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206 Special Movement of the Holy Moon!

During a fight, Princess Crimson Moon would take her shoes off, tie red silk ribbons on her legs, and fight barefoot.

No one knew why. She had been doing this since she had started to compete for a rank on the Eternal Flame List. People were impressed with her due to these actions.

Holding a sword instead of a knife, the masked man seemed like he wasn't influenced at all by Princess Crimson Moon's all-out attack.

Instead, the mystical method was cracked, and the silk ribbon on her left leg was, at that point, in his hand.

Although no one had witnessed how it happened, they were shocked by his power.

Some people noticed the red silk ribbons were winding around her legs from her ankles into her skirt.

How had the masked man gotten it?

Her smooth thigh didn't look injured. People couldn't help but imagine many scenarios.

This time, the fat woman left for good, without looking back. She was afraid people would attack her due to the foolish words she had said.

Some people did intend to do so. Although the result hadn't come out yet, the strength the masked man had shown was not only correspondent with what Chu Luo had said, but also beyond their wildest dreams.

"Chu Luo, you have to tell me. Who is your apprentice brother? I didn't know there was such a powerful man in the Fire Field!" Meng Feifei became excited. She completely forgot about their conflict the day before and was convinced by this mysterious apprentice brother of Chu Luo's.

Chu Luo smiled and didn't answer, but she looked proud.

Suddenly, Wen Xin showed up before her and said emotionally, "Chu Luo, it's him, isn't it? It must be him."

Chu Luo was dumbstruck. It was beyond her expectations. She didn't want to answer, but then it occurred to her that this woman was a good friend of her young lord's. Besides, she didn't have the heart to refuse her, since she looked so eager.

She hesitated and kept silent, as if giving her tacit approval.

"Thank you!" Wen Xin nodded at her gratefully.

Chu Luo wanted to warn her not to tell others, but then it occurred to her that Jiang Chen's identity would be exposed soon since he was holding sword in his left hand. It would be the same whether she warned her or not.

On the other side, Yi Shuihan and Gao Jianli were the most shocked when they learned Jiang Chen was actually a swordsman.

After their friend was defeated in one attack, they had been observing the masked man and analyzing his knife methods, but to their surprise, he was a swordsman.

"Great! There's one more swordsman I have to defeat today!"

The knife practitioner Lu Fei was complacent to see his assumption had been confirmed. He sensed the masked man's great power and was eager to fight against him, but those beside him had their doubts.

The result hadn't come out yet. Why did Lu Fei think he would run into the masked man later?

Did he think Princess Crimson Moon would lose?

Lu Fei only smiled. He didn't bother to explain.

He had been the first one to realize the masked man was a swordsman. Of course he could also see things others didn't.

On the sailing ship, Princess Fragrance had a long face. She looked sullen.

Behind her, Yun Xiao and Liu Peng were trembling.

The masked man was doing so well. They couldn't cheat Princess Fragrance anymore. Although she wasn't very experienced, she wasn't a fool.

As the masked man performed more and more brilliantly, what he had said mattered more and more.

"Liu Peng, have you recalled your friend's name? People from the Intelligence Pavilion are below. I can buy some information for you," Princess Fragrance asked him.

Liu Peng had been about to say whatever name popped into his head, but he shut his open mouth at the mention of the Intelligence Pavilion.

"Apprentice Brother Yun Xiao, where did you lose your Chase Wind Sword?" Princess Fragrance looked towards Yun Xiao, who was nervous at that moment.

Yun Xiao was about to answer her, but he chose to keep silent when he saw Princess Fragrance's expression.

"Give me back those things I gave you, then get off the boat!" Princess Fragrance took a deep breath and said sharply.

Even the meekest of creatures will turn if pushed too far. Princess Fragrance had been pushed to her limit.

She wasn't angry because they'd swindled her of those things. Those objects were nothing in her eyes.

And it wasn't her lack of experience that she was angry about, due to which she had been deceived.

What she was angry about was the fact that she had missed the chance to become acquainted with the masked man because of the scoundrels in front of her.

His strength was enough to put him in the top 20 of the Eternal Flame List, or maybe even better than that.

She had invited him onto the ship, but in the end… in the end, she had lost her chance to befriend him because of the clowns before her!

Yun Xiao and Liu Peng both let out a sigh. They gave her back all the presents they'd received the day before.

They glanced at Princess Fragrance, then walked to the edge of the deck, intending to travel to the ground in a small ship.

"I told you to get off. Do you think I'll allow you to take the small ship?" Princess Fragrance's cold voice came from behind.

Yun Xiao, Liu Peng, and their companions turned pale. They were 100 yards over the ground. How could they get back to the ground without the small ship?

Even though Yun Xiao was in the Mental Wander State, his legs would break if he jumped from this altitude, not to mention Liu Peng and the others.

This had occurred to Prince Fragrance too. She ordered her men to lower the sailing ship until they were 50 yards above the ground.

Then she gestured towards the armed soldiers to approach them.

They looked at each other and saw fear and hesitation on each other's faces.

They wouldn't die if they jumped from this height, but they would be badly injured.

Yun Xiao, who was in the Mental Wander State, found a roof and jumped down.

Those in the Gathering Yuan State leaned their heads over the ship. They saw Yun Xiao fall on someone's roof like a cannon. A crack appeared on the roof. He bounced up and lost his balance, then fell through the roof into the house.

They could see how he was cursed at by the house owner and limping as he left the house.

"Princess, please show us mercy. Lower the ship a little bit more," Liu Peng begged her with a bitter face. They could die jumping from this height.

Princess Fragrance lowered the ship 20 yards more since they were only in the Gathering Yuan State.

At that time, Liu Peng and the others had to jump. The soldiers were approaching them with spears.

Because of this, people on the ground saw a funny scene. The people fell one by one, like it was raining humans, but not many people saw it, since in the ring, the masked man and Princess Crimson Moon were still fighting.

"Don't you admit your defeat?"

Jiang Chen had taken the red silk ribbon off to show her how powerful he was, but the moons in Princess Crimson Moon's eyes were still there, and they looked even more terrifying.

"My defeat?"

Princess Crimson Moon emitted a formidable energy. It wasn't windy at all, but her red feather skirt was flying, as if each feather on it were alive.

"This is my first fight in the second round. I didn't intend to try too hard, but you went too far."

"You want to take my most powerful attack, don't you?

"Fine, I'll show you now!"

Princess Crimson Moon raised her two scimitars again.

"Mystical Method: The Queen of Night Descends!

"The Special Movement of the Holy Moon: Infinity!"

Princess Crimson Moon tried her best. Red light was flying around her, her long hair flowing. Her eyes were cold.

The energy of the knives was swelling, like a mountain that could collapse at any time. The radiance of the two knives turned into two bloody moons, which she grasped in her hands.

In the next second, the red glow arose again. The knives' energy erupted like angry waves beating at the shore.

Everyone held their breath, waiting for the final result.