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155 Biting the Hand that Feeds Them

Li Xue'er and the others tried to stay as far away from the magical vines as possible. They didn't relax until they went into a stone forest and hid there.

Then, they took out panaceas one by one and put them into their mouths, also starting to cook the monster meat that they had prepared.

They had calculated perfectly to save their energy, but then the magical vines had absorbed it all.

It would be extremely dangerous in a place as hazardous as the Realm of Beasts if they didn't recover as soon as possible.

"Apprentice sister, let me help you," Jiang Chen said to Li Xue'er when he landed beside her.

Judging from what had happened, Li Xue'er knew Jiang Chen was able to do just that.


Li Xue'er had less than one-tenth of her energy left, so she stopped being reserved and extended her hand to Jiang Chen.

When he grasped her hand, he found it was very cold.

He couldn't concentrate. Back when they were intertwined by the magical vines, he hadn't had the time to think about these things, but Li Xue'er started to exert her method right away. Jiang Chen didn't dare slack off, so he also started to work.

The others were amazed by the way Jiang Chen did this and felt jealous of Li Xue'er.

Such ability was a great advantage in the Realm of Beasts.

Jiang Chen looked over to Yi Ning, who was still with Meng Qian, but they weren't talking to each other, not even making eye contact. Both were focused on recovery.

Then, Jiang Chen took out two seeds.

The so-called seed was a spiritual storage ware, similar to the mustardseed ring, but disposable. Once people took what was inside of the seed, it would disappear.

Jiang Chen didn't hurry to open it. He released his holy awareness into it to check out what was in there.

Martial arts techniques were useless to him, so he just ignored them directly.

Suddenly, he sensed something unusual. He put the seed aside and looked around.

Some clawed monsters dashed over and besieged the stone forest.

They were chalicotherioideas!

Their heads and bodies looked like donkeys, but they had sharp claws and could run very fast, as they were general-level monsters!

To most of the people there, monsters of this level weren't worth mentioning at all, but all of them paled.

This was because there were hundreds of these monsters crowding the forest, while most of them had only just taken panaceas and monster meat, yet still had less than one-tenth of their energy left.

These monsters were quick to attack. They didn't hesitate to jump on the people there.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three Thick Ice Flying Swords dashed over. The ten-odd monsters that were running ahead died immediately.

"Jiang Chen, attack!"

Li Xue'er stood up right away and dashed towards the monsters. The thick ice was flying about, freezing the air there.

The monsters close to her turned into frozen statues and shattered into pieces. Those far away from her were hit by blocks of thick ice. Their bodies were cut into pieces, and even a few heads were cut off.


Jiang Chen was worried when he saw Li Xue'er putting in so much effort. In that short time, she hadn't recovered enough. The three flying swords were also protecting the others.

"Stay close together so that the flying swords can guard a smaller area!"

Seeing these weak people who couldn't fight back for the moment, Jiang Chen hurried to shout out loud, feeling a bit angry. Then, he dashed to the monsters nearby, holding his sword.

We don't have to kill them all. Just show them we're powerful and scare them off…

While Jiang Chen was thinking to himself, he suddenly heard a painful scream. A monster was trying to bite one woman's arm off.

Fortunately, before the monster could rip it off, its head was cut off by a flying sword.

These people stuck very close to each other, but the monster had broken the defense of the flying swords.

Jiang Chen immediately looked over to Li Xue'er. She still looked strong, but the freezing air was already less freezing.

Luckily, they'd killed more than half of the attacking monsters. The ones left knew they had come across tough people and started to retreat.

Jiang Chen ran to Li Xue'er. He saw the waist of her white robe had been smeared with blood.

"Apprentice sister, are you wounded?" Jiang Chen was sad for her. He tried to support her with his hand to help her walk, but she pushed him away resolutely and walked back into the crowd by herself.

"What's wrong with you? Did you do that intentionally? Sister Tender is injured! You won't be able to afford it if her life is in danger because of you!" a youngster dashed to Li Xue'er and accused her angrily.

The Sister Tender he was talking about was the girl whose arm had almost been bitten off.

"As powerful as you are, how could you let that monster break the defense and get in here? What do we need you for?!" he shouted emotionally.

Jiang Chen was irritated. He was as mad as a wet hen. His apprentice sister had put her life at risk to protect these people, but they accused her instead of being grateful.


Jiang Chen ran over and knocked that guy down to the ground. The guy was a Mental Wander State, but he had exhausted his energy, too fragile to fight back.

"I'll kill you if you say one more word!"

Jiang Chen pressed the Redcloud Sword against his neck before he could get to his feet.

"Xuan!" the wounded girl shrieked and dashed over to Jiang Chen immediately. She gave him an angry stare and said, "How dare you! What are the two of you up to?!"

"You'll see whether I dare or not!"

Jiang Chen pushed his sword forward right away, but a sucking force suddenly stopped his blade and he couldn't push it even a centimeter further.

"Jiang Chen."

"Apprentice sister."

"Let him go." Li Xue'er shook her head at him. She looked neither sad nor happy, as if it she was removed from the events.

"We saved this b*stard at least twice. He didn't say any thanks, but blamed you!" Jiang Chen said angrily.

By then, Xuan and his Sister Tender had been taken aside by others.

"Disciples of the Natural Law School, we really appreciate your help. Our team is formed by people from all regions. These two ungrateful people have nothing to do with us."

"Exactly. Li Xue'er saved us. We'll remember her good deed forever."

The others soon started to pay gratitude to them.

"That sounds more human."

Jiang Chen curled his lip and went back to Li Xue'er. He wanted to treat her injury, but she didn't want him to.

Jiang Chen saw the injury wasn't very severe, so he didn't insist. He took out some panaceas for injury treatment and handed them to her.

At this moment, two people were walking towards Jiang Chen. They were Yi Ning and Meng Qian.

Meng Qian looked emotionless, staring at him coldly.

Jiang Chen realized she had bad intentions and immediately walked towards them so that they couldn't do any harm to Li Xue'er. If anything unexpected or bad happened, he could fly into the sky with her right away.

"What are you up to? Want to claw my eyes out?" Jiang Chen asked them first so that he could control the situation.

"That's already done. You saved me and took the golden seed. We don't owe each other. As for what happened just now, I'll just regard it as compensation for the fact that you saw my naked body."

Meng Qian went on, "Now, I want to ask you for a spiritual herb; the one you received just now, the blood dragon wood!"

"Why should I give it to you?" Jiang Chen found her request unreasonable.

"The Intelligence Pavilion found its existence a long time ago. We didn't collect it because it wasn't ripe enough. Now that you took it away, doesn't it make sense that you should give it back to us?" said Meng Qian.

"Why don't you just tell me I should give it back to you because it's your destiny?" Jiang Chen said sarcastically.

"Will you give it to me or not?!" Meng Qian said coldly.

The other people realized another disturbance had started.

Li Xue'er was injured and had exhausted her energy. Yi Ning and Meng Qian took their chance. Jiang Chen was only in the beginning of the preliminary stage. He wouldn't be able to confront the two of them.

"You just said you appreciated our help. Aren't you going to say something?" Jiang Chen suddenly glanced at those people and said to them.

They looked at each other and didn't know what to do. Meng Qian's excuse didn't make sense. They knew this, but she was too powerful.

Besides Li Xue'er, there was only one other person in the late stage of the Mental Wander State and that was Yi Ning, who was next to Meng Qian.