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Xin was the second son of The city Lord, the seniors asked him where Lin was, in a bold voice Xin ask them why?

they replied that he was the one who broke the hands of his elder brother. Xin was a bit surprised, he didn't believe what he just heard, a D level being defeated a two star B level being, it was rather impossible.

He ask them that if they were talking about the Lin in his class,they said, they don't know much about him, but we just know his name is Lin, and he is a first year student in this Academy.

Xin got more curious, he pointed up and asked them, is it him. They were shocked, the person they were searching for ,has been already found by the Young Master ,they said maybe, we don't know, we have to take him to our master so he can see if he is the real deal.

They took Lin to their Mansion, to show him to the master .

Lin was in deep meditation so he didn't know what was happening, when he woke up and the person in front of him looked familiar.Lin asked him if he know him.

Xing asked if he not remember him (Xing is the older brother of Xin)

Lin laughed and said, yes I remember, you are that guy that I beat up in my first day in my school, Xing got angry and was going to kick Lin.

Suddenly someone came in running saying that the city Lord has been poisoned, they all ran towards the city Lord, he was coughing blood, suddenly Lin forced him to the ground and punched his heart ,the city Lord vomited a lot of blood ,the eldest son tried to force Lin away.

Lin raised his Chi and touched the City Lords head and he jumped up from where he was laying.

Lin looked at Xing and said that he was out of danger but because he lost too much blood, he need to rast for a while.

Xing asked for his forgiveness and said that he will help him in any situation if he can,He also said from that day on he will be his brother.

Lin was happy but Xin was more happy.

Both returned to the Academy, on the way to the academy they saw some Royal Knights escorting a chariot, they didn't gave much attention to it,but when they saw the same chariot entering the academy they went to enquire who was it .

it was the Prince of the heavenly kingdom ,Zhao.he was the same age of Lin and Xin.

Zhao jumped out of the chariot like a monkey and looked at Lin,he came closer to Lin and asked his name, Lin answered him in respect.

Zhao already knew Xin, Zhao asked Xin who is Lin, with a smile on his face he said to Zhao that Lin is his sworn brother.

Zhao looked at Lin and said that from now on you are my sworn brother too.

they all went to the class together ,when they entered the class they all were looking at them ,girls were drooling over the Zhao(*´﹃`*).

teacher came in and announced, there will be a text tomorrow,all the face turned down, only happy face was of Lin,Xin and Liya.

those 3 wanted to be the first in the class at everything.

After the class Lin, Zhao and Xin went to the city to look around. Xin was their guide ,Zhao was running around like a toddler ,Lin was the only one that was walking like a mature person, Zhao started to imitate Lin,all of them were having fun.

Zhao overheard someone saying something about a thresher and a map,he tried to peak at them but he was caught.

Lin and Xin was looking for Zhao, Lin saw him peaking and getting pulled into the bar they ran to save him,but when they opened the door everyone was on the ground beaten up,Zhao was sitting on chair laughing and his knights were beatings the hell out of them.

Zhao's Knights were all hiding as the town's folks.

Zhao got information about the thresher and the map ,he was happy not because he was going to get the thresher but because he was going on an adventure Whit his friends.

the Knights escorted them to the academy, they all went to Zhao's room,he didn't had a roommate, he asked them to stay with him.

when they reached his room they were surprised, it was huge, as big as five times their room size.

His room was beautifully decorated, there was a king size bed,Zhao jumped on it started to sleep, Lin and Xin went to take a bath,Xin forgot his shampoo so he went to take it.

Lin opened the door(¯―¯٥) ,Liya was in there he accidentally went into the women's bathroom.

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