did they understand.

"In the completed middle stage, he has thirty-odd holy points at most, but this swordsman doesn't fear the power of a hard punch at all!"

"Looks like he has a chance of winning!"

The crowd was shocked. They had thought it would definitely be a one-sided fight, but it didn't seem so.

"That sword?"

Some noticed the sword in the masked man's hand. It looked familiar to them, like they had seen it somewhere before.

"What a smart sword attack!"

As a swordsman, Yi Shuihan had seen what was great about that sword attack. It had perfectly merged the creation of wind and the creation of metal into the radiance of the sword, which had led to a change in quality that cut through the power of the fists.

Otherwise, the masked man would have looked completely different after taking the punch.

The Third Prince felt like he had seen the sword somewhere too, but he couldn't recall where. He was very unhappy, since both of his attacks had failed.

"Looks like I have to get serious now."

The Third Prince shook his head. He took out a pair of fingerless black gloves with metal on the knuckles.

He put the gloves on and closed his hands again. There were arcs of electricity jumped on them with loud cracks.

"He's doomed."

The hope that the masked man had brought to the crowd was dashed once again. They had almost forgot the Third Prince had been fighting without any weapon since the start.

But then he had put his gloves which were classified as a class-five spiritual weapon, on. He wouldn't be afraid of the spiritual sword anymore.

"You'll die very tragically. I'll look into your identity after you die. Everyone close to you will pay the price for what you did today."

The Third Prince bumped his fists together. The electric arcs were dazzling.

"Haven't you realized?" Jiang Chen said.

"What?" The Third Prince was dumbstruck.

"Or maybe you're too foolish to use your brain and think?" Jiang Chen said again.

"What the heck do you mean?!" the Third Prince said angrily.

"You, Third Prince, are only relying on your identity to kill. Have you forgotten that a fight is only between two people? I'm standing here still and already let you punch me twice, but you disappointed me," Jiang Chen said with pity.


His words confused everyone present.

Hadn't the masked man only managed to defend himself? Hadn't he been unable to fight back due to the gap in their strength?

They would have thought the masked man was crazy if they hadn't seen his previous performance.

But if they gave it a second thought, the masked man had talked like this when he was confronting Princess Crimson Moon and Xue Rentian, too.

He sounded casual, but extremely confident.

"You won't even say admit defeat before you die? Good. Very good."

"Thunder Fist!" The hot-tempered Third Prince was in a fit of violent anger, like a powder keg set on fire. He stopped spending time accumulating force to prepare for his punches, starting to attack more casually.

On top of this, he was wearing a spiritual weapon. Many people started to worry about the masked man.

Here it is.

Outside the barrier, Xue Rentian was shocked. Although there was a barrier separating them, he couldn't help but take steps back.

The Third Prince's martial arts techniques were so average that he could only practice yellow-level fist methods.

This obviously didn't look good with his identity as a prince, but there were always special ways to get around it. The royal family had finally found a method suitable for him, one that combined a secret method and his fist method.

The secret method was a sky-level. Driving one's fist using the secret method could bypass the restrictions of martial arts techniques.

That was how the Third Prince's fist attack was so fierce. It made him comparable to a martial arts genius who had mastered the full spirit of fist.

The Third Prince was very talented for a practitioner. One could see that from the fact that he had formed forty-nine holy points before he reached thirty years old.

And Thunder Fist was a really powerful assist.

Since Thunder Fist didn't rely on martial arts techniques, it didn't contain movements or complicated variations.

Its power depended on how much thunder there was when it was exerted.

There could be nine thunderclaps at most, from one to nine. This fist attack could shatter the universe.

Xue Rentian knew the Third Prince had achieved five thunderclaps before, and he must have improved after going into the portal.

"Although the Third Prince doesn't know martial arts techniques, he's still talented. After all, martial arts techniques are an interpretation of power. It would be too stereotypical if we insist he's mediocre," Xue Rentian thought to himself.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Evidently, the Third Prince had held back. Only three thunders appeared after his attack. His fists' power and glow were brilliant, beautiful and dangerous.

He left a crater where he passed.

"How will you dodge this fist attack?" the Third Prince shouted out loud.

"This way!

"Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack!"

Jiang Chen stood sideways and pointed his sword at the Third Prince. He was only ten yards away from the latter when he threw his sword out.

The two soon met. Jiang Chen's attack was like wind that had blown into strike of lightning. It looked like the wind had been demolished, but two or three seconds later, the lightning suddenly exploded.

The Third Prince bounced back. This time, he looked scared. He suddenly recalled where he had seen this sword!

The last time he had gone to watch the fight at the Natural Law School, that reckless Jiang Chen had killed Li Qin with this exact sword!

"You're… Impossible! That can't be true!" the Third Prince roared.

"I told you that I would kill you with my own hands."

Jiang Chen smiled gently, but his killing intent was terribly strong. He took his mask off and said, "I'm back to kill you now!"