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Nearly one hundred people pushed the door together and it finally moved a little.

"Try harder!"

Wan Li's biceps strained. He had exerted his genuine yuan to the limit, intending to push the door open in one go.

Jiang Chen was standing behind everyone else. His holy awareness couldn't pierce the iron door. At the same time, he found it wasn't the door's thickness and heaviness that prevented them from pushing it open, but the tactical formation deployed behind the door.

As time went by, the formation had lost its power, and these people were the straw that broke the camel's back.

When the formation finally lost its effect, the door opened slightly.

Then with a noise, it opened automatically. It happened so suddenly that the guys in the front fell onto the ground. One of them even tumbled through the door.

He screamed and ran out like a crazy person.

"What's going on in there? What's in there?"

His reaction made everyone nervous. He suddenly became the center of attention.

"I don't know. I didn't see anything."

The crowd was struck speechless by his answer. They all rolled their eyes at him.

"So why did you scream?" Wan Li said angrily.

The guy smiled embarrassedly. He screamed because Jiang Chen had said there could be more demons kept inside, and it happened too suddenly. He had been too frightened.

Behind the door, it was completely dark. The four groups lit some torches. Some of the more fearless guys held the torches and went in slowly.

Jiang Chen's holy awareness had started to work as soon as the door was opened.

Behind the door, the space was much bigger than the hall. There were many cells barred with iron rods, in which there were demons chained and hanging in the air.

As Jiang Chen had expected, this place wasn't a relic, but a prison to keep demons in captivity.

The four groups were disappointed to learn this, but they were soon captivated by the demons.

Many years had passed, but the demons hadn't decayed. They were motionless, as if it had not been long since they died.

"Demons' bodies are like steel. They won't decay. To get rid of them, you have to burn them," Jiang Chen said.

The group went further inside, excited as if they were visiting Disneyland.

These demons hadn't been demon lords. They looked like malformed children. Some of them even had wings.

"What's that?" Dorchid asked Jiang Chen as she approached a cell and pointed to the inside.

Jiang Chen went over and found a demon with a tube connected to his hands and a stone basin below him.

"Demon blood," Jiang Chen said seriously. "Demons' bodies are too hard. It's impossible to eat them, but their blood has the same effect as monsters' blood. The Vermillion Bird State caught these demons and established a blood bank!"

Jiang Chen read all of this in a book. In the book, there were illustrations showing scenes similar to what they were seeing.

"You know a lot." Dorchid had completely changed her opinion about Jiang Chen. She was even looking at him in a gentler way.

Somehow Wen Xin felt uncomfortable when she noticed the change in Dorchid's attitude.

"Sh*t. This is only a damn prison. There's no treasure at all!"

Wan Li started to swear. By then, they were almost at the end of the room and they'd found nothing valuable.

Not only him, the others were frustrated as well.

"Search more carefully." Wan Li refused to give up. After walking to the end, he began another search.

At this moment, a guy was egged on by his companions to extend his hand into one of the cells and stab a demon in the wing.

The atmosphere was charged with tension, but much to his relief, the demon hadn't moved. He pulled his hand back and looked at his companions complacently.

To his surprise, the smiles on his companions' faces had faded. They were looking behind him with terror. Even their lips were trembling.

He looked back puzzledly and saw a pair of scarlet eyes staring at him. The demon that had been hanging in the middle of the cell was close to the iron rods at the moment.


A scream sounded out. The quiet prison soon fell into chaos.

The rattling sound of iron chains and the roars of the demons were coming from each cell.

"Gosh, these demons really are alive!"

"Let's get out of here!"

"Help! One caught my hand!"

Fortunately, the corridor of the prison was wide. Except for a few unlucky people, the demons could be avoided by taking a step back.

"Calm down! They're locked there. They can't get out!"

People were calmed by this finding. They plucked up the courage once again to observe the demons that had come to life.

These demons are incredible. They've survived without eating or drinking.

Jiang Chen knew demons were tough, but he was still surprised to see they were that tough.

Unless they receive fatal injuries, they won't die. It'll take them thousands of years to grow old.

Suddenly, a panicked voice came from the other side.

"Gao Chenyi, what are you doing?!"

Then, the iron doors of the cells opened automatically.

The switches that controlled the doors were at the entrance of the prison, where the iron door was.

"Ha, go to hell, you b*stards. Go to hell!"

Gao Chenyi had been utterly isolated. No one had wanted to stay with him. When they walked into the prison, he was straggling behind after the group, alone.

He hadn't been in the mood to watch the demons with the others, but kept wandering around the entrance and found the switches by accident. These switches were similar to what he had seen at home.

He hadn't taken it seriously in the beginning.

Not until he found out the demons were still alive. A vicious plan occurred to him. He wanted to kill everyone there.

In this way, no one would know he had surrendered so easily to the demon lord.

So, he pressed the switches secretly. It was already too late when the others found out.

There were one hundred cells in every row, and there were ten rows in all. All of them were open.

After all of this, Gao Chen ran out of the prison and didn't forget to close the iron door.

"That's fine. The demons are chained…"

However, hardly had Wan Li's voice faded away when they heard the chains break one after another.

After thousands of years, those iron chains had rusted. They couldn't resist the demons' struggling at all.


The iron door wasn't locked. They would be fine as long as they made it out of there.

However, many people had gone too deep and were too far away from the iron door. Only a few of them managed to open the door and run out.

"Go to hell!"

Gao Chenyi was hiding beside the door and ruthlessly killed whoever came out.

Inside the prison, more people were devoured by the demons.

They'd been suffering from hunger for thousands of years. There were tens of thousands of demons. This was a much more desperate situation than when they were facing the bloody bats.

"Jiang Chen, what should we do?"

Wen Xin looked over to Jiang Chen, hoping he could figure out a solution.

"Run! Choose a corridor where there are less demons and rush out!"

Then he shouted, "These demons are only in the Gathering Yuan State. Fear is your biggest enemy! Everyone run. Leave the rest to luck!"

The four groups dashed out of the iron door from different corridors immediately. So did Jiang Chen.

However, the ground started to shake suddenly when they were still on their way and many people fell onto the ground.

An earthquake?

Jiang Chen found the ground began to shake more and more strongly. Rocks were falling from above.

"We're not seeking treasure. We're courting death."