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79 The Arrival of His Clansmen

Jiang Chen returned to the Redcloud Peak. After learning the west side was the zone for female disciples, he decided to confine himself within his house and focus on practicing.

He experienced the benefits of the Transdragon Pool soon. His speed, sensitivity, strength, and resistance had all been improved. He was already way better than the other practitioners of the same state.

The practitioners would become stronger with the enhancement of their states.

If two people were in the same state, their strengths were more or less the same.

For instance, those in the completed middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State were able to lift two thousand pounds.

But after bathing in the Transdragon Pool, although Jiang Chen's state stayed the same, his strength was further improved.

He was way stronger than the other practitioners of the same state.

His meridians were strengthened as well. That was why one's practice could advance greatly after bathing in the Transdragon Pool.

After two months' practice on the Redcloud Peak, Jiang Chen achieved the peak of the middle stage.

That was a natural outcome for him, since he had three holy pulses, sky-class methods, abundant panaceas, and the benefits from the Transdragon Pool.

If he had enough time, he would be able to achieve the late stage.

To achieve the Mental Wander State and get onto the Talent List!

Jiang Chen felt motivated by this idea. The boredom and dullness all disappeared when he thought of it.

But Jiang Chen had to stop his practice one day, since his clansmen arrived…

The airship of the Natural Law School landed in an open space on the Redcloud Peak, then his acquaintances got off one by one.

He saw Jiang Lu, Jiang Jian, Jiang Feng, and Fan Tu immediately.

He saw many familiar servants and housekeepers as well.

"Great! I don't have to cook anymore."

Meng Hao felt relieved when he saw these people. Before, only Jiang Chen, Wen Xin, and he were living on the Redcloud Peak.

Jiang Chen and Wen Xin were both busy with practicing. They didn't even bother to sleep or eat, so he had to take charge of all the chores.

"Jiang Chen!" Jiang Lu came up to Jiang Chen joyfully and hugged him.

Jiang Jian and the others were excited to have arrived at the Natural Law School. This was their first time taking a ship that could fly and seeing such magnificent buildings.

In comparison, the Hundred Thousand Mountains was a totally wild place.

Jiang Chen went up to them. Although they were all of the same age, these people were behaving like they were facing a senior. They didn't even know where to place their hands.

"You are the best disciples of the Southwind Ridge. You'll enjoy the same treatment as those from big cities here. What you need to do is to become strong and powerful as soon as possible!"

Jiang Chen encouraged them first, then pointed at Meng Hao, "If you are doing great. I'll recommend you to take the internal assessment of the school, like him, to become a junior disciple."

These youngsters felt motivated once they heard they had the chance to join the Natural Law School. Their eyes lit up.

Then, Jiang Chen handed out the three kinds of panaceas he had refined in previous days.

Only Jiang Lu and Jiang Feng were strong enough to use the Sky Yuan Elixirs, which were used to enhance one's genuine yuan.

The other disciples of the Jiang Mansion were only in the Condensing Qi State, but Jiang Chen believed they could at least achieve the Mental Wander State under his instruction.

Then, Meng Hao led these disciples to their rooms.

Fan Tu came up to Jiang Chen feeling delighted. He said, "If your father could see this scene, he would definitely be proud of you."

"He will see it," Jiang Chen said firmly.

Jiang Chen recalled Fan Tu was in the beginning of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

He knew Fan Tu was extremely loyal, so he gave him his sky-class methods, his secret methods, and great amounts of panaceas generously.

But he didn't tell Fan Tu the class of the methods. He only said, "Uncle Fan, promise me you won't leak these methods to anyone else. Otherwise, there will be troubles for the Southwind Ridge and me."

"I won't say a single word, even if I am endangered," Fan Tu said seriously.

"Uncle Fan, once I achieve the Mental Wander State, I'll refine a Purification Elixir for you," Jiang Chen said.

Fan Tu wasn't really talented. With luck, he could manage to achieve the Mental Wander State, but Jiang Chen wanted him to achieve the Reaching Heaven State.

At that moment, Meng Hao came back. He told Jiang Chen they were in need of great amounts of gear.

The disciples of the Jiang Mansion weren't members of the Natural Law School, so they could neither improve their martial arts techniques at the Martial Arts Technique Department nor enter the Transdragon Pool. Their practice would rely completely on Jiang Chen.

It would be impossible for him to instruct them every day, since he had to practice as well.

That was why the gear for practice was so important.

For instance, fighting puppets that could trade blows with people, and tactical formations that could change the spirit of the universe.

Besides, most of the weapons the Jiang's disciples had brought here were already very old.

Meng Hao told him that that day was the market day of the Peak of Gem.

Most of the disciples would bring things they wanted to sell to the Peak of Gem on this day. Chambers of commerce would also offer the customers many discounts.

"What are you waiting for? Call them over here."

So, Jiang Chen travelled to the Peak of Gem by airship with Jiang Feng and the other disciples.

Jiang Feng and Jiang Jian apologized to Jiang Chen on the airship. They admitted it was their fault to have made things difficult for him, and that they were too young back then.

"You don't have to apologize to me. We're a family. Now that we are far away from home, we should unite together!" Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Jian and Jiang Feng finally eased up and were totally convinced by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen found it was much more crowded on the Peak of Gem than it had been before. The airships were travelling like flocks of birds in the sky. On the streets, there were numerous pedestrians.

Jiang Feng and the others were surprised to see such a scene. It was an eye-opening experience for them.

After landing, they were busy with gazing around at each stall. Everything seemed priceless to them.

Jiang Lu had become reserved by then, but suddenly her eyes lit up and she walked towards a stall.

Jiang Chen followed her and found the stall belonging to a chamber of commerce. They were selling all kinds of spiritual weapons, from class-one to class-three.

Jiang Lu was attracted to a scimitar. It was a class-three spiritual weapon. The blade looked like it was made of ice, crystal clear, emitting a blue radiance. Jiang Lu was deeply attracted, yet she was trying to restrain herself.

She knew such a good weapon must be expensive. She couldn't afford it.

Jiang Feng and the others also walked up to the stall. They opened their eyes wide upon seeing so many spiritual weapons. They were so simple and honest that they didn't even try to conceal their surprise and fondness for the weapons.

Suddenly they heard a harsh voice.

"We really have to modify the rules of the school! We shouldn't allow all kinds of people to enter here. These bumpkins spoiled my mood."

Jiang Feng and the others flew into a rage. They looked over to the guy who had just spoken, but they saw that the guy was wearing the same clothes as Jiang Chen, so they knew that he was a senior disciple as well. They had to hold their tempers to avoid trouble.

"What are you looking at? Do you want a fight?" The senior disciple sneered at them and looked over at Jiang Chen. He said, "In my opinion, if you really want some servants, hire some from Ninedragons. The servants there are professional and thoughtful."

"Apprentice Brother Bai Xuan, this guy is the famous Jiang Chen. He is from the Hundred Thousand Mountains and is totally penniless. How can he afford the servants of Ninedragons?" another guy said sarcastically.