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137 The Sacred Institution

"I need them in order to cure the poison in my mother's body," Jiang Chen said.

"I see." Wen Xin tumbled to the realization. She recalled Gao Yue's previous older looks and stopped asking.

Jiang Chen didn't feel disappointed at the news Wen Xin had brought him, like she had expected. Instead, he was motivated.

He had anticipated that these five spiritual herbs were too rare to be known in the Nine Heavens Continent.

However, the Intelligent Pavilion had acquired the location of two of them, which was beyond his expectations.

"Five hundred years have passed. The spirit of the universe is getting stronger. So are there more spiritual things?" Jiang Chen assumed silently.

Soon, he figured out this was exactly right.

As he recalled, the Death Warrant Flower was also a rare poison in the Sacred Zone.

Since it appeared in the Nine Heavens Continent, it made sense to find its anecdote there.

If I offer more panacea recipes and methods, I should be able to find some Reaching Heaven States to locate the panaceas for me, but…

Jiang Chen was hesitant. It was too risky for him. Besides, if he offered all of these precious resources in one package, it was like killing a goose that laid golden eggs.

I would rather train myself into reaching the Reaching Heaven State than spend resources like that. With holy pulses, it won't take me long.

Suddenly, the bell tolled loudly, and everyone at the Redcloud Peak heard it.

Jiang Chen and Wen Xin became serious immediately. It was the Natural Law Bell that was used to call on the school's disciples that had tolled.

The Natural Law School wasn't very strict with its disciples. Their style of management could be described as "free," so the bell scarcely tolled.

But once it tolled, it meant the school had something important to announce. All disciples had to gather together, including those who were on outside adventures and would receive the notification from their tokens.

"What happened?" Wen Xin asked curiously.

"Let's go and have a look."

Jiang Chen and Wen Xin headed for the Palace of the Natural Law by airship. Many disciples had gathered on the square outside of the palace, and there were more on their way.

Like Jiang Chen, no one knew why the bell had tolled. They were chatting away enthusiastically, questioning the reason.

Several elders were standing outside of the Palace of the Natural Law, including some grand supreme elders.

Soon, when almost all of the disciples had arrived, Su Xiuyi appeared out of nowhere.

"The Sacred Institute of the Dragon Field has offered each field some places. The election of the candidates will start in half a year. To ensure a good performance, the school, together with other forces of the Fire Field, will allow you access to the Realm of Beasts."

Su Xiuyi didn't beat around the bush. He explained the whole thing quickly.

However, since the news was too striking and his explanation was too short, it wasn't until ten-odd seconds later that the crowd start to exclaim.

"That's great!"

Wen Xin cheered up. It was good news, but she found Jiang Chen frowning and confused when she tried to share her joy with him.

"Don't you know what the news means?" Wen Xin asked.

"No," Jiang Chen smiled embarrassedly.

All the others were so excited, while he didn't understand.

He came to know the situation through Wen Xin's patient and detailed explanation.

The Nine Heavens Continent consisted of many fields.

Besides the Fire Field, there was the Metal Field, the Wood Field, the Water Field, the Earth Field, the Wind Field, the Thunder Field and so on.

What's more, there were fields named after spiritual beasts.

To name a few, the Dragon Field, the Sparrow Field, the Tiger Field, the Turtle Field, and more existed.

Almost each corner of the Nine Heavens Continent had been carved up and taken by a group.

Among all of these fields, the Dragon Field was the most powerful and the center of the Nine Heavens Continent.

The Sacred Institution was a dream for people of all fields, a legendary place.

Some heroes created it after the Era of the Hero ended. They drove away monsters and beasts from the Nine Heavens Continent and won a space for human beings to live.

No group in the continent was better than the Sacred Institution.

It was said that even a hopeless case could achieve the Reaching Heaven State once he attended the Sacred Institution.

If there was an opportunity to study in such a place, no wonder everyone was eager to get it.

But anyone with sense would know this was going to be a fierce competition, where the chances of winning were miniscule.

That being said, it was also a rare chance to take adventures in the Realm of Beasts.

It was dominated by monsters and beasts, like a hunting ground. Its ownership was shared by the forces of the Fire Field.

Normally, no one had access to it.

Su Xiuyi continued, "If you're willing to go, please prepare yourselves for the trip in the following days. You'll leave for the Realm of Beasts in three days."

"Elder Technique Impartation will let you know points to remember regarding the Realm of Beasts."

Then Su Xiuyi stepped aside, and a grand supreme elder stepped forward.

The disciples held their breath for a second and calmed down.

Elder Technique Impartation!

Among the grand supreme elders, he was at the same level as the Medicine Elder and Elder Mo Xu.

"You, come here."

Elder Technique Impartation glanced over and pointed at one of the disciples.

It was a male disciple. He walked towards the elder nervously under the eyes of many people.

Fortunately, Elder Technique Impartation didn't embarrass him. He only asked, "How many pounds of energy can your fist attack produce?"

"Elder, for my left fist, 3,300 pounds, and for my right fist, 4,400 pounds. But I'm best at sword methods—"

"What did you eat this morning?" Elder Technique Impartation interrupted him.

"Huh? Some crab meat buns and divine immortal tea," the disciple said in a low voice, confused by the elder.

"Not much. How could you get enough energy from so little food?" Elder Technique Impartation asked him.

"Because… because of the spirit of the universe that our methods take in?" the disciple answered him in an uncertain tone.

"Exactly. We can get energy from the spirit of the universe. This is the biggest advantage us human beings have. This way, we don't have to fight with monsters and beasts for food.

"But it's also our disadvantage, since our body can only be satisfied and maintained, not strengthened. That's why our flesh is so fragile compared to monsters' and beasts'."

The disciples started to discuss in low voices when they heard the elder's words.

Before Elder Technique Impartation had explained it to them, they only had had a vague idea of it, but then they were suddenly enlightened. At the same time, they were wondering why the elder was talking about it at this moment.

"There's no supply of the spirit of the universe in the Realm of Beasts."

Elder Technique Impartation immediately solved their doubts.

His words created an uproar in the crowd. Even Jiang Chen was shocked.

No supply of the spirit of the universe? Then they could only rely on panaceas to recover their energy, but they couldn't eat panaceas like food.

"The monsters and beasts in the Realm of Beasts will be food for you. You must eat meat! Especially those in the Mental Wander State, the form of holy points will require huge amounts of essence, blood, and holy souls. The blood and meat of the monsters and beasts will help you greatly.

"So, those who are going to the Realm of Beasts, you have to think about it seriously. It's a cruel world there. Many people will die.

"The Realm of Beasts is deployed with restraining orders, so it's only open to people below the Reaching Heaven State. Even if you're a disciple from a powerful family, you could die there, too."

Elder Technique Impartation's words calmed the excited crowd down.

They would have to think about it seriously in the next three days.